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Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios
Categories: autumn, imagery,


               Running in the grass,
               The kitten ran with joyful sass,
               Birds flew south, en masse!


               * Rhymed Haiku

Poem Details | by karen croft
Categories: animals,


she is known to love-
her animal of choice is
a small tan kitten

Poem Details | by Frank Polgar
Categories: cat, pets,

The Kitten

the look of innocence
hides a deadly secret
kitten's gentle purr

Poem Details | by LINDA JACKSON
Categories: animal, fish,

Fish Pond


   the playful kitten
   gazes deep into fish pond -
   koi watch and wait

Poem Details | by E.J. Smith
Categories: animals,

King of the House

The great white old tom
Saunters throughout his domain.
The black kitten springs.

Poem Details | by Christy Hardy
Categories: animals,

Mama Cat

Baby kitten cry
yelps ring out
dog gone

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson
Categories: nature,

a kitten rests

a kitten rests
after the long chase
dreams of longer tail

cgh oct 14 2011

Poem Details | by A.E. Rivenbark
Categories: animal


Rumbling floor leech
Mewling kitten becomes The
Hunter's new target

Poem Details | by paul holmes
Categories: animals


Little girl smitten
At sight of tabby kitten
Her heart leaps for joy.

Poem Details | by daver austin
Categories: nature, autumn, autumn,



in the autumn cold
while all the pinks are drooping
three white roses thrive

may i present
a straw filled bushel basket
with napping kitten

Poem Details | by Ashraful Musaddeq
Categories: death,

Haiku on Past

deplete calyx
is weeping from the cloud
kitten Taylor passed

To D Elizabeth R Taylor

Poem Details | by Dina Televitskaya
Categories: song-


Joy runs along home.

Joy asks for my care and love.

Joy is my kitten.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON
Categories: cat, fish,


goldfish in glass bowl swimming around aimlessly kitten licks her lips Haiku Nature Contest Sponsored by Mick Talbot 4/19/18

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella
Categories: animals, funny, imagination, inspirational, pets, visionary,

Here Kitty Kitty

                                              etched in own minds eye
                                          white kitten raising one brow
                                                  in crouch position

Tribute To The Kitty Cats     Meowwwww   LOL

Poem Details | by sand blown
Categories: adventure, analogy, appreciation,

magic is as you see it

kitten or puppy
will try to figure magic
of a rolling ball

Poem Details | by Jeff Connelly
Categories: muse,

not crystalline

look out Tokyo
Kitten versus Godzilla
B movie haiku

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios
Categories: cat, cute, peace, sleep, winter,


                     Freezing wintertime
                     A wee red impish kitten
                     Asleep in a warm box

                        April 4, 2020
                        4:45pm PST

Poem Details | by allen beilschmidt sr.
Categories: rain,


Rainstorm batters trees broken branches-scattered leaves kitten sleeps by kitchen stove.

Poem Details | by sand blown
Categories: analogy, appreciation, art,

felines play

our siamese cats
big beautiful glass eyes stare
with a hunters stance

as most house felines
she was bred a kitten type
will play hunt no end

loves spiders bugs mice
anything that walks crawls flies
moves or not its bait

Poem Details | by karen croft
Categories: animal,

The attack

furry kitten
laying in wait
ready to attack

January 9, 2022
Matsuo Basho Contest

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr.
Categories: absence, abuse, analogy, cat,


dear kitten here now 
left here on this heated grounds
where is your mother 
dear kitten alone 
where is your mother now gone 
left alone fragile 
weakened by life torn
no nourishment left orphanage 
juz a cats meow


Written words by James Edward Lee Sr 2020

Poem Details | by Chetta Achara
Categories: cat,

Cat Attachment

kitten sleeping
nestled in my lap
dare I move?