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Poem Details | by Wendy Watson
Categories: bird, nature,

The Rhythm of Life

robin in full swing
raps staccato beats on ground ~
earthworm feels the vibes

Writing Challenge 3, May 2019, Nature Haiku Poetry Contest 
Sponsored by Dear Heart
Written and posted : 22.05.19

Poem Details | by Ngoc Nguyen
Categories: dark, food, humor, irony, parody, satire, simile,

Packaged, Dried Instant Earthworm Ramen Noodles

Like Ramen noodles, packaged, dried worms are instant. Just add hot water, stir, and eat.

Poem Details | by Ashutosh Gupta
Categories: art, beauty, death, earth, family, poets, sun,


Earthworm is dying in sun.
A lone poet,
an unpoetic family.

Poem Details | by Daver Austin
Categories: nature,



old tree standing bare
fitful workings underneath
grizzly bear asleep

what the earthworm hears
a mighty boiling nether
blue sky    sunshine

level plane
sky    forest asleep
mighty roiling beneath

Poem Details | by Asif Andalib
Categories: animals, nature

A Magpie

After a rainfall
A magpie sings and dances
And eats an earthworm!

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: funny,

Earthworm Ancient One

earthworm ancient one wears pants up under his arms.. karote black belt

Poem Details | by Sonia Walker
Categories: nature,

Earthworm Digs Tunnel

earthworm digs tunnel
crawling for light at the end
clouds mask sunshine blind

Poem Details | by Eve Roper
Categories: bird, rain, storm,

Wriggle and a Breath of Air

gray sky's angry flash it's stomach loud hungry roars earthworm for dinner

Poem Details | by Dave Collins
Categories: appreciation, bird, food, nature, rain, spring,

A Robins Refrain

singin' in the rain
Springs all-you-can-eat buffet
earthworm bill-of-fare

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler
Categories: animal, dance, environment, insect, nature, river, senses,

three rivers

river runs rampant
	drunken burbling and babbling ~
		dizzy dragonfly

rambling river rolls
	successful spawning season ~
		earthworm treads water

restful river ride 
	sudden stillness sits softly ~
		water nymph pliés

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: career, fishing, metaphor, sea,

The Insurgent

Like fisherman caught
Using earthworm as live bait,
Catch fish through its mouth.

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues
Categories: boy, nature,


worm curls around stick
in the mud...troubled waters
— this makes boy smile


Poem Details | by Alkas Poetry
Categories: allegory, allusion, dream, fish, metaphor, world,

Dreamy Earthworm Dreams of Fishing

buried underground
dreamer worm anxiously waits
catch fish in the sea