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Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire
Categories: bird, nature,

Wings of Wonder

bee pollinates blooms
hummingbird nips at nectar
     flurry of wee wings

Poem Details | by Kim Merryman
Categories: bird, heart,

My Beating Heart

hummingbird wings beating swiftly -- my heart when near you
1/10/22 Entered in Damned I Be's Haiku contest

Poem Details | by Kim Merryman
Categories: bird, color, flower, spring,

Spring Haiku Sequence

azalea blossoms fuchsia, pink, white, red -- bees are buzzing hummingbird flutters near backyard feeder-- hello again pollen in the air allergies are flaring-- warmer days and nights
4/17/21 For M.L. Kiser's Spring Haiku sequence contest

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich
Categories: winter,

In An Icicle

in an icicle formed like a hummingbird I can see spring Dec. 30, 2021 For Chetta Achara's Modern Haiku Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Evelyn Judy Buehler
Categories: beauty, bird, flower, flying, imagery, summer,

Hummingbird Motion

whisperings of wings
deep drone of summer's old gold
red rose drips petals

only time will tell
of the countless jeweled birds
summoned by the blooms

fanning the breezes
'til the last of orange sun
august night is soon

Poem Details | by Howard Kerr
Categories: bird, birth, celebration, color, deep, hope, joy,

Swallow-Tailed Hummingbird

fork-tailed azure crown 
breed wolfs down trumpet creepers
they dive bomb red kites

Date created : 17 August 2020
Trumpet vine / creepers nectar source for voracious bird.
Dive bomb as in bluff for deterring other species.

Poem Details | by Debjani Mitra
Categories: bird, flower, sweet,


honeysuckle vines
bumblebee and hummingbird 
take sweet souvenir  

20th June 2019
Sponsor	Tania Kitchin
Contest :Birds or Bees Haiku
Syllables 5 7 5 on howmanysyllables.com

Poem Details | by Kim Shaw
Categories: beauty, nature,

Tiny Dancer

a tiny dancer

hummingbird waltzes with blooms

strumming my heartstrings

Poetry Contest submission:    Traditional Haiku
Sponsor:  Debbie Guzzi

Poem Details | by Susan Ashley
Categories: animal, beautiful, nature, summer,

Hummingbird - Haiku

hummingbirds' vibrant
iridescence whirls mid-air  —
razzle dazzle dance

Susan Ashley
September 3, 2017

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella
Categories: adventure, animals, education, fantasy, funny, imagination, inspirational, life, music, nature, passion, seasons, song-uplifting, visionary

Johnny Come Blow Your Horn

pillar of trumpets
are no match in a garden
for the hummingbird

Poem Details | by Paul Geiger
Categories: beauty, nature,


Hummingbird sits, rests
Manzanita twig tight gripped
Brilliant throat flashes

Poem Details | by Regina Mcintosh
Categories: bird, love,

Sweet Nectar

Hummingbird drinking
Heady juice from blossom’s heart
Sweetly falls in love

©2014 by Regina Riddle

Poem Details | by Ann Roske
Categories: animals, funny, nature, seasons,

Rufous Hummingbird

rufous bird
hides in the camellia
avoiding raindrops

written to happily announce their colorful return to my feeder- hoping warmer weather will follow soon!

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin
Categories: bird, summer,


hovers at the back window
my load  lightens

Poem Details | by Keith Simmonds
Categories: joy,


A hummingbird
reflecting the sunlight      

Poem Details | by Ann Roske
Categories: animals, fantasy, nature,

The Jaunty Bird

head tilt
a flash of fuchsia and black
jaunty hummingbird

Poem Details | by Susan Gentry
Categories: beautiful, bird, flower, imagery, metaphor, sweet, time,

Lost In the Moment

hummingbird hovers

     over flower's sweet nectar...

           lost in the moment

August 17, 2018

Hummingbird Haiku Contest
By Tania Kitchin
Third Place

Poem Details | by Jack Jordan
Categories: nature,

Haiku 57

Haiku 57
	leaf bits, soft feathers
	sewn about with spider’s web
	hummingbird nesting

Poem Details | by Jimmy Anderson
Categories: nature

Divine Connection

Sweet honeysuckle,
Let hummingbird take pleasure.
Exquisite dining.

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin
Categories: bird, sun,

The Dawning

the dawning
does not see the hummingbird
or even itself

Poem Details | by Carol Sunshine Brown
Categories: nature,

Sunrise Aglow

mellow yellow sky
glistens upon morning dew
hummingbird flutters
Entry: Sunrise Haiku Contest Sponsor P.D. Written: 11/17/2011 12th Place Winner

Poem Details | by Marty King
Categories: anti bullying, poetry,

Hummingbird Dances Haiku

hummingbird dances
the air around me changes
life is forgotten

Poem Details | by John Beharry
Categories: bird, lonely, nature, sky, wind,

Haiku 2 - Nightingale Serenading, Pelican Gliding, Hummingbird Nuzzling

lonesome nightingale
serenades the airwaves
searching for his soul mate

lone pelican gliding
against the evening sky
so effortlessly

blown in with the wind
hummingbird nuzzles a bloom
and is blown away again

Poem Details | by Marty Owens
Categories: nature

Dinner In Mid Air

Hummingbird so slight.
Wings like fairies taking flight.
Eat to your delight.

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson
Categories: nature,

A Hummingbird Feeds

a hummingbird feeds,
dancing in a ray of light
scarlet, emerald

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: allegory, nature

Purple Phlox

Blessed purple phlox
Visited by swallowtail
Sphinx hummingbird moth

Poem Details | by Jeanine Dejesus
Categories: animals, life,


Hummingbird hovers
joyously embracing life
what a precious life

Poem Details | by Larry Belt
Categories: nature

The Choir Tree

Flowers pink and white
The Mimosa Tree the stage
The Hummingbird choir

Poem Details | by Frances Angela Torrelavega
Categories: animals, life, nature, nostalgia, pets,


Minute yet splendid,
you flutter with elegance:
each move poised with grace.

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci
Categories: animals, food, nature

A Sight To Behold

Hummingbird feeding
on droopy, purple blossom...
no escape for bugs.

Entered in Raul Moreno's contest,
" Daily Ritual "

Poem Details | by Amy Green
Categories: animals


Jade Trochilidae 
Imbibe NECTAR every morn ---
Sweet ambrosia drips.

2nd Place in The "Daily Ritual" contest by Raul Mareno.
HM in the "Strict Haiku" contest by Charles Henderson.
10th place in "Birds" contest by A Rambling Poet.

*Trochilidae is the classification for hummingbirds.

Poem Details | by Chris Mclain
Categories: mystery, nature,


Lotus of devotion
Our defective gravity
Hungry hummingbird

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: nature,

Hummingbird Drinks

hummingbird drinks from orange canna lily bloom... jack decapitates
jack=Jack Frost, Hoar's Frost, etc.

Poem Details | by Victor Buhagiar
Categories: bird,

Haku 6 - Hummingbird

hummingbird hovers on columbines with nectar - the art of new plants

Poem Details | by Rick Parise
Categories: life, nature,


Thy swifts of season

a beauty evanescent...

sweet succulent love