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Poem Details | by White Wolf
Categories: analogy, death, life, metaphor, philosophy, sad, symbolism,

Lunar Eclipse

Raven Blue twilight, Existence epitomized, Formless shadows lurk.

Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler
Categories: bird, color, dark, lost, moon, night, raven,


black feathers take wing
to a white moon on the rise ...
there you are again


(used howmanysyllables.com)

Poem Details | by Jan Allison
Categories: death, word play,

Still Life

still life in the graveyard ebon raven caws 09/19/20

Poem Details | by Shirley Bracken
Categories: holidayautumn,

Halloween Haiku

The devil trembles
Feeling the autumn wind's rage
Children eat candy

Red mask covers eyes
Blind to first fall carnival
Her pockets picked clean

Nevermore  lovers
Halloween murders-blood found
Quote the black raven

Poem Details | by Eve Roper
Categories: moon, raven,

Silken Black Feathers

silken black raven gazes upon whimsical waxing moon’s shadows 7/13/2015

Poem Details | by Gun Poet
Categories: america, art, self,

The Phoenix Raven

semi-auto gun
second nature second hand
born in fire to fire

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser
Categories: bird, raven,


A raven, mystical; not a bad bird; good.

Poem Details | by Daver Austin
Categories: animals, funny

Late November

The corn stalks are bare
Scarecrow in tatters
'Quoth the raven'   "Nevermore"

Poem Details | by Arnisha Paxman
Categories: fear,


Pitter-patter of
feet: raven teeters
on ledge examining me!

Poem Details | by Jessica Arteaga
Categories: lost love, love

Raven Stares

Lover One

Raven feathers fall
Darkness gleams in thick forest
Silent is the squall

Lover Two

May the stare stay locked
Tearing fingers ache in skin
Legs could not hold fear
Why was the past so full then
Now how can I fill this heart

Poem Details | by Heather Brearley
Categories: animal, bird,

The Raven Brings

Ravens bring 
darkness to the sky
shadows cross into the unknown.

Poem Details | by Alana Tye
Categories: fantasy,

Raven Eyes

beware enchantment
the gaze of those raven eyes
stare into your soul

Poem Details | by Kyle Hammer
Categories: animals, confusion, funny,

Lazy Raven

A lazy raven,
Walks across a fast paced road,
Why does he not fly?

Poem Details | by Frank Penicaro
Categories: angst

You Owe Me

broken currency,
the feather a bloodied raven.
here,take it.

Poem Details | by Daver Austin
Categories: animal,

On the Lookout


native to the scene –
the yellowstone grand canyon -
this fat black raven

Poem Details | by Aidan Gilbert
Categories: bird, raven,

The Raven

The Raven
By: Aidan Gilbert

Look at the raven
So haunting, so beautiful
It stares. Unflinching

Poem Details | by Bennie6 Haiku Poems
Categories: beauty,


She has raven-black 
hair, pearly-white teeth, and eyes
like Cleopatra.

Poem Details | by Genevieve Farese
Categories: animals, introspection, life, loss, love,

Ode To Misha

It`s been more than eight summers ago or so that I last saw you. But dear, not a day has passed that I forgot you or our memories. Your dark raven eyes, and silky ebony fur, how I miss them so! I love you, Misha, Your presence I still long for, every single day.

Poem Details | by Maureen Mcgreavy
Categories: appreciation, bird, poetry,

Haiku, I Love U

raven falcon dove
                      inks on the wing plumed unplucked
                                   alight on the page


Composed for James Edward Lee Sr's
Haiku, I Love U

Poem Details | by Jan Allison
Categories: death of a friend,

At the Graveside

pine coffin’s lowered into the freshly dug grave raven caws in tree in memory of our treasured friend Don whose funeral we attended yesterday Bite Size Poem no12' Contest Info Sponsored by Line Gauthier 04/17/21

Poem Details | by Rita Janice Traub
Categories: introspection,

The Raven Who Croaked

The raven who croaked
Exclusively "Nevermore"
Was one astute bird.

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick
Categories: animal, nature,

Life In the Trees

beneath her green leaves secret life abounds and thrives call of the raven

Poem Details | by Tania Kitchin
Categories: bird, nature, river, wind,

Raptor Collection

a howling dawn wind
an owl screeched from the tree top ~
raptor rhapsody

rough river water
rapids tempt hungry eagles ~
dangerous prey dive

grey falcon feathers
hidden amongst forest pines ~
raven nesting raid


Poem Details | by Maureen Mcgreavy
Categories: bird,

May 19th 2020

busy street
          raven spinning overhead

                audience of one


Poem Details | by Caryl Muzzey
Categories: nature

Winged Silhouettes

raven of the eve
saturate indigo skies
with winged silhouettes

Copyright © 2010  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Poem Details | by Robert Marlow
Categories: beauty, light, night, poetry, woman,

Raven Haired Goddess

Twilight bows to her. As light descends, night arrives. Raven haired goddess.

Poem Details | by Jan Oskar Hansen
Categories: allegory, anger, crazy,

Haiku As Poem

Haiku-like poem 

Only the raven 
Sits on the branches 
Of a dead tree

Bark falls off 
Porous and rotten
Exposing dry wood

Skeletal branches
Seeking succour 
Forsaken by god

Lightning strikes    
Pyre and ashes

Poem Details | by Roland Dust
Categories: america, angst, emotions,

Stolen Candy

Dogs Included Push
Raven Vegetable Fear
Pleading Gum Arrest

Poem Details | by John Lawless
Categories: dance, flying, raven,

Whispering Wings

ebony winged
aerobatic Ravens dance
                                ……..a feathered ballet

John G. Lawless

Poem Details | by Luke Hobbs
Categories: art, bird, creation, imagination, nature, raven,


can her colors speak?
iridescent feathers preen,
magpie and raven.

Poem Details | by Christine A Kysely
Categories: introspection, life

Hang Hopes On the Moon

Hang hopes on the moon

Swing high with earthly pleasure

Raven waits for me.


(January 13, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved,

Poem Details | by John Lawless
Categories: bird, nature,

A Raven

a soft fog lingers
amid memory’s gray stones
                                       …a raven poses


Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios
Categories: imagery,

The Raven, A Haiku



                     ebony feathers 
                     in black night,he sees the stars
                     dreaming of sunrise 


Poem Details | by Karen Croft
Categories: nature,

Out My Window

hark the raven sings
 peering out from his hidden spot
 with dark beady eyes