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Poem Details | by Ravi Sathasivam |
Categories: philosophy, history,

My own proverb

“A teacher's duty is teaching to their students and it is students duty to learn well, Then only student’s future will be written in a history book Teacher remains will always be a teacher as in history foot notes“ - Ravi Sathasivam

Poem Details | by Faith Simotwo |
Categories: abuse, cry, evil, growing


The bell rang                 
It was time to go
Everyone was happy
'Goodbye teacher Pendo'
'See you tomorrow'

Oh! My poor soul
That died every night
The brutal death without mercy
I was a fighter
But not after dusk

I walked home
Knowing my death awaited me
I knew he would kill me again
Leaving me in pain
My everyday death

He was ruthless
I lived by his rules
I really did try to live
But I still died every night

He drank not from his well
He blamed me
For not cooperating
He stole from another man's well
My unknown man's well

I died every night
Died in the arms of a man
A man I called my main man
The man I called my step father

Poem Details | by Divine Friday Idiong |
Categories: allegory, dedication, depression, grief,

Haiku for Japan

I try not to say
Sorry to Japan the morn
Sunshine of Asia

I won’t be tempted
To further cloud this sore heart
With my sea water

It is not distance
That holds back the salty fluid
From my eyes but love

My own apartment
Is flooded with Japanese
Electronic stuffs

My countrymen are
Just like the moving sun and
Cannot not be there

My American
Friend’s a teacher in China
Shining so, so close

Japan has become 
My backyard in this new world
Small global village

And the eyes also
Suffer the heat of pepper
Eaten by the mouth

So your pain, Japan
Has clouded my sanity
Yet I say weep not!

For by blood have kings
Wore their crowns; and with blood have
Empires been painted

And in blood do women
Deliver forth newborn babes
Blood brings good tidings

By blood had Asia
Risen above its stormsAsk
India, ask China

So weep not Japan
For blood does bring good tidings
In all climes and times

Let the rain wash off
The pain from your memory
The rite is over

Let the sun renew
Your seas and shores to prepare
You for the new dawn.

Poem Details | by Patrice Trice Jackson |
Categories: kid, life, memory,

My fondest memory

Missing my childhood
playing games in the streets with friends
sip water from hose 

Sneaking to the store
Buy junk food before dinner
get in big trouble

Walking far with friends
ride the bike far to the beach
beat the street lights home

Rushing home from school
erase the teacher message
before mom get home

My first childhood crush
was a player broke my heart 
gave me my first kiss

Poem Details | by Bishop Ezeh |
Categories: people,

Chinua Achebe

The Iroko has transmuted  
Chinua Achebe
Unending teacher 

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allegory,


Discrete Haiku 1

Slow morning stroll
Walking meditation;
Beneath heritage fig tree


Miniature dog barks
Squeaky voice tiny;
Big dog curious


November nap
Haze free moment;
Somnolent afternoon


Joy unveils
Emotional senses;
Ambrosia peach


Children gather
Two by two;
Childcare teacher guides


Playground escapades
Childhood restored;
For a short while


Savvy social media hype
Mountains from molehills;
Skewed opinions


Human tragedy
Daily news highlights;
Hatred gathers moss


Compassionate love
Tonic food;
Good for all


Leon Enriquez
20 November 2015

Poem Details | by chris bowen |
Categories: art,


the meth fatched teacher goodnite
one white girl,to know

Poem Details | by Jen H. |
Categories: life, sad


My emergency
Can't breathe, Light headed, Doctor
Lay down..Beep, beep, beep

Yesterday, I had a little trouble breathing when I was out at soccer..I had to go to the ER and everything was 
spinning and flying by me It was scary, but I survived Just like my favorite teacher says, "There's no point in 
crying..you either die, and then your dead and don't feel it Or you live to see another day and pray that this 
never happens again."

Poem Details | by Jovial Vigilante |
Categories: funny, teacher, writing, youth,

Ms Quote - Haiku 4

"James, never include quotes in a haiku poem" my teacher once said