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Poem Details | by Hathor Ammutlinra
Categories: animals, nature



fresh mist in one step 
gone before day breaks out sun 
blood drain from wrong cow

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson
Categories: religion,

He Led Her

He led her
to a place of stature
holy cow

Poem Details | by Patricia Sawyer
Categories: animals, cowboy-western, imagination, life,

In the Pasture

Winter Coated Cow
Leans against a knotty tree
a Good Back scratcher.

Poem Details | by Poet. Undertaker
Categories: love,


Cow, tender mother  
licks calf by cheek, brow, back and front-
mother feeds baby by breast

Poem Details | by Robb A. Kopp
Categories: nature

Ranch Dressing

nitrogen rich dung
loose green cow patties flung….
sprouts tender and young

Poem Details | by Joseph Osita
Categories: animals, dedication, funeral,

A Minute Silent

a minute silent . . .
the cackling of a child
in the hall

the cow feeds 
on grass sprout . . .
goats bleat

Poem Details | by Timothy Hicks
Categories: food, humorous, wife,

Haiku 12

eating the wife's baked bread
I take advice from the cow nearby
chewing and chewing

NOTE: for those that have read Haiku 11 I have just recently edited it if you wish to check it out.

Poem Details | by Patricia Leonaitis
Categories: animals, happiness, imagination, nature,

A Cow"s Life(Haiku)

Autumn on the farm,
Cows busy chewing their cuds,
Waiting to be milked.

I love cows!

Poem Details | by Samantha Haynes
Categories: happiness


Tight spoons are the best 
Where has my spoon gone, oh COW?
The Cow knows, He does

Poem Details | by Peter Hamilton
Categories: allusion, anger, anxiety, conflict, cry, strength, suicide,

Ears Rung

No means No you sick
Pile of useless, vile cow dung
Her poor ears have rung

Poem Details | by George Aul
Categories: nature, me,

Dinner's On Me

Give me a bean plant,
give me a beautiful cow...
and I'll make dinner.

My 10-year-old daughter wrote this .

For "My Favourite Dish" contest sponsored by David Williams.

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Kinch
Categories: animal,

The Lamentable Cow

mournful bleak tragic
wretched maternal forlorn
her calf's been taken

Poem Details | by Sayeed Abubakar
Categories: beauty, earth,


a cow in the field-
afternoon is on her back;
I don't want to die.

Poem Details | by Connie Pachecho
Categories: beauty, nature, tree,

Sweet Sound of Cow Bells

sweet sound of cow bells 

branches shaking leaves
milk residue on oak's lips
cow bells are ringing

connie pachecho


Poem Details | by Robb A. Kopp
Categories: allegory, animals, husband, passion, wife

Feed Lot

brahma bull snorting
flies with her tail thwarting….
young cow he’s courting

Poem Details | by Bl Devnath
Categories: introspection, nature,

Champion of World

Champion of World 		
                                         Just born calf running jumping 		
                                                Mother cow watches

Poem Details | by Asif Andalib
Categories: animals, life, nature

The Martin

A cow is grazing –
A martin sits on her back
And eats up insects!

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr.
Categories: analogy, appreciation, environment,

Moon Cheese Rhapsody--

Shredder aurora An uni, muenster swisses into the feta On the glowing dawn A gorgonzolaing cheese calls the moo cow kisses Meandering thoughts A pale provolone cuddles italian couples
3/16/19 written word by James Edward Lee Sr. © 2019

Poem Details | by Robb A. Kopp
Categories: allegory, nature

Terra Forming

Full grain cow hide kilt...
Plastic canoes tend to tilt
Frozen daisies wilt

Poem Details | by Connie Pachecho
Categories: boyfriend, dad, first love, girlfriend, growing up,

Two Teenagers In Love

Two teenagers in love

no milking the cow

son, do I make myself clear

first love is the best

connie pachecho


Poem Details | by Leon Stacey
Categories: animals, food, life, nature, passion, people, places,

Greener Grass

Black cow in green field
One eye to sky, one on ground
Through rusty red gate

Knelt with neck sideways
Reaching extending pink tongue 
For tall greener grass

Poem Details | by Regina Mcintosh
Categories: animal, farm, nature,

The Farm

rooster crows bravely
serenading cow and calf ~
morning on the farm

May 7, 2020
A Haiku with Movement - Nature themed Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin

Poem Details | by John Bertin
Categories: animal, celebrity, drug, murder,

Acidophilus Milk

did Charles Manson
reincarnate as a cow?
I'd quit drinking milk

Poem Details | by Bamanga Bashir
Categories: love,

Haiku's Temple 350

here, even cow
is a guest?.

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta
Categories: morning,

The Morning In the Milk

the cow sucking at
the sun fondling the udder
morning in the milk

April 26, 2018

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger
Categories: animal,

Curious Cow Eyes

amber flecks in brown
gorgeous all knowing cow eyes

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: creation, culture, games, people,

Chinese Mahjong

Chinese ingenious
Cow bones turned mahjong tiles
Creative genius.

Poem Details | by James Horn
Categories: humorous,

Hard Hearted Who

Hard Hearted Who

Was hard hearted who
Mad dog or mad cow Maddow
Will found out somehow.

Jim Horn

PS. Watch Maddow show to find out.

Poem Details | by Marty King
Categories: life, sometimes,

Young Dog and Mother Cow Haiku

a young dog cries out
when the mother cow is sold
life's lines never straight

Poem Details | by Susan N Aassahde
Categories: animal, words,

Pine Cow

porridge lama street
emporium dock
comb lobster freckle

Poem Details | by Hilo Poet
Categories: nature,

Cow Tidbit

Cows smell odors six miles away, are as scared as cat's, sleep half a day. Date 09/05/2019

Poem Details | by James Horn
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Food Will Have Much Need

Food Will Have Much Need

has been well agreed
God will multiply each seed
fulfils my need

while lying in breeze
God taught me how to climb trees
when I scraped my knees.

God me did endow
poems are all enough for now
shall seek big brown cow

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: animal, green, horse, life,

The Green

For sheep, grass is life
Much more so for cow and horse
For all, green is life.

Poem Details | by Hugo Sarvida Jr.
Categories: cancer, corruption, evil, vanity,


Public fund for chow
Is dishonorable act
Like a milking cow.

Poem Details | by Peter Rees
Categories: dream,


on the mantelpiece
sits Hamish the Highland Cow,
dreaming of mountains