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Poem Details | by Karen Jones
Categories: animal, fish,

Fish Tank

bright eyes swinging tail
spirit inside as a whale
all the feels gray gills

Poem Details | by James Fraser
Categories: animals, nature, sea


Orca, killer whale,
Hunter in our blue oceans;
Swimming with the pack.

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston
Categories: nature,

Haiku: Traditional 22

mist shrouded playground
whale pod rests, calfs pirouette
migration magic

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno
Categories: nature, ocean,

Ocean Songs

Ballads of the whale, 
Romantic songs of the deep:
Soft bellows of love.

Poem Details | by David De La Croes
Categories: environment,

Everydayness V

between chopsticks
of a whale

Poem Details | by Deirdre Omaidin
Categories: inspirational

Haiku No 37

Lone surfer rides waves
Steers through a rainbow sunrise
Crashed  - forgot sun shades.

Azure blue dazzling
Divided waters surging
A whale of a day.

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop
Categories: faith, life, sister, visionary,

Job's Funny Sister


                       Job's sister
                   didn't need a whale
                         life ate her

Poem Details | by Margaret Okubo
Categories: animals,


Wonder of wonders
in the belly of the whale
there is no button.

Poem Details | by David Kavanagh
Categories: allusion, sea, sleep,

Killer Whale Ambush

sea lions crying loud 
       orcas don’t sleep very much ~
            one blubbering mess

Sponsored by Brian strand
Syllable counter PS 5/7/5

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno
Categories: animals, music, nature

Whale Songs

Voices of the deep,
Singing from their mammal souls:
Exulting echoes.

Poem Details | by David Mohn
Categories: sky, spring, wind,


white whale
swallows orange dragon…
    broken kite string

Poem Details | by Harry Horsman
Categories: anger, confusion,

In Lieu of Latest News

the haiku famous
nation of conservation
who will save the whale

© Harry J Horsman 2018

Poem Details | by Peter W Iversen
Categories: image, sea,

Sea Ghosts

hunters on calm sea
gigantic blue whale breaches
ghosts watch wistfully

Poem Details | by Terry Shuff
Categories: animal,

The Whale

snow capped mountains gleem
                    Reflect on waters surface
                             whale breaches

Poem Details | by Ram R. V.
Categories: nature,


Whale, you’re warm-blooded,
Killed by cold-hearted humans!
Darwin’s to blame—p’haps?

Poem Details | by Edward Ibeh
Categories: animal, appreciation, nature,

Bottlenose Dolphin

a sea acrobat

      a smart, friendly pint-sized whale

               bottlenose dolphin 

Date written: 07/18/2020

Poem Details | by Sandra L. Weiss
Categories: appreciation, ocean, sea, song,

Ocean's Own

one of ocean's own
beautiful songs from the deep
the amazing whale

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues
Categories: weather,

Cloudy Sea

mermaid cumulus in Caribbean-blue — water spouts from whale 8/20/2019

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues
Categories: sea,


Winter whale watching...
gray clouds roll aloft the ship
...bruised foam splays the bow


Poem Details | by Bernard F. Asuncion
Categories: birthday,

Life Is Good

S-ilent island stands
A-mid the deep blue ocean, 
L-arge whale swims around.

Form: Acrostic Haiku

Poem Details | by Christuraj Alex
Categories: animal, fish,

Blue Whale

mount of blue sapphire 
glides in waves of wide ocean ---
waters in puzzle

12 April 2022

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: career, desire, destiny, rights,

The Call

Don't astray your call
Big spotted whale eats you,
Unlikely you fall.

Poem Details | by Karen Jones
Categories: angst, beach, bird,


Seagull swim in sky
Ocean drowns tan sandcastle 
Beached black whale dying