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Poem Details | by Daver Austin
Categories: funny

Fractured Haiku

Wee old Lady Who
Resides in a tennis shoe
Grandsons live there too


This is a fractured haiku

Poem Details | by Paul Holmes
Categories: sports


Strawberries and cream
Tennis stars chase cherished dream
Audience applauds.

Poem Details | by Thabang Ngoma
Categories: life, wind,

Obscured Newton's Cradle

Tennis in the wind
An audience like fans to the trees
Serves an unfair advantage

Poem Details | by Robb A. Kopp
Categories: animals


The Dromaeosaurs
Thought of tennis as a chore
Football liked more

By Robb A. Kopp

Poem Details | by Bl Devnath
Categories: introspection,

On the Round Egg Earth

All busy with game 		
                                      Cricket Tennis and Foot ball 		
                                        On the round egg Earth

Poem Details | by Jan Allison
Categories: food, sports, summer,

Anyone For Tennis

strawberries and cream wimbledon on the tv ~ british summertime Bite size Poetry Contest - 11 sponsored by Line Gauthier 07/06/21

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr.
Categories: analogy, encouraging, word play,


every snow ball wants to be a tennis ball to live and bounce always each snowball wants to live to not melt dissolving not so against nature
1/31/24 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2024©