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Poem Details | by Tikar Osuru
Categories: death, memorial,


Zeroed out fire
Airformed herring ash
747 crash

Poem Details | by Tania Kitchin
Categories: beach, bird,

Feathered Foragers

herring gulls flocking
foraging at the beaches-
 disappearing lunch

Contest - Son of Senryu
Sponsor - Brahn Bailey

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Feeley
Categories: environment, fish,


sleek kayak paddle 
slices through ancient ocean 
kyak schools scatter

Poem Details | by Kai Michael Neumann
Categories: devotion,

Scope Worship Illusion


gulls along shoreline

cast progression and motion –

shadow horizon


rain ribbons the sun

rays’ drizzle evaporates

nudist takes shelter


sea mew crests surface

rides surf sways in tide’s push –

pulls up red herring

24th March 2021