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Haiku Poems About Baptism | Baptism Haiku Poems

Haiku poems about Baptism and Baptism haiku poems. Read and enjoy these haikus! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Baptism Poems.

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno
Categories: nature

Morning Baptism

Sprinkled by the dew,
Nature’s purification:
Flowers born again.

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson
Categories: baptism,


holy water
the tiny white gossemer
dress she wore

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux
Categories: baptism, beauty,

Drip drip drip

water drips slowly
large puddle forms on ground
birds splash playfully

For S.K.A.T.'s picture perfect Haiku contest.
I managed to snag the last spot. 

Poem Details | by hija de la luna
Categories: baptism, christian, faith, happiness, happy, heaven, jesus,


In this humble place,
This very moment You come;
Glorious indwelling.

Poem Details | by Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis
Categories: addiction, adventure, angel, baptism, courage, encouraging,

Where Freedom Finds The Fire

Recovery reigned

beyond lure and fire and ice


to baptismal pool.

Sponsor: Jusin Bordner
Contest Name:  "Where Freedom Finds The Fire"
Deadline: 4/26/16

Poem Details | by Pheko Motaung
Categories: assonance, baptism, lust, money, poverty, power,

He drinks zamalek

He drinks zamalek
In the shade of 
The jacaranda tree

Poem Details | by Uwe Stroh
Categories: adventure, appreciation, nature, nostalgia,

Lunar Baptism

Full moon rises clean
deep baptismal Atlantic
starboard full steam ahead. 

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra
Categories: baptism,

Game of Life

Life's a waiting game
Heaven or Hell is waiting
there's no in between

Poem Details | by Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis
Categories: baptism, betrayal, desire, life,


HAIKU #13,002.........................................................Security

Torrential rain
Rain hood is leaking
Slithering rain.


Poem Details | by Raul Moreno
Categories: nature,

Nature's Rite

Seasonal petals,
Anointed by dawning dew:
Morning baptism.

Poem Details | by Ijm seven
Categories: baptism, beauty,

Sierra Spring

Mountain flowers bloom
on sunlight dappled hillside-
my spirit rests

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf
Categories: birth, life, water,

water is life

                      cold the earth ... immerse
                submerge ... shower swim or bathe
                           baptism ... rebirth

Poem Details | by Manya Saxena
Categories: absence, anxiety, baptism, desire, dream, emotions, faith,


Naked and dejected, Between heaven and the void, Struggling yet contented.

Poem Details | by Anthony Biaanco
Categories: baptism, spring,

pink eye

brazen tulip tree
into the green eyes of spring
flashing her light pink

Poem Details | by Dave Collins
Categories: adventure, allegory, analogy, baptism, betrayal, longing,


My wrongs were long ago
my rights corrupt my mirror
i'm about to run

Poem Details | by Jack Fury
Categories: 12th grade, eulogy, farewell, soulmate, spiritual, today, woman,

baptism of love

this baptism of love will cheat my heart in the end and fool me again

Poem Details | by Dave Collins
Categories: adventure, appreciation, baptism, change, inspiration, light, spiritual,


From your dawn slumber
seek yourself one to another
reflect, flow downstream

Poem Details | by Dave Collins
Categories: anniversary, appreciation, baby, baptism, birth, parents,

Post borndom

Umbilical mime cries
placental free for all
pre born to be wild

Poem Details | by Dave Collins
Categories: baptism, conflict, death, heart, truth, universe,

Planned obsolescence

Watch me walk the mile
approaching death unfamiliar
finding hills of home

Poem Details | by Karen Jones
Categories: baptism, bereavement, birth,


Moon willow baptized white light
Dance darkness dewy devine
Bloody babe stillborn

Poem Details | by Dave Collins
Categories: baptism, birth, celebration, forgiveness, graduation, inspirational,

on Bardo time

Buddha numerics
Time between death and rebirth
cosmic waiting room

(bardo- intermediate space of time between 
death and rebirth. Symbolically, 7 to
49 days in Buddhist time.)

Poem Details | by Dave Collins
Categories: baptism, surreal, universe, uplifting, visionary,

Shine on

Above and below
Buddha browses karmas sent
Magic spaces of mind

Poem Details | by Dave Collins
Categories: allusion, america, angst, baptism, cry, philosophy, spiritual,


In the guise of like
patterned circumstances
affirmation Howl.

Poem Details | by Dave Collins
Categories: appreciation, baptism, how i feel, inspiration, love, son,


Life of lotus lights
dance by flying winds of change
Astral traveling