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Poem Details | by Ashlee Tilford
Categories: loss


He has gone away...
When I look for him I see...
Nothing but green grass.

Poem Details | by Sara Chansarkar
Categories: death,


Bright autumn sunlight
Ironing out morning chill
Dad lay still and cold

Poem Details | by P.S. Awtry
Categories: dad, father, i miss you,

Empty Coffee Cup

empty coffee cup
sitting upon the table
reminds me of Dad

Poem Details | by Darlene Gifford
Categories: dad, daughter, fishing,

Gone Fishing

barefoot and laughing

     dad and daughter fish off pier

bonding over bait


Poem Details | by Harambe In Heaven
Categories: animal, betrayal, brother, corruption, courage, dad, death,

A Haiku For Harambe

Harambe is dead,
Shot Harambe in the head,
Now my dude is dead

Poem Details | by David Meade
Categories: dad, dance, daughter, death,

Haiku 14 Eyes

face, etched with deep lines
    dark sadness pools in the eyes
        lost in death . . . daughter

For all who have loved and lost

David Meade
Live Generously

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra
Categories: childhood, dad, divorce, mom, mother, mother daughter,

Seen Not Heard No More

Divorce has come
Mom and Dad no more
who do I listen to?

Poem Details | by Andrea Rose
Categories: addiction, beach, mother, nature, ocean, sports, summer, vacation, water,

Surf Therapy

Mother Ocean please
Send me waves of such beauty
I need Therapy

Dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day 2013
The man who introduced me to the ocean and educated me about it and gave me reason to love appreciate and respect it.

Poem Details | by George Zamalea
Categories: child, childhood, dad, , cute,

Little Darling

Darling cute angel
Darling dragonflies are all over from other directions!
By the cottage-rosary field my little one is all enjoy!

Poem Details | by Ijm Seven
Categories: creation, dad, death,

Dad, Haiku Triplet

Sea foam wash my feet:
Let me sink into the earth
My heels then my toes

Gentle breeze kiss me
So I may feel your majesty,
Whisper in my ear

He rests on a stone
Awaiting to join the sea-
I love you Dad

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra
Categories: childhood, family, father, fishing, mom, sister,

My Tampa Bay Memories

Dad fishing the bay
me and Bonnie running wild
while Mom's being Mom

Poem Details | by Kaaviya Baskaran
Categories: appreciation, dad, longing, love, mother,

'had I'

Had I been a phone,
I would have been loved even more
By my mom and dad.

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra
Categories: family, war,

Family and War

During Vietnam
recordings made for my Dad
while Mom went astray

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra
Categories: dad,

My Only Garden

just the beer garden
the only garden I knew
finding my dad there

Poem Details | by Gail Gilbride Bohle
Categories: absence, dad, death, emotions, father, father daughter, loss,



Sad heart breaks in two.
A walk with pain, sorrow, death,
unbearable pain.
Daddy snatched away from her.
Scared, defenceless, eleven.

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra
Categories: dad, death, memory,

Tampa Bay Fun

underway again
deep sea fishing with my dad
together again

Poem Details | by Tommy Dorsey
Categories: lost love

Lonely Tear Drops

I twelve brother ten
  lonely tear drops hot closet
             dad gone mother alone

Poem Details | by Shans Priya
Categories: teen,

The Ringing Friend

Cell phones whether good or bad
In the pockets of mom and dad

We use map,games,internet etc;.
Can also be used in orchestra

It won't allow you to feel blue
The way to handle is upto you...

Poem Details | by Pheko Motaung
Categories: analogy,

The Soaring Eagle

The soaring eagle
But under that lady dad is
A snorring tiger

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra
Categories: childhood, growing up, humor,

A Child's Dilema

I asked Mom question
where does Double-U come from?
she said ask your dad

Poem Details | by Jim Wilson
Categories: father

For Dad

Early morning light
The longest day of the year
I'll phone my father

Poem Details | by Macy Southern
Categories: family, father,

The Meeting

I will meet my dad.
I feel confusion and fear
underneath my joy.

Poem Details | by Kyle Hammer
Categories: loss, lost love, mother,

Broken Love

Child in a stroller,
His mother young and joyful,
Yet dad has gone away.

Poem Details | by Daljit Khankhana
Categories: business, devotion, faith,

Please Me Guide

are you intelligent or wise let's go then  we can decide?
why do we trust to exploit and harass others to divide?
A daughter, son, sister, brother, mum, dad and a friend,
Granny, grand, uncle, aunt and relations we cannot hide.
matters are complicated, why is life hard please me guide?

Poem Details | by Ijm Seven
Categories: bereavement, death,

Dad Is Dead

stinging tears
assault my face:
he left me

Poem Details | by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty
Categories: dad, death, family, father, kid, loss, mom,

Come September My Heart Bled

Darlingest baby 
I have found your Barby doll
your daddy's last gift

Embedded in the first cell
Shattered rosy womb

Mom broke her promise
Daddy says  no she did not
She only loved you

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop
Categories: analogy,

Probabilities Haiku59

down the aisle with dad and promised margaritas last petal unplucked
Not for the contest , but thanks for the inspiration. Inspred by the love me/love me not flower,and you

Poem Details | by Howard Tunick
Categories: sad,

My Father

My father is gone
Too busy to be a dad
I do not miss him

January 2016

Poem Details | by Marty King
Categories: blessing, family, food, god,

Family No Longer Hungry Haiku

momma now eats
child's tummy no longer cramped
dad gives thanks in tears

Poem Details | by Dibbendu Dwip
Categories: dad, grandchild, grandfather,

We Are the Three Together

My father went one third,
I can reach half of the rest.
My son will avail the goal.

Poem Details | by Supraja Kannan
Categories: blessing, family, garden,

My Family

Mom Dad and just me
     small family asked siblings
             they gifted garden

May 4 2016

Contest:Haiku on "my family"
Sponsor: Marvin Celestial

Poem Details | by George Zamalea
Categories: dad, journey, love,

The Watcher

I guard … Ready
Looking at him sleeping
The night-start kiss keeps on!

Poem Details | by George Zamalea
Categories: baby, dad, dedication, happiness, happy, son,

Little One

To what may I most worthily compare
The tinier, fatter fingers of this newborn?
To breathe of softness his delicate fingers
Which by one definition one is able
To swallow one by one like cherry-flower snow!

Poem Details | by James Horn
Categories: sad,

Death of My Dad Haiku

Death of My Dad Haiku

If you were to see
Misery I had suffered
From death of my dad.

This truly happened.

Jim Horn

How do I enter it in Haiku contest?

Poem Details | by Jan Oskar Hansen
Categories: dad,


The sin of fathers…
Is their humanity 
We wanted them to be God