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Poem Details | by Jane Bowen
Categories: animals

Crocodile Haiku

Crocs open jaw waits
Posing in murky water
Statuesque for bait~

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston
Categories: life,

Haiku: Crocodile Tears

though croc may look sad
lying alone on river bank
eating life brings joy

Brian Johnston
July 12, 2015

Poet's Notes:
In the Malaysian language and culture, the phrase "land crocodile" is commonly used to describe a "playboy."

Poem Details | by Karen Price
Categories: confusion

The Elephant in the Room

His steps are heavy
Yet he is invisible
The panic sets in

Take him for a walk
Leave him some where safe and sound
To find his own way

The grey, dreary, day
Sputtering and spurting now
Big crocodile tears

Poem Details | by Millard Lowe
Categories: imagery, metaphor, nature, rain, simile, sky,

Haiku 173

The sky’s face goes pale
as rock-like crocodile tears
fall and bounce around.

Poem Details | by Lizzie Treetop
Categories: nature,


Children frockling
Sunshine, blue gums, Billabong
Crocodile lurking. 

 Billabong: A streambed filled with water only in the rainy season

Poem Details | by Patricia Sawyer
Categories: adventure, life

Crocodile Tears

hanky to dry eye
I join the thick drift
mourning my foe's death

Poem Details | by Denise Morgan
Categories: emotions,

Crocodile Tears

Damsel in distress,
she plays him like a fiddle-
They're crocodile tears.

Poem Details | by Bernard F. Asuncion
Categories: birthday,

Prey Is Eaten

J-aguar is hungry, 
A-ttacking the crocodile, 
Y-es, he has killed him.

Topic: Birthday of Jay Esmele (February 25)
Form: Acrostic Haiku