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Poem Details | by dennis lee |
Categories: black african american, family,

My Oldies

dancing in my room...
old music from my teen years....
my son shakes his head.

Poem Details | by George Zamalea |
Categories: faith, freedom, happy, hope,


I found the New Year weak
Laden cumberland and amber
Weeping snow from the spicy sweet shrubs
Beg as if it is a teen to absent spring 
To emerge somewhere with its perfect 
Beauty delight;

But when I sought to it for you,
Ah the New Year grows in front of my eyes 
Like those plum-blossoms from the old garden!

PS: To all my colleagues from Poetry Soup: Have you a great beginning year!  

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Trump With No One and More

Trump With No One

He is hard to bare;
Trump with no one wants to share,
And is never fair.

James Horn

Jesus is without mildew or maybe much moss,
And even though might exist another albatross;
Even if being odd,
Still made by God; 
Many waves passed by which will turn and toss.

Jim Horn

Parrot grew up and then in teen 
Years having become obscene;
To our surprise,
Was really wise
Then got knocked on his bean.

Jim Horn

Were receiving child who was grieving,
And then after that had been leaving,
With all our love,
From high above;
God us to heaven He would be bringing.

Jim Horn