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Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: tree,

My Tree's Seasons

spring wakens my tree - a bejeweled perfumed bride. . . . love birds make their nest summer’s yellowed lawn beneath my tree’s sombrero. . . . grass breathes sweet relief fall’s quick change artist - from green to gold to crimson. . . . disrobed, my tree naps

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: dark,


a child plays alone watching from behind a tree the predator smiles

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: nature,

Under the Sakura Tree

sipping saki under the sakura tree. . . a haiku blossoms For the 'Bite Size poem no.36' Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Besma Riabi Dziri
Categories: endurance, storm, symbolism, tree, wisdom,


weeping willow trees
unbreakable in grace bend
survival and hope!

June 11th,  2018

Inspired by Victor Buhagiar "Barren Branches Of a Willow Tree Die"

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A
Categories: autumn, beauty, blessing, deep, joy, judgement, miracle, peace, tree,

Silent Voice

--Tree Silhouette-- 

shimmering tree
they're no footsteps around       
but fallen leaves 

afternoon twilight
heaven is listening
peaceful lonesomeness
Autumn waits 
The wind blows the mind   
leaves falling softly


Poem Details | by Robert Lindley
Categories: creation, earth, life, math, philosophy, poetry, tree,



fallen fruit exists
earthen harvest and ground meet
jars in the pantry

Robert J. Lindley ,07-24-2014

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire
Categories: happiness, holiday

Seasonal Guests

plucked from frozen hills

evergreen scents fill our homes...

     lights flicker with joy

*Entry for Andrea's "Haiku Me a Christmas Tree" contest

Poem Details | by Jan Allison
Categories: autumn, nature, tree,

Autumn Haiku

one wizened brown leaf desperately clings to branch geese are flying south 06-06-17

Poem Details | by White Wolf
Categories: tree,

Sir Isaac Newton

An idea, a spark The apple falls from the tree He works his theory

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler
Categories: animal, bird, celebration, food, red, tree,


red-breasted cherubs
	nestled within mistletoe ~
		holiday feasting

Poem Details | by Tania Kitchin
Categories: natural disasters, storm, tree, weather,

Wind Storm

forest storm winds warn
in loud bellows and whispers ~
trees vertical plight

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: autumn,

Old Apple Tree Hiku Trio

an old apple tree
where a house stands abandoned . . .
limbs with empty nests

hanging from the tree -
a child’s swing from long ago 
swaying in fall’s breeze

scattered on the ground
round the trunk of the old tree . . .
red, ripened apples

Poem Details | by Donna Jones
Categories: nature, winter,

Color Show

vivid green cedar
against winter's bare oak tree
red bird sits alone

©Donna Jones

Poem Details | by Betim Muco
Categories: inspirational


Bonsai, tree-flower
Make me small enough
To sleep in your shadow

Poem Details | by Amy Swanson
Categories: hope, life, nature

Broken Branch

Broken Branch
         by Amy Swanson, 2008

Winter-gray tree branch
       Hangs low, stricken by the storm
               Broken... but alive.

Poem Details | by Joe Murphy
Categories: appreciation, beauty,

Curved Coconut Tree

Curved coconut tree
holds a ballerina pose
worthy of applause

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno
Categories: nature

Palm Tree

A tall branchless trunk,
With lush, palmate sun-kissed leaves:
Tropical beauty.

Poem Details | by Isaiah Zerbst
Categories: beautiful, girlfriend, tree,

Cherry Blossoms

Down the avenue
Under arches of blossoms
Hand in hand with you

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: nature


orange on a tree
sweetly tempts a honey bee. . . .
he leaves her hanging

Poem Details | by David Mohn
Categories: tree,

Halloween Trees

twisted shadows creep
into yards and fertile minds…
   autumn moon on trees

      ~~20 Oct 2014~~

Poem Details | by David Meade
Categories: death, hope, life, tree,

Haiku 9 Life

lodgepoles pines fall 
dead, beetle attack, new life
emerges -- aspens

Poem Details | by Jan Allison
Categories: tree,

Dancing In the Wind

palm tree gently sways dancing the hula hula in Hawaiian skirt 12th March 2015

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A
Categories: art, nature, wind,

Snowy Window


albino ~VIEW~
Persian tailed jackrabbit
ebony awaits 

January breeze
snowbird, whistles on tree top
where did x-mass go?


Poem Details | by Susan Gentry
Categories: cry, imagination, tree,

Weeping Willow

Weeping willow tree

comfort limbs wrapped around me

wiping tears away

Poem Details | by Joy Wellington
Categories: holiday, seasons

Brilliant Sunshine Smell of Cinnamon Laughter

brilliant sunshine smell of cinnamon laughter... white stones and tree trunks
*Christmas Jamacia

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno
Categories: nature

Tree Prophecies

Branches spread Thy word,
Prophesying over stones:
Prophets of the wood.

Poem Details | by Marty Owens
Categories: death, hope, nature,

Skeleton Tree

Cracking lifeless limbs.
Casting creepy dark shadows.
Illumined by moon

Poem Details | by James Fraser
Categories: inspirational, nature

The Lone Tree

Solitary tree Silhouetted by the moon Nature at her best http://www.thehighlanderspoems.com/nature-5.php

Poem Details | by Daver Austin
Categories: lovelove,

Spread Love

SPREAD LOVE (three haiku)

spread love    come on!    try!
be you like some growing tree
branching to the sky

no expectation
no!    love is a child of mind
no condemnation

love    not just giving
oh no!    to receive as well
you must be willing

Poem Details | by Kim Hilliker
Categories: nature

Perfect Nature

A tree leaning left
God's perfect imperfection
In the misty dew

Poem Details | by Darren Watson
Categories: heart,


I see a cherry tree in full blossom
My heart soars to the heavens
Gravity ensures my body doesn't follow.


Poem Details | by Deb Wilson
Categories: love, nature, tree, me, me,

Love Like a Mighty Oak

you dried all my tears
i stand proud now like the oak---
no weeping willow

your splendid branches
wrap me into your shadow---
shelter from the storm

wind blows me down
your light lifts me up---
might i dwell in your arms?

written January 28th,2013
for pd's Valentine contest

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson
Categories: nature

Rhymed Haiku

humble bumble bee
brings pollen from apple tree
to make his honey

he feeds his loved queen
to protect her he gets mean
his stings aren’t funny

a hive is his home
he fills it with honeycomb
for love not money

For Carol Brown's "What's the Buzz" contest

Carol gave me a no. 1

Poem Details | by Althea Rose
Categories: funny, giggle, happy, silly, smile, teen, tree,

Jojo Siwa Trees

trees become siwa
with their receding hairlines
lol bald trees

Poem Details | by David Mohn
Categories: snow, sun, tree,

New Snow

in cursive shadows
a sun mused elm composes
    on pristine parchment

      ~~11 Dec 2016~~
         Troika Contest