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Poem Details | by David Meade
Categories: death, hope, life, tree,

Haiku 9 Life

lodgepoles pines fall 
dead, beetle attack, new life
emerges -- aspens

Poem Details | by Chris Yarnell
Categories: animals

The Dung Beetle

Stinch is my weapon
Rolling my prize possession
In a perfect ball

Poem Details | by Gregory Golden
Categories: imagination, inspirational, introspection,

The Soap Beetle Bug

soap beetle bug
a soap bubble
drain bathtub
world...oh world

Poem Details | by Anu Nayak
Categories: appreciation, insect, nature,

The Ladybird

The ladybird

                  A scarlet coated dome
           Black dots glossy scattered few
                   Beetle live on leaf!


         ┬ęCopyright Anulaxmi Nayak, 2016

Poem Details | by Kevin Shaw
Categories: death, england, sad, tree,

Elm Tree Haiku

Elm Tree Haiku

rotting elm
diseased of beetle-
left to die

Written 28.4.18

Poem Details | by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty
Categories: wife,

My Wife Went To Ny

my wife went to NY
      left a fat beetle for me
                    a fish for our dog

Poem Details | by James Fraser
Categories: animals, nature, places


Tropical forest Feeder, beetle of beetles African giant http://www.thehighlanderspoems.com/nature-3.php

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta
Categories: care, insect, morning, pain,


Morning sun putting 
balm on the green leaf margin
Beetle-chewed whole night

Poem Details | by Christuraj Alex
Categories: perspective,


fruits of blackberries
wrongly picked by boys and girls
Black beetle bunches

07 June 2021

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser
Categories: flower, insect, nature, poems, poetry,

A New Bud

a new bud stretches to the sun crimson beetle
1-11-2022 HAIKU CONTEST inspired by BASHO only Damned I-Be

Poem Details | by Rama Balasubramanian
Categories: 10th grade,


shiny beetle on autumn leaf~ enchanting beauty ~~~ polka dot beetle on sun lit green grass~ beautiful glittering gems
18.19.2021 For: William Kekaula Lune (Mixed Pair)