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Poem Details | by Charles Henderson
Categories: bird,


the sparrow
hidden out of sight
lilting songs

Poem Details | by Uwe Stroh
Categories: art, bird,

Sparrow Picks Worm

As frost melts
Revealing green grass
Sparrow finds fat worm

Poem Details | by Adeleke Adeite
Categories: love

Sweet Singing Sparrow

#Lover 1, 

Sweet singing sparrow
whirls on the wings of white winds
to reach this rainbow


Bright and beautiful
my alluring art's aura
sends sights and sounds,
cruising with cool, cute colours
it lends thee love, life and light!

Poem Details | by James Marshall Goff
Categories: nature

Snowstorm Haiku

searching through snowdrifts

                           lone sparrow flashes over

                                                     thoughts of survival

Poem Details | by Linda Jackson
Categories: nature, pets,

Feline Fancy

sparrow sings 
   on rooftop -
   cat calls back

Poem Details | by Linda Jackson
Categories: nature,


bird song fills the air
  and wood nymph bathes in dew drops -
  shy sparrow blushes

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker
Categories: adventure, bird, image, life, mirror, nature, water,

Image On the Lake - Haiku

Image On The Lake – Haiku

Two images?  Chirp!
Sparrow looks, hits mirror lake
Lake answers with, “splash!”

Poem Details | by Pheko Motaung
Categories: africa,

My Head Sir

My head sir
Is not the loo 
The sparrow

Poem Details | by Noriko Tanaka
Categories: animals


little fat sparrows
busy-bodies all day long
around my house

Poem Details | by Diana Rosser
Categories: nature,


Singing from the roof top - house sparrow

Poem Details | by Pheko Motaung
Categories: absence,

Painting My Face

Painting my face
With his smelly faeces
Sparrow flying solo

Poem Details | by Pheko Motaung
Categories: april,

Dancing the Night Away

Dancing the night away
For the sparrow
The show must go on

Poem Details | by Barry Levy
Categories: corruption,


lazy sparrow
   with broken wing
why don't you sing?

Poem Details | by Robb A. Kopp
Categories: nature


Hunting to and fro
Zipping between marigolds
Low flying sparrow

By Robb A. Kopp

Poem Details | by Tom Wright
Categories: time

About Time

As a sparrow hawk
Talons fully extended
Time, devours all things.

Poem Details | by John Beam
Categories: caregiving, nature,

Sparrow Hawk's

parents sparrow's nest            					                                         mobbing darts as the crow flees  										   agrees mockingbird

Poem Details | by Rama Balasubramanian
Categories: nature,


sparrow chirping in
flame tree melodiously ~


Tania Kitchin
Songbird haiku 1st

Poem Details | by Kishan Negi
Categories: nature, spring,

A Haiku Poetry On Nature

A Haiku Poetry On Nature

Sparrow is chirping
dew drops opening eyes
welcome good morning

Food grain production
monsoon brings prosperity
green revolution 

Monstrous tsunami
execration of nature
a deserted island

Poem Details | by Ranza Trumper
Categories: angst, confusion, devotion, hope, lost love, nostalgia,

Nameless the First and Second

without my voice i
cannot sing, without my heart
i can only breathe

the sparrow waits in
silence, the clock holds its chime
voice and heart wander

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston
Categories: life,

Haiku: Traditional 14

startled sparrow leaves 
bush without color or song
winter's foliage flown

Brian Johnston
December 6, 2015

Poem Details | by Jemmy Farmer
Categories: nature


sparrow feathers
flutter on domestic fields -
tabby cat leaves

Poem Details | by Jim Tidd
Categories: confusion,


Like morning sparrow
she winged off suddenly
to her own designs.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: bird,

Song Sparrow

dawn and all is still

as song sparrow sweetly sings -

flourishing a trill

Aug. 16, 2021

Poem Details | by Kishan Negi
Categories: morning, nature,

Dawn Appears - a Haiku Poetry

Darkness returns home
nature comes to welcome dawn
fresh air tickles pine

Little sparrow chirps
cuckoo sings sweet melody
sun rays on duty

Dew-drops are dazzling
peacock dances with wind beats
zealous trees tinkle

(By Kishan Negi)

Poem Details | by Brian Strand
Categories: animals, nature

Still Life

upon the lawn
breast feathers and a beak-
nature morte

Remains of the sparrow hawk's breakfast this morning.

Poem Details | by Carol Mahan
Categories: imagery,



A fire spray of
hulls; who is in the feeder?
A nettled sparrow. 

                  Carol Mahan

Poem Details | by Pheko Motaung
Categories: africa,

I Warn the Hawks

I warn the hawks
Sparrow says thanks and kicks
His **** in my face

Poem Details | by Asif Andalib
Categories: animals, inspirational, life, nature, uplifting,

The Sparrows Chicks

The sparrow couple
Busy in feeding their chicks
By turn all day long!

Poem Details | by Pheko Motaung
Categories: absence,

Sparrow Jumps

Sparrow jumps
In alarm when you tempt me
To make love to you

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios
Categories: beauty, imagery, spring,

Maytime Magic Haiku

Strolling into Spring Sweet, sauntering, serene Sunkist sparrow sings 5/1/2023

Poem Details | by Eve Roper
Categories: bird,

House Sparrow

cold chipping sparrow 

cozy warm garage it flew~

peer out windowpane


Poem Details | by Brian Strand
Categories: bird,

Raptor Hiku X 2


sparrow hawk alights-
the chattering

just one flap of wings-
the raptor makes its kill
pouncing down at will

Poem Details | by Tom Cook
Categories: bird, nature, winter,

Haiku 39

outside my window
cardinal - sparrow standoff
at a bird feeder

Poem Details | by Nad Simon
Categories: loss, lost love, love,


A sparrow flutters
I don't want to let it go
It's time to release

Poem Details | by Anisha Dutta
Categories: 8th grade, bird, insect,



   happy grasshopper jumping on grass: next moment swallowed by sparrow.