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Poem Details | by Cathy Ncube
Categories: family, friendship, introspection, people, philosophy, social, time

Every Birthday

every birthday
is as splendid as the soul
of its celebrant

Poem Details | by Marty King
Categories: birthday, blessing, god,

Birthdays Are Special Haiku

birthdays ARE special
and not "just another day"
God is Blessing You....

Poem Details | by Bernard F. Asuncion
Categories: birthday,

Mayon Volcano

S-ee the perfect cone, 
H-iding from its eruption, 
A-s the lava flows. 

Form: Acrostic Haiku

Poem Details | by K.M North
Categories: happy birthday,

I'Ve Got No One To Dance With Tonight

we can't all be cowboys
cheap shot
no filter

Poem Details | by Lei Strauss
Categories: birthday,

Birthday Cake

A cake on white bed,
          With a greeting card on it,
                          A happy birthday!

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra
Categories: baseball, birthday, food,

Ball and Dogs

baseball and hot dogs
will always go together
like birthdays and cake

Poem Details | by Alex Mckenna
Categories: birthday, england, fun, london, summer, travel, vacation,

Thoughts Part Two

Finally sixteen!
Can't wait until the summer,
London fun begins!

Poem Details | by Ra R
Categories: angst

Birthday Dinner

Waiting for the food
Birthday people coming round
Leave before they see

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Neal
Categories: happiness

My Birthday

On February
It will be my birthday month
I'm counting the days.

Poem Details | by Marvin G. Celestial
Categories: adventure, birthday, change, desire, dream,

Life As You Create

In an egg like world
One thought he is what he is
Long before his birth

Doing more shrewd steps
Grounding too much to struggle
Thriving as crystals

Water like mirror
Reminds human true nature
Splendid moments leap.

Poem Details | by Amanda Brown
Categories: age, beach, beauty, birthday, childhood, memory,

Upon a Beach

Sand beneath my feet
A childhood remembered
with a breeze so sweet

Poem Details | by Timothy Hicks
Categories: birthday, candy, children,

Haiku 26

blindfolded kids
spinning round 'n' round -
candy explosion

NOTE: My niece's birthday was today so I imagine you know what this haiku is referring too... lol.

Poem Details | by Brandee Augustus
Categories: introspection

Three Wishes

a shooting star's hope,
dropping the coin in the well---
birthday candles blown

Poem Details | by Marty King
Categories: birthday, girl, heart,

Heartbeat Candles For Her Haiku

her sensitive heart
beating smoothly for today
made another year

Poem Details | by Ameesha Santanoo
Categories: birth, childhood,


I want my presents,
I want my money and cake,
I love my birthday!

Poem Details | by Tom Wright
Categories: birthday,


Birthdays, like paychecks, Always on time, spent quickly, And soon forgotten

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci
Categories: anniversary, urban

Usa Birthday

u s a birthday
all kids love shooting candles
awesome display

Poem Details | by Ava A. Carlton
Categories: birthday, son,

A Birthday Delight


A new dawn blazes
Forth as you walk for pleasure
you are well measured

At a new morn sunset
birthing upon your bright eyes
will be yours to keep

A delightful sight
on your birthday of May Seventh

Written: 05/02/2016

Poem Details | by Marty King
Categories: beach, how i feel, ocean, uplifting, vacation,

Birthday Present From Me To Me Haiku

love the island life
treasuring the brief feeling
serene sensation....

Poem Details | by Jean Mcloughlin
Categories: birthday, christmas, faith, jesus,

On Jesus' Birthday - Haiku

On Jesus’ Birthday 

Gifts He does not ask
While we get all the presents
All He wants is us

by Jean McLoughlin

Poem Details | by Anusha Dharmasena
Categories: birthday, celebration, happy, thanks,

Happy 19 Birthday

Today you're 19
Not too far from
doing things
Happy Birthday, son

Oh Wake up, wake up
It's noon here in
the East
I'm missing my son

Happy Birthday son
Oh happy birthday to
Wake up, you're 19

Poem Details | by Wm Paul
Categories: birthday,


Happy Birthday Jill
And may you have many more
Do enjoy the day.

Poem Details | by Jenny Emelander
Categories: food

Naked Birthday Cake

For Brian Strand's A Verse any theme/form Max 5 Line Contest  7/6/2011

Naked birthday cake
toddler on floor
covered in frosting

Poem Details | by Wm Paul
Categories: birthday,

Birthday Haiku

Sixty-Eight years old.
Memories from out the past
Looking toward more.

Poem Details | by Mich Elle
Categories: birthday,

Happy Birthday

This is the day,
The day that you were born,
This is the day,
The day that I am away,
Happy birthday.

Poem Details | by Ajayi Angel-Simon
Categories: birthday, christmas,

Birth of Christ

Lived in darkness and death Christ's birth restores creation's mirth Living in light and everlasting life

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston
Categories: birthday, blessing,

Haiku: a Birthday Haiku

party hats sparkle
a cake of many colors
rainbow's bright season

Brian Johnston
Dec 8, 2015

Poem Details | by Adrienne Gresham
Categories: beautiful, birthday, daughter,


S- Smart, Sophisticated, humble, that's you
A- Alluring, advisor, your list just grew
N- Nurturer, mom, friend- indeed
D- Daily present for those in need
Y- You're everything you were created to be

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
Categories: childhood, food, holiday, son,

Birthday Party

birthday party -- sweet icing slowly drips from my son's chin

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts
Categories: bird,

September Song

september song sung.... numerous birds on the wing are saying goodbye
penned 25/9/2016 birthday date 25 September 1983

Poem Details | by Stephanie Stanley
Categories: birth, birthday,

Born Free

O heaven torn soul
incarnation unspoiled
no return receipt

Poem Details | by Moon Flower
Categories: absence, april, best friend, birthday,

In a Hazy Moon

I feel...

you have climbed your peaceful stairway out

in a hazy moon


Poem Details | by George Zamalea
Categories: birthday, dedication, devotion,

Sacrificed It

Across the sky a Negro alone fell
In the expression of racy blue
All bowing in barley grace!

Poem Details | by Kim Merryman
Categories: birthday, blessing, flower,


daisies and roses in ribbon adorned vase-- birthday blessings

Poem Details | by Wolf Siegert
Categories: birthday,

Ninths Time

19. not born in the USA 09. but born in old Germany 19.. as a child of the last century ..49 as old as my reborn country