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Poem Details | by Patricia Sawyer
Categories: animals, people, seasons


sty sty off my eye
muttered backing from fowl house
grandpa plows the mule

Poem Details | by Chris Bowen
Categories: art,


they say they love me,and they wanna care,i just dont find that anywhere.to tear a 
form i needed for school,must have been my mule that kicked so 
hard,scarred,retard,simple yarded.feel gaurded now that i dont do?must have 
been my you.

Poem Details | by Damned I-Be
Categories: light,

The Busker

Down the road I heard a busker singing
he had a rough voice
it reminded me of a mule

Poem Details | by Patrick Mehr
Categories: america, appreciation,

Mule Kick

+++++++++++++++++    Mule Kick

        Stand clear of the beast
          those long ears on a big brain
             lots smarter than me

               GINSU - KNIFE   EASTPORT , MAINE   USA

Poem Details | by Sotto Poet
Categories: animal, snow, winter,

Winter Snow

first blizzard falling
shining through oak tree bareness~
mule stagger on snow

written: December 04, 2022

Checked with hms.com: 5/7/5

Winter Nature Themed Haiku Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin

Poem Details | by James Horn
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Pool Fuel Without Being Cruel

Pool Fuel Without Being Cruel

together should pool
what we have found to be fuel
for a stubborn mule

Jim Horn

Relaxing Taxing So Must Be Practicing

should be relaxing
or it may have been taxing
must be practicing

Jim Horn