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Poem Details | by Cesar Cantu
Categories: confusion


Crunchy asteroids
Wet sand, cotton stones, masks, corn
Swimming in my bowl

Poem Details | by Matthew Anish
Categories: animal, joy, water,


Walk by the water 
See the fish swimming along
Take joy in the moment

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger
Categories: seasons,

Winter Spring Summer Fall

shimmering diamonds
sugar cookies and cocoa 
icicle magic

a daffodil parade 
gentle rain brings us flowers
the world turns green 

back yard barbeque 
humidity on fire
swimming for us all

nut dance of squirrels
it is raining leaves today
cinnamon pumpkin

Poem Details | by Bill Baker
Categories: art, beauty, dance, fish, imagery, nature, water,

Synchronized Swimming

a large school of fish
     in unison each fish turns
          synchronized swimming

Poem Details | by Caryl Muzzey
Categories: seasons,

Summertime Ellip

fishing pole… new mud hole… swimming pool

summer breeze… scorching heat… splash of rain

laughing loud… giggling soft… summertime

Copyright © 2013 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Poem Details | by Asif Andalib
Categories: animals, life, nature,

On a Sunny Day

On this sunny day
A dog is drinking water
And swimming in pond!

Poem Details | by James Fraser
Categories: animals, nature, sea


Orca, killer whale,
Hunter in our blue oceans;
Swimming with the pack.

Poem Details | by Thabang Ngoma
Categories: life, wisdom,

Sewing In the Dark

Make your mark
Swimming with the sharks
A needle prick

Poem Details | by Abe Lopez
Categories: animals, life, nature

Salmon Run

The journey upstream,
A chance to deliver life;
Swimming to the death.

Poem Details | by Mitch White
Categories: animals

Cool Cat

.                                                  I bite you, water

                                          Tigers do more than just jump

                                               we are swimming fools

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson
Categories: life,

Graduation Day

graduation day
a cool swimming pool
made him late

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux
Categories: beach, food, holiday, places, water,

Questionku 15

Tourist swimming
Pirana filled lake
Will he get out in time?

Poem Details | by Kiran Bantawa
Categories: sky

Swimming Pool

Black lucid sky-

Sun and moon’s swimming pool

Stars are guards.

©Kiran Bantawa

Poem Details | by Lala Merx
Categories: bird, freedom,


Swimming happily
The birds singing in the sky
their song of freedom

Poem Details | by Bill Baker
Categories: animal, baby, fish, fishing, food, mother, nature,

Mama Bear

cubs getting hungry
salmon swimming up the stream
easy catch for bear

Poem Details | by Rollo West
Categories: funny,

No Fear

The carp and the trout are swimming courageously, Angler is a poet

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston
Categories: death, life,

Haiku: Garden Pests

rat with bushy tail
mesh trap black hole for squirrels
swimming school failures

Brian Johnston
October 22, 2015

Poem Details | by Liz Ward
Categories: jealousy, success,


Swimming in the deep Sharks circling in green waters Waiting for a cramp Written By: Liz Ward July 22nd 2016

Poem Details | by Gert W. Knop
Categories: animals

Early Fog

Im frühen Nebel
Wo still noch das Wasser fließt
Schwimmen schon Enten

In the early fog
Where the water quietly flows 
Ducks already swimming

En la temprana  niebla
Dónde fluye silencioso el agua 
Nadan ya patos

Poem Details | by Marty Owens
Categories: nature

Sky and Lake Games

Carolina blue
Plays hide and seek with white clouds.
Swimming with the rocks.

Poem Details | by Jacob Wölf
Categories: animals, nature, peace

O' Swimming Turtle...

O'swimming turtle 
At home where ever you go
I envy your shell

O'swimming turtle
your safe place of solitude
I envy your peace

Poem Details | by Eve Roper
Categories: animal, fish, winter,

Winter Haiku 1-2-3 Or 3-2-1

Winter Haiku 1-2-3 or 3-2-1

frost, snow 
on schedule

below temp

blend in

fish swimming 

sunny day


Poetry Contest: haiku 1-2-3 or 3-2-1 
Sponsored by: charles messina

Poem Details | by Jyoti Sonnet
Categories: animals, nature,

Haiku: Swimming On the Surface

Ducks swim on surface
Leading to  destination
Determined to reach.

Poem Details | by Patricia Sawyer
Categories: adventure, sea, seasons

No Swimming!

weightless in water
all fear overcome by glee~
ignore not the sign

Poem Details | by Daniel Neal
Categories: food

The Fisherman

I see a large fish,
Swimming lively in a pond;
The fisherman's here.

Poem Details | by Nick Bagnall
Categories: animals, funny, parody

Glub Splutter

I’m so annoyed
I’ve lost my swimming goggles
They’re down here somewhere

Poem Details | by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty
Categories: poetry,


bathtub  so happy
the pregnant ladies swimming
their wombs bulging out

(C) rajat kanti chakrabarty
16 December 2014

Poem Details | by Bill Baker
Categories: fish, life, spring, summer,


tadpoles in the stream
     swimming zigzag everywhere
frogs are soon to be

Poem Details | by Marty King
Categories: fun, how i feel, joy, water,

Jumping In a Lake Haiku

jumping in a lake
swimming laps before rainfall
righteous refreshment!

Poem Details | by Jeanine Dejesus
Categories: nature,

Heavy Shell

A swimming turtle
Drifts smoothly across the pond
Sinking and rising

Poem Details | by Jim Tidd
Categories: humor, humorous,

Finding My Porpoise

She’s out there, somewhere
swimming in salty smooth seas,
laughing like Flipper.

Poem Details | by Ronald A. Williams
Categories: beach, fun, summer, sun,


summer sandy beach 
swimming snorkeling submerged
summer exploits fun

Poem Details | by Ronald A. Williams
Categories: autumn, may, seasons, summer, winter,

Spring Summer Fall Winter - Haiku Chain

springtime flowers vase
lilies tulips azaleas 
scent fragrance cues

summer sandy beach
swimming snorkeling surf
summer exploits fun

fall color honor guards 
canopy red brown gold tan
leaves final slow dance

winter frost fleece
snowy ivory chalk mounds
cast blank white canvas

Poem Details | by Taryn Melville
Categories: happiness, life, nature, peace, seasons, uplifting, visionary,


The green frog jumped up.
The fish in the pond were swimming.
What a lovely day!

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker
Categories: adventure, beautiful, girl, image, innocence, power, water,

Provocative Haiku

Provocative Haiku

Garments flow and fall
River, cold, drinks naked girls
Red faced, swimming up