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Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole
Categories: adventure, courage, devotion, dream, happiness, passion, patriotic, peace, people,

No Chain, No Charm

In Unison-
~No Chain, No Charm~

United we own
Firm, full of finest goodies-
Our ground of freedom.

United we stand
Firm from failure and horror-
On the ground of strength.

United we pray
Faithfully with open mind-
Our bliss is assured.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier
Categories: appreciation, patriotic, pride, remembrance day, soldier, tribute,

Standing Tall

standing tall
so proud
twenty-one gun salute

posted on December 8, 2019

Poem Details | by Arty Rico Jones
Categories: america, history, military, november, patriotic, remember, veterans day,

Veteran's Day

Remembrance of those
Served in the military
Special day for them

Poem Details | by Dan Keir
Categories: allah, angel, angst, animal, dream, education, fantasy, fear, freedom, god, parody, passion, patriotic, peace, people, philosophy, political, prayer, recovery from..., religion, religious, spiritual, write,

Haikus About God: Ii

Invisible chap
Bearded egomaniac
Probably not real

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi
Categories: beauty, passion, patriotic, power, pride,

Kenyan Flag

scouts stand proud
two spears and shield
immortalizing Kenya's legacy

Name: Teddy Kimathi

Country: Kenya

Poem Details | by Mya Thein
Categories: inspirational, patriotic,

Hero of Myanmar

hero of Myanmar              (Haiku)

General Aung San
father of independence
hero of Myanmar.

Dr Ko Ko Thein
Salt Lake City

Poem Details | by D.W. Rodgers
Categories: patriotic,


forever it seems
our beloved maple leaf
yet winter's coming

Poem Details | by May Fenn
Categories: analogy, courage, death, grief, imagery, military, patriotic,

Blood Red

Poppies great beauty
Brave men dying for duty
Each nourish the earth.

Poem Details | by Viv Wigley
Categories: patriotic,

Flag- Haiku

standard proudly flown
red white and blue unity
bickering sisters

My Union Jack, United Kingdom
For contest 'Flag Haiku' sponsored by Skat A
July16th 2015

Poem Details | by Linda Jackson
Categories: emotions, patriotic,

Hinomaru - Japanese Flag

rising blood red sun -
   spatters mount Fuji as
   whalers fly flag

I wrote this poem to try to write what a country's flag might
represent to an individual.  I love whales and dolphins so this
is what it represents to me.

Poem Details | by Immaculata Ortner
Categories: grief, patriotic, war,



By Immaculata Ortner 

     We fought! But in vain!
We stretched, but our top was so high
     Our ground trembled as tears of our gods flooded our land

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra
Categories: patriotic, power,

Deadly Force

if you trespass here
deadly force is authorized
Marines never play

Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet
Categories: animals, history, inspirational

The American Eagle

patriotic freedom
it’s an American symbol 

Poem Details | by Muzahidul Reza
Categories: patriotic,


I am not going to forget myself
I am going to remember and find
Ever me in my country itself.

Poem Details | by Francis J Grasso
Categories: patriotic,

My Pride

lovely butterfly
waving wings red, white and blue
flies above my pride

written 09.19.2016

Poem Details | by Shrineetee Kar
Categories: patriotic, pride,

My Flag

The Ashok Chakra 
Saffron, White and winter Green
My country Serene 

(On Indian Flag)

By Shrineetee Kar for the contest by SKAT A
'In 3 lines, represent your Country or State flag (haiku-senryu OR 3 line verse)'

Poem Details | by James Horn
Categories: patriotic, religion,

America Is

America Is

"America is
An almighty miracle
Made by God Himself."

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran, Poet
and a Philosopher
RiverSea Plantation
Bolivia, NC.

Poem Details | by Thabang Ngoma
Categories: patriotic,

A Fluorescent Flag

A besieged torrent
Unveils a rainbow nation 
Fluorescent smiles

Thabang Ngoma

South Africa

Sponsor: SKAT A 
Contest Name: In 3 lines, represent your Country or State flag

Poem Details | by Mark Toney
Categories: conflict, courage, film, patriotic, river, war, world war ii,

Oscar-Ku 30 -The Bridge On the River Kwai

harsh Colonel Saito
bridge is built... bridge is blown up-
war's utter madness

Copyright © 2018 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Published 2018 in "Hollywood Haiku" via wattpad.com

Poem Details | by James Horn
Categories: patriotic,

Perfect President Horn Haiku

Perfect President Horn Haiku

Be sentimental;
Also have the potential;
Act presidential.
(Be patriotic!!!)

The last extra part of the haiku
in parenthesis wouldn't have 
hurt anything either.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Kaa Na Kalyanasundaram
Categories: best friend, irony, patriotic,

The Ladder

just before 
pushed me up 
the kicked ladder 


Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues
Categories: hope, patriotic, spring,


flapping free, the flag
with a new hope Springing
its warmth of today


Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: courage, inspirational, meaningful, patriotic,

The Patriot

We need a leader,
Patriot, not just any
Tom, Vic, and Harry.

Poem Details | by Mahtab Bangalee
Categories: leadership, patriotic, remember,

Of the Mourning Day, Bangladesh

August comes, reminds
Of Nation's Father
Green field still holds the fresh blood!

-Thursday, August 1, 2019 Chattogram

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: caregiving, engagement, patriotic, places,

On A Hot Desert Day

Workers are busy
Laying grass grid, planting trees
Greening the desert.

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: devotion, freedom, patriotic,

The Cat's Paw

The push of a pawn
Honor awaits 'neath my flag
Over the green board.

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: community, humanity, love, patriotic,


You love your nation?
Don't damn critics, unfavored
Do people's bastion.

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios
Categories: america, courage, encouraging, joy, patriotic, thanks,

A Salute To Californians

~"A Salute to Californians"~

                     Liberty smiling
                     Sun, sand, wind, sea, surf rising
                     People took back turf


                         May 2, 2020
                         8:30am PST

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: culture, love, motivation, patriotic,

The Within Becomes the Without

Love resonates you.
What's within becomes without,
For people to know.

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: patriotic, people, soldier,

The Salute

Amidst throng of men,
Stood their vibrant salute
That Eastern sky.

Poem Details | by Hilo Poet
Categories: extended metaphor, flower, meaningful, patriotic, tribute,

The Sustenance

*Image of Sunrise by Pixabay. the sustenance we heed her keeping blest anoints our countenance~~ golden star's children 2022 March 03

Poem Details | by Alfonso II Warally Ngengethe Mussabwa Chris
Categories: humanity, patriotic, peace, rights,

A Smart Warrior

How good is it when 
You know what you want in life
And focus on it. 
A good warrior 
Roars and does not have time for 
Useless attentions

When it comes to fight 
for the rights of snubbed people 
Who need  total peace.

June 23/2023

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: business, culture, engagement, patriotic,

Think Global, Buy Local

Think something global
Waste is something human
Buy something local.

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: books, culture, education, patriotic,

Book Reading

We're standing, look
In the shoulder of a giant
Open, read a book.

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: courage, hero, patriotic, political,

Few Good Men

There few hours a day
To serve people good service
Few men heed to play.