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Poem Details | by marvin celestial |
Categories: adventure, blessing, child, children,

My Family

Five long decade past
Two unique souls become one
Create nine off springs

Differ in nature
Attain success though deprive
Unjust ridicule

Loving father rest
Siblings help one another
Eldest do his part

Mother love persists
Take good care of her children
Struggle is normal

Teaching to be still
Poverty cant halt fulfillment
Happiness goes through

Everyone has choice
Take and finish course at once
Make each dream come true

Love and light in us
Sharing them all to mankind
Noble task to do.

Poem Details | by Tom Wright |
Categories: life


If success were lock
and persistence be its key
Would life's tumblers move?

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: adventure, beauty, education, inspiration,

Secret To Success Haiku

     Secret to Success Haiku

Pour clean pure water
Become life, dance on the edge  
Build nests on high limbs 

Poem Details | by Don Bukana |
Categories: adventure,


SACRIFICE....it,s giving up somethings valued for the sake of other considerations!...
Most important thing one should sacrifice to achieve what he/she wants in this life is TIME!..
but the problem is that most people are sharing TIME with the so called valuables that is derailing them from success and is expecting an excellent result!!....
In your work place,school,street relationship if you aint sacrificing your time there is no way you are getting to the pinnacle of success or to the level you wanna be!..
Even in your relationship with God,if you aint sacrificing your time,he will always be at a distant!!...you don,t expect a man that sacrificed his time and planted on two acres of land and one that planted on one acre to get same harvest...nor a dedicated student that reads for like six hours daily and the one that reads for just one hour daily to get same result!!....
Give up on those VALUED things that is derailing you for better considerations!!..it can be a lifestyles,relationship,friends etc..
any valuable that is channeling you from the parts of your dream or success,cut it out!!...
maybe painful now,but bet me,it will surly pay off tomorrow!!..
Better be known as a fuckboy or jonzing girl today and be successful tomorrow than be the happening guy/girl today and regret tomorrow!!..
Channel your energy and your time into positive things and the parts of your success!!...
In your workplace,school,relationship,even in the streets sacrifice your TIME!!..
Put in your best as if your life depends on it!!...
Cut off the VALUED negative!!...
Surround your self with the necessary valued things!!
Be the best in what you are doing!!..
And watch success chase you pants down,as grace speaks on your behalf!.

Poem Details | by Üzeyir Lokman CAYCI |
Categories: inspirational, nostalgia, social, war,

Martial Dances

We live in strange times, my brother 
men make money 
with war dances 
and occupation..
Do you not see the bombardments 
and the pillaging? 
Under the boot 
you are worn out, 
these days 
the sweat of your brow 
no longer serves you! 
Tanks come from distant lands 
passing down your streets 
demanding to know 
why you were born! 
And you can say nothing
Soon, if this continues, 
it will be the course of progress 
to be denied learning
One speaks of the rights of man 
here and there
Do not believe those rumors! 
You see that nothing is in place now! 
We live in strange times my brother, 
arms dealing, 
governing the land
Is it so difficult to understand? 
They sell the merchandise of war! 
Come listen to my counsel
Don't marry, it is unsupportable 
to suffer the massacre of your children
The success of your affairs depends 
on producing fictitious enemies 
to menace..
In this manner 
they take over small countries 
one after the other 
under the pretext of saving them
While you fight amongst yourselves 
others consume your underground resources
What should I tell you; 
do these times plant sorrow 
in your hearts? 
Be a little understanding! 
Increase the number of fratricidal wars, 
divide your people further 
to make the lives of the invaders easier
Do not forget that to destroy love 
requires only this: 
Live in a society without love 
and don't educate anyone..
Live in the clarity of obscurity, 
depend only on yourself! 
The sun rises and sets on time..
the throats of cocks are cut 
that sing before the hour! 
We live in strange times my brother, 
men make money with war dances 
and occupation..
Do you not see the bombardments 
and the pillaging? 

By Uzeyir Lokman CAYCI 
Paris - 17.03.2003 
Traduit par by Yakup YURT en français 
French free verse translated into English free verse 
by Joneve McCormick - 2003

Poem Details | by GOODNESS LANRE |
Categories: art,

The NO Contest

Packed for a trail set
Amidst the deads,horrors and greens
A safe success trip.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

No Sheep Ever Strays

?No Sheep Ever Strays

She wanted to be
Hallowed part of history
Fight for you and me.

Land where all agree
God made her so we can see
To success is key.

Pray down on our knees
Equalize societies
And God always please.

From life remove fees
Have warm breeze blow through the trees
That removes the freeze.

We are sheep that graze 
And when God we always praise
No sheep ever strays.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Soldier and Poet

Poem Details | by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
Categories: beauty, life, light, morning,

morn sunrises

the morn sunrises --
again the success face wears 
the lovely life smiles

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy, appreciation, philosophy,

Medal of Honor Horn Haiku

Medal of Honor Horn Haiku

God gave them glory
Presented by President
Medal of Honor

In life found much fame
And for it was recognized
To be seen by all.

This precise order
Always mission, men and me
Safe, sane and secure.

Brave, clean, reverent
Loyal, courteous, kind
Trustworthy, loyal.

Of obedience,
Also, cheerful as can be
For success in life.

Do good turn daily
Be in Order of Arrow
Eagle Scout sometime.

Bay receive Silver Beaver
Guided as a Scout Master
And Weblos Scout.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Horn Republican Haiku

Things about that I
Am the most familiar
Are so similar.

If it had not been
Those that are Republican
Mess not end up in.

If we threw them out
Do not criticize or pout
Be success no doubt.

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet


Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Propitious Appetite

Propitious Appetite Was Delicious

Was born propitious;
Taste for success was delicious;
Also nutrious

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy, humorous,

In Between A Tweet

In Between A Tweet Horn Haiku

In between a tweet
Is when we both first did meet;
Then me did delete.

When a success want to be;
Best for you and me.

Establish panel,
When things we want to handle;
At both ends burnt candle.

Seemed like show and tell
Humpty dumpty and fool fell;
Neither will do well.
(Wishing well gone to hell.
Not working like Trump.)

Is a big wigger
Who on we should pull trigger
As lies get bigger.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Daily Sins Do Confess

Daily Sins Do Confess

To God daily my sins I do confess;
When done on me success will bless;
In things I completed and have to say;
Making all my sins quickly pass away.

Once from all of my sins I am devoid,
Things in life appreciated and enjoyed;
To many God made me an inspiration;
Thanked Him for creation of new nation.

Now live life free from sin and animosity,
That is always part of God's psychology;
Helping others their missions to achieve,
And being sure that in You they believe.

God some day in heaven are sure to see;
Where He does have a better life for me;
Even though I am gone and now up there,
To God for you I will offer another prayer.

Jim Horn

For A Friend of Mine

Do remember when, 
Was there and then him I saw; 
From me later left

Here is your poem in Horn Haiku

Poem Details | by S.D. Tiwari |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,


mother sent 
wherever child went 
her heart 

always lies 
at the feet of mother

mother fed 
think that nectar of life
lest you forget 

drove always
to fetch my success 
mam's blessings

for a kiss of true love 
mam gave thousands

Poem Details | by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,


L-ook at the triumph, 
V-iew the sweet success or win, 
V-ictory is seen.

Form: Acrostic Haiku