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Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: autumn,

A Mid-Autumn Scene

swirls of clouds trim sky
leaves twirl as wind passes by . . .
a squirrel stands still

Sept. 8, 2022
for Tania Kitchin's Autumn In Nature - Haiku Poetry Contest

for 'A HIKU PREMIER' Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Valsa George
Categories: animal, cute, fruit, smart,

Chirpy Squirrel

in grey apparel scampers trees, skilled acrobat~ furry and frisky Jan.2. 2022 Squirrel Haiku Poetry Contest Robert James Ligouri

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler
Categories: animal, fruit, nature, red, seasons, smile, sweet,


scarlet strawberry 
	sweet seasonal sensation ~
		squirrel smiles slyly

Poem Details | by Anne-Lise Andresen
Categories: animal, autumn, winter,

- Haiku X 288 - Harvest -

                                   squirrel with fortune
                              store mocha brown hazelnuts -
                                                   survive biting cold

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin
Categories: animal, day, rap,

Squirrel Ii

on a wire waking up
this rainy day

Poem Details | by Allison Bickham
Categories: animal,

Little Red Foxes

In the forest lays
Little baby red foxes
and a little squirrel

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: autumn,

Nuts For Fall

squirrels with stuffed cheeks dash along our crimson path - nuts for fall! Oldie submitted 2/1/22 For the Squirrel Haiku Poetry Contest of Robert James Liguori

Poem Details | by David Meade
Categories: dog, morning, tree,

Haiku 8 Dogs

looking out a tree 
stands, a deep growl vibrates, a
heedless squirrel plays

Poem Details | by Norman Crocker
Categories: animal,


scat dog

Poem Details | by Pace Ink-U-Script
Categories: life, nature,


A squirrel that is
                                          recumbent on the road, is
                                                            destined to road-kill.

Pace, G


Poem Details | by Norman Crocker
Categories: animal,


scat dog

Poem Details | by B.B.Woodall Tulsa Ok
Categories: animal, nature,

3 Spring Haiku

Pill bugs wet with dew
as crawling gray domes mirror
green turf, salmon sun.

Copter seeds whirling,
a squirrel chases paper
treasure for her nest.

Young cat mock-tweeting,
wily sparrows unheeding,
paws press on the screen.

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Categories: animal, funny, nature,

A Fluffy Squirrel

a fluffy squirrel
flipping among tree branches—
empty bird feeder

Revised to a 5-7-5 Version
Copyright March 19, 2015
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: (Make Me Chuckle with a haiku) Haiku #1 
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer

Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong
Categories: seasons,

Early Morning Frost

early morning frost—
a squirrel empties fat cheeks
inside the old log

a flutter of wings
at Sol’s dawning—
damp bare branches

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: animals, family, imagination, inspirational, life, love, nature

The Giraffe and the Squirrel

Giraffe long slender 
Neck, with a long black tongue
Cleans baby squirrel

Poem Details | by Harry Horsman
Categories: humorous, nature,

Autumn Rigmarole

scrutable squirrel
stocks up the winter larder...
another nut case

 © Harry J Horsman 2022

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight
Categories: animal, food, humor,

Spoiled Squirrels

my squirrels love bread

peanut butter spread on top . . .

drop plain bread from paws

March 9, 2015

Contest: Squirrel Haiku
Sponsor: Robert James Liguori


Poem Details | by Michael J. Falotico
Categories: animals, seasons,

A Hidden Meal

Acorns on the floor

       the squirrel hides for winter

for a meal yet had..

Fall Animal Haiku contest, by Andrea Dietrich

Poem Details | by Nick Bagnall
Categories: animals, nature,

Forgetful Squirrel

Forgetful squirrel
Once more your nuts are all lost
Oak trees in my lawn

Poem Details | by Carol Sunshine Brown
Categories: nature,

Haiku 08

a squirrel smells skunks running a gammit winds uplifting

Poem Details | by Reason A. Poteet
Categories: garden, nature,

Mayday In April


squirrel in my garden
roots for his acorns
mayday in April

Poem Details | by Harry Horsman
Categories: seasons,

Autumn Ritual

stocks the larder --
another nut case

 © Harry J Horsman 2010

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci
Categories: funny,

What Does the Fox Say

No fox is hungrier
than the one hiding to catch
a squirrel so small.

The fox hasn't eaten
in days and her stomach growls,
she watches every move.  

The poor squirrel is
unaware of the fox's intent,
and just ignores her.

The fox moves forward,
takes off as to get her meal:  

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse
Categories: animals, nostalgia,

Loss of a Tom Cat Friend and Defender of the Bluebird Box

Squirrel plays and shakes
 a fist atop the bluebird box....
twelve round stones

Blue feathers strown
empty nesting box today...
old man Tom rest

Poem Details | by Grace Mutindi
Categories: funny,

Cunning Squirrel

sun’s coat on the maize
here and there the squirrel ducks
leaving her to pant 

©GraceM Composition

Poem Details | by Anna-Marie Docherty
Categories: animals, imagination, nature


Hung on bird table
Fat balls nuts rind and treats
Cheeky squirrel scoffs

Poem Details | by Maureen Mcgreavy
Categories: animal, food,

Slice of Life

pepperoni red
          flapping in a naked tree 

            determined squirrel 


(I was looking for a haiku when caught my eye, out the window across the street from me was this squirrel stuffing a whole pizza slice into the branches at the top of a tree.)

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker
Categories: dark, death, flying, hello, image, psychological, spiritual,

Haiku Wind

Haiku Wind

To the ground a dive

Hawk, Squirrel struggle soar down

Sky ground merge…. end there

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser
Categories: animal, nature,


Squirrel chit-chatting staked a claim on my pear trees; his prime real-estate!

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: funny,


nervous squirrel upon the small rim of the bird bath... fall breeze moves shadows
I wasn't seeing a squirrel but only shadow of Weeping Willow limb's almost nude being moved with the breeze...Funny but not..LOL

Poem Details | by Eve Roper
Categories: nature, rain,

Summer Rain

blue cedar shed tears 
sun glimmer beckon the stars
squirrel garner fruit


Poem Details | by Howard Dion
Categories: dog, imagination, nature, simple, wisdom,

Dog Haiku

Dogs sniff the brown earth 
Smell the squirrel and rabbit’s feet 
Bark at skunk feet scent

Poem Details | by Daver Austin
Categories: animals,

Three February Haiku


squirrels hiding nuts
on this bright and shining day
that ingrained wisdom

kitty up a tree
squirrel chatters noisily
blue jay stealing nuts

trees like sentinels
stark against the winter sky
life below goes on

Poem Details | by Marty King
Categories: baby, dog, humor,

Puppy Dog Laughter Haiku

puppy dog laughter
the squirrel is her teacher
still no quit in her

Poem Details | by Uwe Stroh
Categories: earth,

Squirrel Scurries

Black Forrest wind whistles
Moss shelters in the shadows
Squirrel scurries