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Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: allegory, introspection, life,

REAPING SEX a simple note

     REAPING SEX  a simple note

If you wink an eye
At Fame’s restless lonely mate—
Prepare for a storm

Poem Details | by Asif Andalib |
Categories: inspirational, life, love, passion,

The art of sex

For the human race
The game of sex is an art
One has to learn it

Poem Details | by Bongani Zungu |
Categories: tribute, women, women, women,

Black Friday

Love your neighbor as you love yourself
What happened to our mind set?
She’s an infant not a cure for aids
She’s pure why forcefully snitch her virginity 
Respect our women you selfish men

South Africa you’ve made a name for yourself “rape capital” 
Let us unite against rape and restore our good name
My beloved South Africans unite!
Unite against women and child abuse
One person raped is one too many

Anene Boysens, your death united the nations
United, they condemned discrimination against women
They said” every girl has a right to be respected and protected against women abuse”
How long should we take this barbaric conduct?  
We owe it to all the victims to fight this disease

Woe to your power assertive rapists
Woe to you anger retaliation rapists
Woe to you sadistic rapists
Woe to you juvenile sex offenders
Woe to you women offenders	

14 February after sun set a word went forth
Rapists have no place in South Africa
February 15, 2013 declared a black Friday
We shall remain black until we defeat rape
Victory is within our reach, fight against rape.

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston |
Categories: faith,

Haiku: Trinity 2 - Revised

1God - Passionless Love

lotus blossoms float
waves of fireflies light night air
hold you in my arms

2Jesus - Executive Summary

sex sex sex sex sex
sex sex sex sex sex sex sex
sex sex sex sex sex 

3Holy Ghost - Scary Part

love that's felt not seen
surprise of stranger's aura
God's daily rainbow

Brian Johnston
November 22, 2015

Poem Details | by Ravi Sathasivam |
Categories: philosophy, love,

My own proverb

“ Love is the greatest portion of our lives, although sex is hidden in love as a twinkling star”. Proverb by - Ravi Sathasivam

Poem Details | by norberto franco cisneros |
Categories: humanity, truth,



Truth in all its forms
Defies men’s and women’s lies
Thank you God for sex 


When I die my God,
What do I take on my trip?
Only love, my child


I shoot a rabbit 
My boy sees the rabbit die
I can’t help but cry


Creative poets
Keepers of the truth are 
Oracles disguised

Poem Details | by Chris Boskovski |
Categories: meaningful, sensual, sexy,

A Book on Sex

A book on sex oh yes,
My favorite part is you baby,
Kiss me read me goodnight.

Categories: pain,

Wail Street

                                              raped, abused at six
                                           a brutal life in  sex trade
                                             she now in Wail Street

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy, humorous,

Would Be A Liar

Would Be A Liar

Would be a liar
My entire desire
Will not grow higher.

Shower start off in
Which is best place to begin
Do what you intend.

Bare bodies were there
We put on soap everywhere
Our passion would share.

Proceeded to bed
And then heard what he has said
Glad that we are wed.

Knew that this was true
No matter what we may do
Pleased both me and you.

No sex so instead
Bibles both of us had read
To heaven were lead.

Was still a virgin
From husband further urging
No need God's purging.

Should proceed to pray
Husband makes my every day
With no more delay.

James Outrageous Contagious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

Poem Details | by Pheko Motaung |
Categories: anti bullying, childhood,

The sex worker

The sex worker
He is wasting her time
The malalapipe

Malalapipe: a vagabond

Poem Details | by Brandon Turner |
Categories: best friend, brother, child

The Kings EGD

I needed you In love hopefully grading on to what we had unjustly you fleet abnormal in just finished of what is love conjunction,
Bleeding form are love force on - attached by are father’s graced by the idea and govern of power they looked in fear and enjoyment shamed for there adroitly,
We looked in are eyes as you asked if it was real I just beat the words from my mouth crying my words forcefully we love both men and women you strongly loved in a woman I couldn’t get such devotion to one of the two it never came in a day but many that I never doubted tell my mother disgrace you loved to see in doubt and now undoubted fighting it for what we feel is normally is not yours,
You try more feeling the same solution and yet you cry and beg yet I cry to get you're undivided love as a brother as a gamer as a friend it’s not god that stop me it’s what I want are love to be in the since of godlinessHe cries not for are incest but for are communicate of protestation in are minds we aroused,
School is what we forced down are trivial honor for David for you to be in his court for me is for you’re existence I try not to cry if I fail you must do the same as of I you must evaluate your options and choice,
You're lucky never touched they desiccative muddily course to loved on the spot of preparation of gashes blanked in inner fears joyed in immurement please don’t make me see you this way go and love the ones that engage in your simplistic act of enjoyment,
One more try not to leaded on are ways are endgame is to let all love but to love all not in the thought of sex we jump with out hesitation only hurting those with preparations of man for God  

Poem Details | by Anthony Taylor |
Categories: art, books,

Itching in My Heart

                                 Itching in My Heart

                           Sex in My Heart Like Love

                                 Itching in My Heart

          Written By  Poet

          Anthony Taylor