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Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire
Categories: nature, sea,

Ocean Commotion

wind lifts salty air
scent of the sea fills my hair --
fishing without care

pelican dives fast
shrimp on the hook was my last --
strips the bait I cast

turn with quick motion
see crab stealing sun lotion --
ocean commotion

*Entry for Carol’s Rhyming Haiku contest

Poem Details | by Nigel Fawcett
Categories: friendship, nature, on writing and words

Lateral Thought

Crab on a mission
So much inside that shell; leaves
writing in the sand

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick
Categories: nature,

Fiddler Crab

georgia's fiddler crab waving claw attracts female.... size does matter

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson
Categories: nature

The Crab

consider the crab
two miles from his home
hates tsunami

Poem Details | by Janis Thompson
Categories: ocean, pollution,


white snow crab must wade in oily, thick, blackened tides... dressed in widow's garbs 7/7/19 haiku-hue Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Kim Rodrigues

Poem Details | by John Anderson
Categories: nature, ocean,

Hermit Crab

Crab in seashell squats
Until hermit does not fit -
House swaps are a must.

Poem Details | by Chris Bowen
Categories: art,

The Crab Trap

lots of meat inside
moist every fork full too
just at the crab trap

Poem Details | by Charlie Knowlton
Categories: break up, love, marriage,

Honeymoon Haiku

hermit crab
                            and recluse spider
                            i give it a week

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier
Categories: animal, autumn, food, nature,

Family of Deer

family of deer
feasting out in my backyard
fallen crab apples

AP: 3rd place 2023

Posted on July 23, 2018

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser
Categories: animal, beach, dog, nature, places, poems, poetry,

Mound of Sand

tiny mound of sand harbor crab- dog diggs

Poem Details | by John Freeman
Categories: natural disasters

"bikini View"

On feminine sands, 
wide spreads, buns of swells__ well fed, 
view, of the sand crab???

For: “Tropical treasures
In Honor of: 
Sweetheart of Poetry Soup
Placed #4

Poem Details | by Paul Callus
Categories: fruit,


ripe wild crab apples

hang over the wooden fence -

bitter deception

23rd May 2019
Writing Challenge 3, May 2019
Nature Haiku, by Dear Heart
Placed 1st

Poem Details | by Bill Baker
Categories: change, identity, life, loss, nature, sea,


a crab sheds his shell 
          vulnerable for six weeks
a new shell appears

stronger than ever
     he struts across the beach sand
less vulnerable

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios
Categories: imagery, morning, sun,

Sunrise Joy

              velvet sunrise beams
              nothing, but wellness ahead

              a sand crab, just smiled 


Poem Details | by David Kavanagh
Categories: allusion, life, nature,

Hermit Crab

pincer-like movement 
 mollusc shell host shifts crab wise ~
          life clings to low tide

Wild Animal Haiku Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin
Syllable counter PS 5/7/5

Poem Details | by Julie Draper
Categories: beach, sea,

Beach Collection

salt crusted fish bone 
caught within tangled seaweed... 
high tide offering

hermit crab scuttles
erratically on sand... 
waving eyes on stalks 

opened mouthed seashells 
coated with wind driven sand...
change in the weather 

22 September 2022 
syllable counter... poetry soup

Poem Details | by Tania Kitchin
Categories: beautiful, bird, nature,


wetland water whirls
an ibis searches for crabs ~
foraging ballet

white feathers emerge
standing tall on bright pink stilts ~
bill crab prize displayed

grunts and cooing sounds
echo the wet marsh at dusk ~
ibis courting chant

Poem Details | by Tom Wright
Categories: july, weather,

High Temps, Brown Grass

High Temps, Brown Grass Haiku By Tom 7/10/2022 Lawn premature brown, July sun is scorching hot. Crab grass will survive.

Poem Details | by Kim Merryman
Categories: beach, summer,

Summer Beach

barefoot in the sand
    waves gently lapping the shore -
         a crab scuttles by


Poem Details | by Mahtab Bangalee
Categories: food,

Crawling Print To a Food

Your fair legs follow
Crawling print on the beach sands
Kitchen of the fried crab 

-Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Chattogram

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier
Categories: flower, spring, time, tree,


sudden spring
explosion ~
crab apple blooms

AP: 2nd place 2020

Posted on August 10, 2018

Poem Details | by Hilo Poet
Categories: life,

The Hermit Crab Life

the hermit crab lives
true to its given name through
its life lest mating

Date: 08/27/2019