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Poem Details | by Line Gauthier
Categories: child, color, imagination, sun, yellow,

A Balloon

a balloon
canary yellow
the sun on her leash

AP: 1st place, Honorable Mention 2020, Honorable Mention 2020

Submitted on June 26, 2020 for contest STRAND COMPLETELY NEW POETRY (1) sponsored by BRIAN STRAND  -  HONORABLE MENTION

POTD  -  June 26, 2020

Poem Details | by Susan Ashley
Categories: flower, imagination, inspiration, muse, nature, night, poetry,

Jasmine - Haiku

poet’s jasmine vine

      incense of inspiration

spirit in the night

Susan Ashley
November 8, 2020

~ Poem Of The Day ~
November 10, 2020

Poem Details | by Emmanuel Samson
Categories: death, faith, imagination, lost love, love, nature, on writing and words, philosophy, sea, seasons, song-time,

Stairway To Heaven

Now my tendrilled soul,
Has found its pergola-- Christ--
To wind its way up....

Poem Details | by Gerard Keogh Jr.
Categories: allegory, imagination, nature, seasons

Emerald Envoys

emerald envoys
endure chilling reception..
scarlet suffering

Poem Details | by Kash Poet
Categories: imagination

Sleepless Night

sleepless night---
the moon becomes
more familiar

© kash poet 2012

Placement: 1st;(Feb. 2012)

Contest: Any Verse Maxm. 12 lines

Sponsor: Brian Strand

Poem Details | by Bernard Chan
Categories: beauty, bird, imagery, imagination, music, nature, sky,

Bird Code

Quartet of phone wires, Tall birds grouped higher or low, Mozart or Chopin?

Poem Details | by Dan Keir
Categories: adventure, dedication, freedom, home, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, metaphor, mystery, nature, nostalgia, people, political, sad, satire, social, sorrow, spiritual, success, time, travel, uplifting, urban, visionary, war, write,

The Internet: Rtrn

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

Poem Details | by Gerard Keogh Jr.
Categories: death, funeral, imagination, science, war

Darker Than Raindrops

darker than raindrops
mushroom cloud blooming purple....
I can see my bones

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella
Categories: forgiveness, happiness, imagination, inspirational, life, nature, philosophy, seasons, uplifting, visionary

I'M Sorry

a single white rose
given to the one you want -
apoligized to

Poem Details | by Susan Gentry
Categories: cry, imagination, tree,

Weeping Willow

Weeping willow tree

comfort limbs wrapped around me

wiping tears away

Poem Details | by Misty Penton-Leccese

A Fantsy World

A dream runs wild through them like
Dragons and fairies

By: Misty Leccese
© June 18, 2009

Poem Details | by Timothy Hicks
Categories: beach, devotion, image, imagination, nature, peace, work,

Coastal Sunset --- Haiku

coastal sunset -
dropping into the sea also
the juggler's ball

Written February 23rd, 2016
For the What Goes Up, Must Come Down Contest hosted by Catie Lindsey

Poem Details | by Joseph Soper
Categories: imagination, night, sky, stars, universe,


countless stars scattered across obsidian sky frosty breath lingers

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: imagination, nature, war


Tulips crimson lips
Tulips straight erect flying
Share the same war zone

Poem Details | by Dennis Lee
Categories: imagination, introspection, nature, on writing and words,

Writer's Block , V.2

quarter moon in sight,
partially hidden by clouds.
just like my verses.

Poem Details | by James Fraser
Categories: angst, hope, imagination, life, pain, storm, world,

Seek Paths

Avenues of life Even Cul de Sacs return Seek, follow their path! .

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: death, imagination, inspirational, introspection, nature


Silver full moon above
Touching snow covered mountains
As you slowly set

Poem Details | by Robert A. Dufresne
Categories: imagination

Moon Motet

Moon faces Keeper,
How long must you leave me here,
forlorn in earth's sea?

for Haiku contest

Poem Details | by Audrey Haick
Categories: imagination

Green Pavilions

What mystery lies
Deep in pavilions green
Draped in sunbeams bright

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: imagination, nature


Music of crickets
On warm summer morning
Praising God above

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: imagination, inspirational, nature


Clouds gently caress
Tips of the mountains slowly
As they flow away

Poem Details | by Moonbee Canady
Categories: animals, fantasy, children, imagination, nature, places, seasons

'white Swan' (Haiku # 2)

‘ White Swan ’    Haiku # 2

White Swan on Green Lake
Your Beauty, did not Forsake
At First Seen Snowflake

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: fantasy, imagination, nature, places

The Bealach

The Bealauch...rocky
Steep allows passage to the
Other side....beauty

Poem Details | by Leon Stacey
Categories: imagination, mystery, nature,

Land Clouds

Eerie eerie fog
Crept and crept along the ground
Like clouds held at bay

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: food, imagination, nature

Red Rasberries Wait


                                       Red rasberries wait
                              Falling  toward ground to splat...
                                     Hand catches mid-air

Poem Details | by I.Spit.Ink Saruhrosen
Categories: imagery, imagination, light, nature, stars,

Star Gazing

How distant
stars sizzle, streaking
in your eyes

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: imagination, lost love, nature, seasons

Dew Kisses of Summer



                                                               Purple Aster morn
                                                  Dew kisses soft moves slowly on
                                                               Tomorrow another

Poem Details | by Rickie Elpusan
Categories: imagination, nature,

When the Wind Blows Through

when the wind blows through,
one can here the trees talking:
rattling green tongues.

Poem Details | by Brian Strand
Categories: imagination, introspection, places


Shall I turn back on

stepping stones to yesterday-

wait,while I reflect

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: allegory, imagination, nature


Majesty poured 
Purple on water and land
Clouds are purple too

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

Gods Tears

gods tears cooled them
gentle imagination
lilacs in april

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: imagination, mystery, nature


Dove shaped wing in 
Sky, looking down on earth
Even your color same

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: animals, imagination, nature


Black feet black beak neat
Nice contrast against white
Feathers, beautiful

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: imagination, nature,

floating butterflies

butterflies float gently touching a flower.... impressions lasting

Poem Details | by Farah Chamma
Categories: imagination, life, nature,

Harmonious Green

From side to side they
Sway; beneath them these children
Play...Beauty of green