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Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: spring,

New Beginings

     a young wing flutters
     warmer nights laved in moon beams
     spring's new soul takes flight

     Spring Haiku Contest
     Sponsored by Tania Kitchen


Poem Details | by Maria Williams |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, dance, flower,

Seduction In Spring - A Haiku Garland

Cherry Blossoms Bloom Resplendently dressed in Pink Seducing the Spring Glory unfolding They release their sweet fragrance Pirouette and twirl Music from the breeze With limbs so graceful swaying Blushing and bowing Time of renewal A fleeting symbol of life In two weeks farewell Ethereal Muse Celebration of nature Next spring awaits you
Author's Note: I hope that in this set of Haiku, I've managed to convey the traditional importance of the Cherry Blossom Season in Japan. Cherry blossoms are the symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal and the fleeting nature of lifeTheir life span is very shortAfter their beauty peaks around two weeks, the blossoms start to fall I liken these flowers to the beautiful Heavenly elusive Muses, the daughters of Zeus. The awesomeness of the natural beauty of Japan is continued in the my poem and arrangement - 'A Rose by any other name ---'

Poem Details | by Sean Kelly |
Categories: nature

HAIKU # 34 .

  The  backdrop  of  frost

  A  lone  daffodil  conducts

  Winter's  Requiem 

For Carol's Spring Haiku contest.

Poem Details | by Laura Mckenzie |
Categories: nature, seasons

Gifts from the creek

Nature’s euphony   
Water trickling over stones
Lucid  hues beam spring 

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: celebration, joy, new year,

Persian Haiku 2

           Persian Haiku 2

What a gorgeous view?
You and the flower garden,
I'm the butterfly.

I’m drunk with love,
Some are red and some are white.
I love all colors.

The sky is so blue.
You’re my rainbow through and through.
Oh dear, I love you.

Your eyes, the ocean;
The ocean, colors your eyes.
Your hair is the wave.

Moon on the ocean, 
Your face is the reflection.
Always be alone.

I live with my heart,
All flowers are beautiful,
I love daffodils.

What a discussion,
I had with all my flowers.
Their breath smells nice.

3/20/2018 Haloo

Note: Iranians/Persians Celebrate today, the first day of spring as their new yearWe call this day Norooz or Nowruz, it translates as New DayFrom my family to yours,  Norooz Mobarak...Happy New Year.

Poem Details | by Maureen McGreavy |
Categories: bird, body, freedom, spring,

Tits To The Wind

                          sprung from spring they fly

                                 liberation aflutter

                                 cages left behind

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: devotion, inspirational love, prayer,


sung buddhist prayers
released afloat spring rivers
    a skyward mist

Submitted on March 5, 2018, for contest HAIKU, THEME: WATER  sponsored by MICK TALBOT

Poem Details | by Sheri Fresonke Harper |
Categories: death, depression, loss, nature,

Texas Wildflower Haiku : Widow's Tears

sun’s heat sunders sand
clustered lanced leaves green hug
widow’s tears collapse

Widow’s Tears is the common name for Commelina erecta varangustifolia, they bloom on 
Texas beaches in sand or clay, and have the characteristic of flowering early in the morning 
and fading by noonThe bloom in all seasons but I chose spring to be more commonly 

[1] Wildflowers and Other Plants of Texas Beaches and Islands, Alfred Richardson

Poem Details | by Caryl Muzzey |
Categories: nature

Spring Fever

from blossoms to bees
nectar drips from swollen lips
kissing the morning

Copyright © 2009 By Caryl SMuzzey

 6th place In 
 Poetry Soup's Contest
 Spring Fever
 June 2009

Nineth Place Winner ~ "One Of Your Favz-1-8 Lines!!! Old Poem" Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Rick Praise
Aug1, 2013

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: nature

The Purple Flower

touched by dawn's first rays
one yellow-eyed spring beauty
cries for happiness

For Carolyn Devonshire's Crying Flower contest

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno |
Categories: love, nature

Falling in Love

Birthed in the Spring sun,
The leaves are virgins to Fall:
Fondled by the breeze.

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: nature,

Unnumbered Haiku Coloured In Red

scrubbing with her hands
red stains from the priest's collar
- strawberry picking

choosing wallpaper -
the red-breasted cardinals
in my shopping bag 

Last night of harvest - 
reflection of red blood moon
in his empty glass

red cherry blossoms
before next winter follows
-his last picnic morn 

soft vermillion  wings
flutter on her bare shoulder
- the first glimpse of Spring 

Its vermillion  wings
perching between  rose petals
sips of ambrosia 

scarlet wings  flutter
upon a dry corolla
unsweetened  nectar

Inspired by  Silent One 's haiku /senryu 5//7/5 syllables
using the colour red  - not for the contest

Poem Details | by James Foulk |
Categories: nature

Beautiful Spring Morning

Inhaling air on

a beautiful spring morning


written 5--9-11

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: beauty,

Spring Easter Haiku

the chickadee tweets I eat my breakfast without an egg wings flutter upon melting icicles first glimpse of Spring Grandma's garden a missing rose lay on her stone Incense wafts amongst the silent crowd a sneeze out loud longing another Spring blooms without you
Happy Easter to you and yours with love -Charma

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: nature,


gambolling spring lamb eating lush grass in fields soon to be dinner 29th April 2015

Categories: god, grave, water, wedding,


Brewed tea
Wife and myself
Nothing between us
He was metamorphosed 
Into a frog
When his wife had left him
I needed
A lonely woman
Thousand years back
She shivered
In yellow sun
Struck by her coyness
God travels
With three suitcases
One for me
I kissed
Her frostiness 
And my lips turned icebergs
The bed
Gets embarrassed
At our nakedness
Her hands
Stopped me
To pick evenings
We two rested
In a cave of Kundalini
Behind the waterfall
The alien woman 
Travelled six moons
To deliver her baby in a burial ground 
An eagle swoops
On a field –mouse
Tables of wedding
The woman kissed me
I felt her hollow ribs
As if in a spring dream
The woman’s hair
Struck by a gale
Made waterfalls
My wife locked
Me one fine evening
In my neighbour’s hole
The rats are away
When mice take in
My wife’s clammy face
The summer rain
In exasperation
Took wings to raid the moon
Lolo my wife
Her green sleek steps
Thundered an innocent fly
In the dead of night
God made two wives
One for me one for my neighbour
My neighbour’s wife
Delivered a child
When I was asleep
The woman said goodbye
And I took a fish for dinner
I mistook it for my wife
My wife is a canvas
Where I paint
My forebodings
A painter’s apprentice
In sheer foolishness
daubed in red my wife’s rear-view
A squirrel saw my wife
And in haste
Lost her guava 
I was caught in neighbour’s bedroom
By my wife last summer
I lost my glasses
A wolf entered the graveyard 
And annoyed my wife
Sarah my wife
Dizzy commuters
Sarah wed me
And in brief forgetfulness
Greeted my neighbour
A tiger ate Sarah my wife
It happened by accident
The tiger knows
Morning bell
Wake up call
I want to sleep
Pola my pet fly
Fouled things up
She ate my wife’s breakfast
My dog Pintu
I set him free on my wife’s posterior
Eons ago a butterfly
Gave birth to my wife
Now, a caterpillar 
A hard slap
Hurricane Sarah will win 
You have gathered enough winters 
Woman sighs
Leave one for me
The woman flapped her wings
To clouded mountaintops
Silky as white


Poem Details | by L. J. Carber |
Categories: farewell, loss, nature, nostalgia,

A Haiku

the little wildflowers
of spring blanket my backyard
till the mower comes...

Poem Details | by Sean Kelly |
Categories: nature,

Haiku-# 1

Lone daffodil sways

Defying April's last gust

Rose bud winks with glee

A tale of late Spring....

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: happiness,

Haiku- A Home Picnic

pies on  tartan rugs

before Spring dandelions bloom

- early yard picnic

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: nature,


shades of spring green dot the forest's tender leaves.... distant waterfall

Poem Details | by Jane Allen |
Categories: recovery from, seasons, strength,

Spring Light

Year’s end beckons now
Sorrow and sadness lie deep
Like snow, melts in spring

A new season calls
Awakening spirits fresh
Buds of new life hope

Breaks the earth leaving
Winter behind, memories
Cast in spring light

Nourished with love strong
Roots hold firm in wind and storm
Flowers blooming new

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: nature, seasons

Life-- ETA--Springtime

The warmth of the sun
Pitter-Patter of Spring rain
Life blooms Abundant

Poem Details | by josh torres |
Categories: nature

the best season

Beautiful colors 
I love spring so colorful
Greatest of them all

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: song, spring,


Morning's breeze is filled 

With melodious spring sounds 

Envious Mozart!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       22 March 2017

Poem Details | by Mick Talbot |
Categories: nature,


HAIKU & TWO SENRYU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ white sky..low the clouds winter..stuck in a drift again spring..where are you... ~~~ the bobbin dipper flies below our secret rivers spring..summer delight ~~~ ring ouzel..moorland high craggy tors..upland moors birding adventure ~~~ the avocet fenland treasure..coastal dream no spade required ~~~ harbinger of spring declining population drives birders cuckoo ~~~ be proud..sing aloud needs no invitation jenny wren is spring... ~~~ hedgerows..tinkling bells charms of goldfinches rejoice inviting springtime ~~~ a flash..gone..dived a kingfisher fishing the river ripples ~~~ look high to the sky skylarks sing a challenge give us back our land ~~~ hope..no..it must be put nature on a rostrum give back her freedom ~~~ look..oceans waves on shores display their wisdom ere we could read it ~~~ rock pools..origins with good intent life explodes evolution..real ~~~ our fate in our hands as is..we will all perish give nature a chance ~~~ A SENRYU or TWO ~~~~~~ no known foibles maybe a spring twitcher Maureen McGreavy Jan Allison a moral supporter worth her words

Poem Details | by Brian Strand |
Categories: seasons


exquisite white blossom
bathing in the sun
scents of spring cross my path

Poem Details | by Deborah Burch |
Categories: allegory, change, perspective, success,

Utopia's Slippery Slope Continuum

Utopia's Slippery Slope Continuum 

        Trees of pink snow bloom
     by the lake when Spring is full
           Young warriors dream


               Old warriors walk
   Through dreamless trees of concrete 

3.8.2017©deborah burch 

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: nature,

Hips Sway

reddest rose hips sway
full in pink spring breeze -
bumble bees swarm

Inspired by but not entered in Sexyku Contest

Poem Details | by Nayda Ivette Negron |
Categories: spring,


Ambrosial zephyr
Blazons colorful buds bloom
Fragant spring season

Poem Details | by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: remember, self, water,

Spring lakes

In spring lakes, my eyes

                Reflect back my purest self

Water remembers

Poem Details | by Inessa Fernandez |
Categories: spring,


The spring air is crisp

The blossoms are beautiful

The birds are singing

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: flower, rain, spring, sunshine,


buds slowly open
often armed with sharp prickles-
songs among branches 


Poetry Contest: Spring Haiku 
Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: nature, spring, winter,

spring haiku

winters exodus ~
will herald springs arrival
colourful landscape  ~

Written 1st March 2019.

For spring haiku contest
Sponsored by Tania Kitchin.

Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: spring,

A Spring Haiku

a gift to the host

neighbour’s cat walks through the door

smelling of wild mint

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A spring haiku contest
Hosted by Tania Kitchen
Placed 1st
© 2nd March 2019 

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: spring,

the nesting robin

the nesting robin

while kneeling in my garden.

sowing baby's breath

March 1, 2019 for Tania Kitchin's Spring Haiku Contest

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, flower, imagery,



sunshiny springtime
a compassionate ant calls
enjoying the bee

for clean is the air
flowers florets everywhere
crisp and clean the smells

butterflies reaping
while beautiful, wild bird quarks
whilst lit on the rock

clean air everywhere
look at me enjoying spring
spring is in the air

passionate ant crawls;
cut grass smells watermelon
smells so brisk to me

butterflies eating
sucking nectar from flowers
spring is in the air


For Spring Is In The Air Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Emile Pinet

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: sweet,

The Seasons - Rhyming Haiku

icy kiss of death
frozen on sweet autumn’s breast
winter’s frosty breath   

frozen crystal spears
melting in a thousand tears
joyful spring is here

what were buds on trees
live there dreams in lush green leaves
kissed by summer breeze

life begins to wane
summer bursting into flames
autumn’s sweet refrain

Author:  Elaine Cecelia George, of Canada

Written:  march 1, 2011
For:  Carol Brown’s Nature Rhyming Haiku contest.
Awarded:  First Place

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: nature,


                               THE ERUPTING VOLCANO

                                    blood joy-boiled
                                gushed between rocky loins
                                         proclaim birth 
                                          red hot tears
                                       erupt magnificence
                                          vanquish black

                                          lava pain cool
                                   eruptions promise spring
                                            brief respite

                                          spring dazzles
                                     birdsong forgets fire
                                           mount dozes

                                            sky drizzles
                                       eruption of rebirth
                                           rumbles sweet

                                              terror hides
                                  mountain deep womb veils
                                               future fire

Poem Details | by Carol Sunshine Brown |
Categories: nature, seasons,

Spring's Natural Beauty

green sprig with new bud
bud opens, bears bright color...
beautiful red rose
A Spring ~tease Poem for P.D. 2nd Place Winner

Poem Details | by Carol Sunshine Brown |
Categories: life, nature, seasons,

spring uprising

winter leaving
smells of spring uprising --

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: naturehome, home, me,

-Haiku Nursery-

((** Natures Nurse **))

Hot temperatures
someone call the spring doctor
cold fertilizer

((** Early Bird **))

Fresh morning light
sweet SAP falling on my plate
Lego my Eggo

((** Desert Rose **))

In the dead of night
One star sings me a sad song
cactus feels my pain

((** Looks that kill **))

What else can I say?
Intrigue me with silence
look into my eyes

((** Home Sweet Home **))

End of road
my final destination
Next stop Olympus!

((** Heaven or Hell **)) 

Leave all dirt behind
Welcome mat above sunrise
running for the door


Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: beauty, february, flower, spring,

- Haiku X 46 -The Beauty of Spring -


   Born from soil SNOWDROPS
   ICY wind, frost in the ground
   An early SPRING signs 

   A-L Andresen :)
   Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: animal, april, beauty,

- Haiku X 53 - So Sweet -

A moment in time
This feeling’s so wonderful
Soft, sweet newborn lambs

Sign that spring is here
Small chubby feet on green grass
Please do not eat me

25.04.2015 A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: beauty, spring,

- Haiku X 48 - When Spring Awakens -

- Haiku X 48 - When Spring Awakens -

Frosted mountains thaws
Waterfalls strongly thunder
Waves of spring new life 

A new beginning
Running through the meadowsweets
Can we wish for more

A-L  Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Sharon Ruebel |
Categories: nature

The Growing Time

Once more brooks babble

    Birds and Bees singing their tune

        Wind chatters through trees

Natures renewal

    Seeds break through eager for Sun

        A race to full bloom

 Repeat performance

    Roses take to center stage

        Spring season begins 

Contest: Nature Comes To Life

Sponsored by, Carol Brown

Form: Haiku

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: nature, seasons, spring, spring,

A Symbol Of Spring's Resurrection

cold February's rain saturates the good earth... star magnolia blooms
A symbol of spring's resurrection are those early blossomsThe Daffodils spring up under the bright yellow Forsythia and beautiful pink tulip shaped flowers cover the Japanese Magnolia..Resurrection stated in the most subtle wayThey say to me there is hope that the sun will soon warm the earth's soil signaling to all of nature to come alive.
red buds glow decorating the roadside... heavy fog cloaks all
Spring's presence can be unobtrusive slipping in like a lamb One day it is winter then a heady essence wafts on a zephyr that aroma of pale lavender Wisteria announcing spring has sprung. Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi Contest: Spring Haibun red buds glow(verb)

Poem Details | by Uwe Stroh |
Categories: analogy, art, nature,

Departing Spring

As spring departs
In the wind and rain
Termites swarm

Poem Details | by Mark Pringle |
Categories: faith, introspection, life, nature


languid spring twilight cicadas sing their night song creation in view

Poem Details | by John Trusty |
Categories: inspirational, life, seasons


wet cheeks not spring rain….
distinction applied by God
man sheds tears when sad

*Haiku for “The natural thing to do contest.”

Poem Details | by William Kershaw |
Categories: depression, nature

My Window's February View

                                    Winter lies frigid
                     Cardinals flit from branch to branch
                                Blindly seeking Spring

                                 Too sad to view more
                            Shades should be kept drawn
                                   Spring sun will lift them