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Poem Details | by Shell McConville
Categories: character, community, happiness, joy, places,

On My Street

Spindly elbows skew 
Laurie rides his rusty steed —
Owl eyes sparkle blue.

Blue-bottomed bees buzz
Through dappled dims, garden green —
Whispered perfume haze.

Twilight windows glow
Wispy wings are glass-dancing —
Gecko chuck chuck goes.

Categories: poetry,


gecko's eyes swivel
to the right edge of the wall 
ushering in rain

Poem Details | by Jeff Kyser
Categories: animal,

high wire act

green anole leaps,
    high wire act sans net, and laughs ~
        at Geico gecko


The green anole (a-no-le) is native to the southeast and likes to hang out in trees and on walls.