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Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: beauty, bird, morning, nature,


beautiful blackbird chirruping the sweetest songs morning has broken Poem inspired by this wonderful Beatles song sung in Scottish Gaelic by Julie Fowlis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MzetQfKwbE 05~20~17

Poem Details | by Sue Mason |
Categories: devotion,

"...the Voice of the Turtle"

It must be springtime
for she lumbers by her nest
below the fig tree.

Hatchlings soon appear
to scamper into the sea.
She cries out to, "Watch

for eagles above!"
then turns away; her voice now
in praise of new life.

                    .title inspired by The Song of Solomon 2:12

Poem Details | by Jack Jordan |
Categories: life,

Haiku 15

Hoarding words and sounds
to sing the songs of the heart.
Each song has an end.

Poem Details | by Sandra Weiss |
Categories: appreciation, music, ocean, sea,

Song of the Sea

                                 a voice is calling
                    music that's heard by the heart
                              the song of the sea

Poem Details | by David Meade |
Categories: veterans day,

Haiku 26 Echoes

                   mountains, fields, forest

                             stand witness to the blood cries

                                            the song of freedom

David Meade
Veteran's Day

Poem Details | by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: feelings, fishing, imagery, song,

The River

Rapid moving water streams
forest song sung melody 
peacefulness within me.

Poem Details | by Jack Jordan |
Categories: music,

Haiku 76

	Haiku 76
	a song that could tame 
	the world's evils, quiet 
	a biker bar

Poem Details | by Trisha Sugarek |
Categories: morning,

Mountain Morning

Mountain Morning

white clouds of dogwood
geese trumpet beside the pond
bird song heralds morn

hollow makes a nest
dainty dwelling slumbers on
in the wooded gloom

screen door creaks open
smoke swirls from the chimney mouth
cabin stirs awake

Trisha Sugarek
The World of Haiku

Poem Details | by Dan Prizner |
Categories: beauty, imagery, may, morning,

Spring's news

A bee in a bud
A silent morn unfolding --
Robin's song singing

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: april, bird, happiness, joy,

the wisp of

the wisp
of an old tune lost
in bird song 

Poem Details | by Lynne Hanson |
Categories: heart, inspiration, muse, music,

from the ashes

sad song emerges
heartache's beautiful phoenix
pain fuels creation

Poem Details | by daver austin |
Categories: anger, fun,

Fill-ins - n invitation for the reader to use imagination

An invitation for
the reader to use

Who?      What?
two fine ladies rest
neath a bamboo
they talk of a

small boat at anchor
two men mend her
tattered sail
weather      or old

Pretty Song
on the dogwood
scarlet tanager and
what song do they

New York blizzard
snowy avenue
many people     
like black streaks
to      or from
their work?

like Jackson Pollack
this mishmash of
dots and streaks
is there a message?

On the hike
a meadow      a
with scattered pines
     wild flowers
let’s have a picnic

Baby Bear
so easy to love
he’s a shaggy, gray
always in the way 


Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: animal,

What DOES the Fox Say

mouse’s new play mate
squeaks a lot, but doesn’t quack
my rubber ducky

rub a dub ba dub
five fish swimming in my tub
blub blub blub blub blub

reindeer on my roof
my puppies try to warn me
woof! woof! woof! woof! woof!

It isn’t the sound 
you need to worry about
*when elephants toot!

moo! The cows cried out
but cows can’t make the “v” sound
they crashed into me!

when birds sing tweet tweet
they need to realize that
cats are hearing “treat!”

out on my front lawn
lying silent and lifeless
*the frog that had croaked

clever little fox
whatever it is you say
I got nothing for ya!

*For my non-American friends who may not know 
The lingo, “toot” also means “to fart” and “croak” has
the slang meaning “to die.”

Per request of Scat A., my favorite sound in the song 
“What Does the Fox Say” is BLUB!!!” Just Love how
it comes out when I speak it!

Poem Details | by shannon farlouis |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, holiday, husband,

Love Birds Haiku

Love birds sweetly sing
A valentine song they ring
A very true meaning

Poem Details | by Sallam Yassin |
Categories: summer,

Frog On Pug

Waters song on a mud
Passing away summer mug
Frog on a pug

Poem Details | by shannon farlouis |
Categories: holiday, hope, inspirational, love,

A New Year

Ring in the New Year,
with a joyful song of love.
Pray for the New Year,
to the awesome God above.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: nature,

high Georgia pine tree

high Georgia pine tree home to three hundred Blackbirds... anthem song of praise

Poem Details | by Antonio Juarez |
Categories: art, boyfriend, cute love,

Haikus for Her

Every breath inhaled.
New reasons to fall for you.
When you bat your eyes.

A song in my heart.
Composed of love notes from you.
Wish I could sing it.

If I could, I would 
Give you better things, my dear.
And places to go.

Let the clock tick tock
Let the time fly forever.
You're my forever.

Cold, and harsh, your world.
Mine isn't pleasant either.
Let me hold you close.

Nothing more than to
Kiss you, slow and beautiful.
Make you warm again.

Pressing against skin
A turmoil of passion too.
Don't go away, please.

You are silver smooth
Of the finest argentum
I fly in your eyes

Lay down with me, love
Put your head high on my chest
Reach to kiss my neck

Laugh and roll with me
Waking up without you hurts
I reach for your ghost

I take long showers
The warm water is like you
You warm my cold bones

We danced in the rain
I would not forget that smile
If you shot me dead

If I was stronger
I would lift you forever
I can do short bursts

I have to breath when we kiss.
Or I would not stop

You bring me a joy
I never thought I could have
How do you do it?

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Really Good Rap Song Horn Haiku

Really Good Rap Song Horn Haiku

There are scores and scores
Of stores that have gone away
Too much have to pay.

When small star twinkles
Will we see all the wrinkles
As each one mingles.

Can you mingle late
Because you did have to wait
And anticipate.

Might mingle later
And prefer percolator
Coffee creator.

When things will percale
We should stand in a circle
Pray for miracle.

This won't want to miss
Really good rap song it is
Can be hers or his.

James Hilarious Thesarious Horn
Bolivia, NC

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: food, holiday,

shaping cookies

shaping cookies I form Christmas song lyrics with frosting smeared lips
Written originally For Cyndi MacMillan's CREATIVITY-- WRITE A MODERN HAIKU Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Zoe Pashley |
Categories: bird, morning, song,

Morning Chorus

the song begins
I listen for a while
sweet melody tweets

Poem Details | by Lala Merx |
Categories: bird, freedom,


Swimming happily
The birds singing in the sky
their song of freedom

Poem Details | by Julia Ho |
Categories: flower, garden, imagery, imagination,

A Perfect Surprise

Sweet choir of nature,
from the garden emanates,
the song of the dead.

Something underneath,
the wilted petals of red,
— a perfect surprise.

Poem Details | by Ann Anderson |

The Robin

Is your song of spring
a welcoming?
for you are welcome,so sing.

Poem Details | by tom mcmurray |
Categories: philosophy,

death of a farm 5/7/5 haiku

broken barn in wind under rusted weathervane death song squeaks all day

Poem Details | by Lori Lucas McClure |
Categories: love, sea, sun,

Mistress Of The Sea

                                  Song of the waves beckon
                           the heart calleth, deep unto deep
                                captive mistress of the sea

  This poem is dedicated to the fisrt time I saw
the oceanI watched the sun rise over the Alantic Ocean.
I remember I stood there looking over the ocean, 
and it seemed as though the whole world held its breath,
 and then the sun came up! I was her captive from that moment

by Lori McClure

Poem Details | by Lamptey Godson Kofi |
Categories: uplifting



In this house of yours
The air brews of peace
That long, we longed to feel
That atmosphere of dreamed love
What a father gives us, babies
Open like ripen fruits of a great fan palm
To which ants throng in chains
To which bees throng in droves
And we humans hunts hungrily
Only for the comforts we cherish
From you great King of people.

The heart of our souls
The Soul of our hearts
To which our chords are anchored
Never snap to let loose of us
As this world is too open, too cruel, too blind
Ready not to favour orphans
Without a link to your dream for us, live
So in perpetual flow
Cover us, our shade
Protect me, my armour
Father them, the mentor.

To make our song complete
Been composed of you, Togbui Kporku

Poem Details | by Teresita Cailo |
Categories: nature

Rainy Night

moon hides 'neath the clouds
as rain hums a song tonight
hushes thirsty earth

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: love, rain,


                                                    two blooming flowers
                                              vibrant rhythms of their touch
                                                        sensational kiss

                                                     love is now in boom
                                               acoustic sound of two hearts
                                                      singers rainy song 

For contest:
Sponsored by PD

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: fish,


                                                       diamond bubbles 
                                               rippling musical sound song 
                                                     sway gold fishes fins 

                                                   small glass water world
                                           reflects soft light from their scales
                                                          nice aquarium

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: beauty,

Haiku 32 33 34 35 more of Spring

between grassy nests and leafless trees the song of birds return - - - between birds'nests and leafless trees Spring's song - - - a lone woodpecker 's drum on the branch of Spring night serenata - - - between blooming buds and leafless trees a tulip

Poem Details | by wayland bunch |
Categories: love,

New Haiku Entry

Flowers of love
Looking sweet and smell pretty 
Giving life to all 

Lovely Humming Bird 
Sings a love song to the soul 
Empty hearts renewed

Passion projected 
Valentines now on the brink 
Why only today?

Poems by Wayland bunch written 1/29/13 10:06pm Ok these are the revisions of my Haiku that have nature references

Poem Details | by Wm Paul |
Categories: bird,

7-19-14 Number 2

Bird on a tree branch
Waiting with a song to sing,
Sounds to fill the air.

Poem Details | by Rochish mon |
Categories: life,


I have desire to
Hear the best song of my own
Nature fly with wings

A divine fragrance –
Sprouted for me suddenly
Flower of silence

Hope needs to have hap
Hap arrives and reaches hope
Living finds its life

While the dawn advents
All the creatures do rise up
Nature smiles for us

Darkness generates 
Light and light invites darkness 
Oxymoron, lives

Poem Details | by L'nass Shango |
Categories: nature,


Shadows almost swift
Beyond learning's reflection
Quivered from the eaves

I thought thatch did smell
Strange upon the nose urban
And made words polite

Hanging on child's eye
Though the myth dead came to life
And blood shrivels still

What song when they're gone
Shall spread my relief like stars?
Bats drove black the sun.

Poem Details | by Destini Williams |
Categories: nature


Blooming wings flutter
Vibrant cascades scarlet joy
Fresh morning song rise

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: nature

Sunset - 4 Seasons - Haiku

brilliant orb
sunclipse orange aglow
Melancholy prayer

blazing sun
falling silent tears
the day gone

vineyards rest 
muted in shadow
curtain falls

charcoal fire
echoing sundown      
final song plays

"Sunrise Verses Sunset"
Poet ~ Rick Parise


Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: encouraging,

Being Brilliant Horn Haiku

Being Brilliant Horn Haiku

Such a brilliant thing;
Saw song bird which would take wing,
And hear sing in Spring.

Had smile on my face
As it flew with style and grace
All over the place.

Seemed so wonderious
Also as an added plus
She enchanted us.

Life should be like this,
Then none would I want to miss;
All had been pure bliss.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: love, song,



Entwined souls in love
Perpetually singings
Eternity's song 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      11 JUNE 2013

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno |
Categories: nature,

Seasonal Dance

Autumn’s hand extends,
Courting his lady Summer:
Cicada song plays.

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: dedication, thank you, words,


 1 Good Morning Laura
    Your words, my cup of Coffee
    YOUR pain ,my pain too

2 YOUR words Enhancing
   Waking the POETS of Yore
   Time stands still For You

3 Words of Melody
   A song of life Forever
  Use YOUR Mystic Pen

4 Unknown Feelings Flare
   Pen’s Black ink flows Everywhere
  You Know , Laura’s there

Inspired by the POETRY of Laura Breidenthal
 The Beginning of a Series “ Haiku for YOU “
Dedicated to “ LAURA BREIDENTHAL “ 

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


November rains
Monsoon starts wet;
Nature redecorates


Orchard Road stretch
Decked for Christmas;
Good for business


So sad this scandal
Funds embezzled;
Ego versus love


Love works well
Yes you can tell;
Cash now casts spells


Sound song and dance
Can mesmerise;
Glitzy paradise


Once upon a tale
That gospel sway;
Now corruption steals


Sad, sad refrains
Pain comes to snort;
Empty counts gain


Hollywood cheer
Baubles at Christmas;
Weary world in tears


Write words 
Wave wins;
Wrong works


No matter what
Happens right now;
Love keeps loving


Jolly greets holly
Year-end reasons;
Joyful blessings greet


Leon Enriquez
15 November 2014

Poem Details | by Amy Swanson |
Categories: hope, life, nature, peace

Wind Song

Wind Song
      by Amy Swanson  2008

Melodious breath
     Wind's gentle song sings softly
           Lullaby of life.

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: animal, bird, nature, peace,

Spring philharmonica

Peepers pipe spring chimes                                                                                       birds sing as the hummingbirds                                                                                 hum along with bees                                                                                          *                                                                                                                    *      thunder drum rolls as                                                                                              warm breezes whistle in trees                                                                              raindrop cymbals ring                                         *                                                                 **                                                                                                                         a clean rest then brooks                                                                                           fulfill the springs gushing song                                                                       instrumental  peace

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: bird,

September song

september song sung.... numerous birds on the wing are saying goodbye
penned 25/9/2016 birthday date 25 September 1983

Poem Details | by Mike Samford |
Categories: nature, song, tree, bird,

Haiku Calendar

Haiku Calendar 
(January to December in the Southern part of the U.S.A.)

snow and more snow falls 
cold wind and more cold wind blows 
all branches are bare 

starving and weak birds 
a chill grips before sunrise 
fall from bare branches 

warm afternoon wind 
thin morning ice melts on pond 
a song bird is heard 

poppies hide in grass 
drink from early morning showers 
bees drink from open buds 

warm ruffles new weeds 
clover covers budding ground 
crickets find their song 

hawk hunts small rabbit 
green hedges give good cover 
blood drips on clover 

sun waves off dark soil 
flowers grow only in shade 
bees hive drips sweet wax 

in shade cow chews cud 
waits for dark to find water 
sleeps on top of mound 

east winds pull cool rain 
quinces bright hill flowers thirst 
streams roar then fall quite 

squirrel hides acorn 
digs hole at foot of oak tree 
barks at gray wet sky 

leaf fall from elm tree 
vacant bird nest are exposed 
geese sound over head 

deer move over trail 
fawns loose baby spots and jump 
graze on holly leafs  

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston |
Categories: life,

Haiku: Traditional 49

sparrow's song floating
cloud burst drowns our connection
lips too lose their purse

Brian Johnston
April 27, 2016

Inspired by Caroline Cecile on FaceBook's Japanese Poetry Garden Path.

Poem Details | by Nadine Fababier |
Categories: dedication, pets

A Nightingale and A Rose

Standing on a tree

Singing a love song for him

Offers a Red Rose

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: day, friendship,


                                     friendship day of world
                                i sing friendship song from heart
                                      wishing all's long life 

                                     may God bless you all
                                  live with dearer peacefully 
                                       having no trouble

                                         with prosperity
                                  having no pain no disease
                                   live life with sweet smile 

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston |
Categories: beauty, nature,

Haiku: Symphonic Movements

privileged clouds catch breath...
meadowlark’s song bridges gulf...
rain's tympanic leaves

Brian Johnston
November 11, 2015