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Poem Details | by Valerie Staton |
Categories: fun, summer, water, weather,

Summer Al Fresco

Summer Al Fresco
by Valerie DStaton

Parched people frolic
Underneath aquatic arch
Open hydrant – no fire

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: humanity, immigration, war,


Come by the thousands

Hungry, desperate, each day

Greece's agony mounts!*


Home lost, new home found

Distant shores opening arms

Tears flooding the seas 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   17 August 2015 

*Thousands of refugees and illegal immigrants enter Greece 
each day in search of a better futureGreece, despite its economic 
crisis and with an unemployment near 30% and salaries and pensions
 down by 40% helps the best way it canEurope watches as more than 
two million of these unfortunate people live inside our country of ten million.

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: introspection,

Connecting Genius and Madness

* Written for Elly's "At Least Three Proverbs and One Quote Contest" (Modified Haiku with rhyme)

Aristotle quote: “There was never a genius without a tincture of madness.”

American Proverbs
Edgar Allen Poe: “I remained too much inside my head; I ended up losing my mind.”
Robin Williams: “You’re only given a little spark of madnessYou mustn’t lose it”
Marilyn Monroe: “Imperfection is beauty; madness is genius.”

can genius be found
if you fail to look around
     head buried in ground

to stay in my mind
others may think I am blind
     label me maligned

welcome is madness
if you believe it’s genius
     and make others guess

shall I cling to it
this madness, every last bit
    to genius commit

imperfection reigns
for people who play mind games
    desiring acclaims  

I must not lose this
ties to poetic genius
     deep in mind’s abyss  

*Written October 4, 2014
The two words are “genius” and “madness”
First two verses are a play on Poe’s proverbs
Third verse is inspired by the Aristotle quote
Fourth verse is a play on Robin Williams’ proverb 
Fifth verse is inspired by the Marilyn Monroe proverb
Sixth and final verse is inspired by the Poe proverb


Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: animals, love,

A King and His Beauty

A King and His Beauty

the audience stares
King Kong shakes shackles, breaks free…
     chaos, people running away

Kong’s mistress in crowd
once free, he cannot find her…
     crowd is in frenzy

the beauty nears Kong
he picks her up in his palm…
    Empire building scaled

planes appear in sky
protecting Beauty, he fights…
    even beasts can love

Kong falls to his death
Beauty lives to love again…
     Irony defies

*Entry for Tracie’s “Ku Ku Crazy” contest.

Poem Details | by Üzeyir Lokman CAYCI |
Categories: inspirational, love, nostalgia,

They Have Woven a Net Around Us

 A feeling of nearness to suffering
In our hearts
While we reduce the dimensions
Of the essence of light
With our eyes
In a local scuffle
They have woven a net around us.
Bearing the pains of life
While watching the people with sullen faces
And tired thoughts
All along the years
We have heard the whistle of whips...
With well-concealed thoughts
Never thought of us
And..without any mercy
Have woven a net around us.
by Uzeyir Lokman CAYCI
Traduit par Yakup YURT en français
French free verse translated into English free verse
by F.JBergmann, 2002

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


News flash
Paris attacks;
Violence strikes


Innocent deaths
Terror unveils;
Death delivers


Madness conspires
Human debris;
Bigotry unleashed


Evil men scheme
Distorted agendas;
Self-destruct roams


Good people die
Bloodbath escalates;
Terror unleashed


Signs of our times
Deceptive turbulence;
Mortal casualties


Moods swayed
Fear catapults;
Distorted means


Uneasy chimes
Violent crimes;
Explosive times!


Details of gore
News galore;
Killing fest




Sorrow sums
Deadly outcomes;
Cruelty strikes


Newsprint copy
Headline news;
Terror firms madness 


Propaganda hurls
People fodder;
Bombs and bullets


Create if you must
Lodge your complaint;
Body bags not included!


Exclusive news;
Pain sells well


Face to face
Terror redecorates;
Body debris trophies


Why do you do
The things you do?
Tell me


Love hurts
Violence hurts;
We all hurt


Precious times
Ransoms forfeit;
Sad humanity mourns


The cycle of circles
Bad and good;
Seeking balance


Maybe we can
Find tomorrow;
Safely better?


Leon Enriquez
15 November 2015

Poem Details | by Norman Crocker |
Categories: seasons,


glistening ice sheet
sliding cars people fall down
winter comes again

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta |
Categories: christmas, jesus,

Merry Christmas

Mild sun of winter 
Spreads a love touch everywhere
Of happy Christmas 

In the slum a child 
Smiles in a red hibiscus
Petals of Jesus 

Blankets offered to
Poor people standing in rows
Jesus in rainbow

In the hospital 
Life smiles in bruise blood and pus
Footfalls of Jesus

Upon the sweet grass 
Jesus smiles in drops of dew
Lovely Christmas hue 

In Christmas flavour 
To all poetry soupers
A merry Christmas 

December 25, 2016

Poem Details | by sand blown |
Categories: allegory, appreciation, art,

arts and sciences rock

industrial and
banker...politician and
military man

they are all the same...
when running the world for us
it's profit for them

why not people from...
say...the arts sciences as
our freedom leaders

Poem Details | by Suzette Richards |
Categories: history, poetry,


For those people too stubborn or too set in their ways to listen to another point of view: HEADNOTES  are NOT titles and they do not add to the syllable countThey are used with haiku or tanka poetry to set the scene  - like a signpostWithout it the reader will be totally lost (unless he/she has a VERY broad base of international knowledge)REAMS have been written about the MEANING of some of Basho's haikuWhy? Because it is ambiguous and, therefore, understanding them and translating them is difficultEg "the crow" and "frog pond" are only two of such haiku people are having difficulty with to come to a consensus as to what the poet intended to convey with these haiku 

Why Say More? The Problem of Titling Tanka
First published in the Tanka Society of America Newsletter 3:1, March 2002, pages 12–15While focused on tanka, the insights I hope this essay offers, apply equally well to haiku.

Tanka in Japan sometimes have headnotes as opposed to titles, but it is NOT a sixth line to the poem! Headnotes explain the “circumstances of the poem”—the context or settingAgain, though, headnotes are not at all like titles, and one need not be a particularly astute reader of tanka to spot the difference; headnotes are typically factual, locational, or anecdotal, whereas titles are often symbolic or intellectualThe headnotes, if used at all, do not fight with the tanka aesthetic, whereas titles typically do.

From my Blog Posted:11/5/2012 12:01:00 AM: http://www.poetrysoup.com/poetry_blogs/blog_detail.aspx?PoetID=30875&BlogID=13720


Hoeri 'kwaggo
raised from the sea – 
the tablecloth spread

a pallet
on which hope rests – 
cold sand clings


Hoeri 'kwaggo:  Table Mountain, “Mountain of the sea” in Khoi San.
Table Mountain is renowned for its tablecloth when the strong south-easterly wind blows.
Bloubergstand/ Beach: Means "blue mountain" - hence the place name (AND THE ATLANTIC OCEAN IS VERY COLD ALL YEAR ROUND) It is an iconic image of Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand
The motto of Cape Town (which nestles at the foot of Table Mountain, is Spes Bona ( Latin for "Good Hope")
Cape of Good Hope is one of the 7 historical names of Cape Town

Poem Details | by Matt Ancient |
Categories: addiction, farm,

A farmer

I am a farmer 
an intellectual farmer 
the pen is my tool
always in my hand 
and my book is the land 
my words are the seeds I sow
the intelligence I cultivate 
is the fruits which satisfy many people 
even from generation to generation
I am a farmer
an intellectual farmer

Poem Details | by Donna Jones |
Categories: introspection, psychological,

Fool Me Once

I once was naive
many people are not good
the sun is rising

©Donna Jones

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: cry, evil,

- Haiku X 67 - La Vie De Paris -

A pleasant evening
Romantic streets in Paris
Killed, done in cold blood

Picture as warzone
Music stops and ball rolling
A nightmares in live

The death in Paris
Fire with assault rifle
France close its borders

     * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

A definition of evil:  Goodness absence - No compassion
Are some people born without heart and becomes obsessed with the power of evil ?

Fear and crying
Gurgling stream of hate
My pain for the world
Give me your hand
Always by your side

14.11.2015 A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston |
Categories: life, love, moon, science,

Mooku: Haikus on the Moon: with Cliff Notes

1Lunar Perspective #1

month long day and night
also sees earth wax and wane
no season penchant

2Lunar Perspective #2

moon's sun mimics earth's
earth pirouettes on star stage
sun’s smile Cheshire Cat

3Lunar Perspective #3

moon turns once per month
lunar tides dictate strangeness
heat loss froze moon’s face

4Lunar Perspective #4

one quarter earth’s size
creation’s spring, born of fire,
runt of the litter

5Lunar Perspective #5

moon is problem child
with no tilt seasons languish
haiku redefined?

6Lunar Perspective #6

evolution’s fall -
dangerous precession tamed
by earth’s sibling’s mass

7Lunar Perspective #7

eggs have their season
star dust life defying odds -
sister of mercy

8Lunar Perspective #8

seasons change in sky
rain a distant memory
blue moon poet's blues

9Lunar Perspectives #9

boy/girl in earthlight
cratered love finds its season
waxing blue planet

Brian Johnston

Poet's Notes:
As I learn more about writing haiku and hear practitioners speak of snapshots of experience/nature and concrete images the more restricted I feelThis poem looks at haiku from an unusual perspectiveAlmost no one has any experience with really seeing things on the moon, but with science we can imagine concrete images and snapshots that are at least as real as any we see on earthThe paradox of this for future haiku writers is amazing I thinkOne is tempted to ask if any truly concrete images actually existIs the mind's eye as good as our own? Is what we see with our eyes any more real than what we imagine at times?

Is language even possible that is not emotional and could objectivity be a farce? An eskimo for example has 40 different words for "snow" it is saidHow could an eskimo's haiku that used this word ever be translated accurately without resorting to poetic devices such as simile, metaphor, rhyme and anthropomorphism?

Stay tuned for other developments or share your insights with the rest of us.

Cliff notes (for the curious):
I have written a poetic version of what it would be like to live on the moon, what you would see thereOf course no one lives there now so these poems need to use mentally reconstructed images of what life would be like if you did live thereSo the point of this poem is to ridicule the idea that haiku have to be concrete images or photographs of anythingTraditional haiku people are going to love this I'm sure! 

Stanza 1 basically tells you that if you were living on the moon, then one day there would be the equivalent of 30 earth days..you would have 15 earth days of light and 15 earth days of darknessAnd if you could see the earth where you are on the lunar surface you would see it going through phases just like how we see the moon go through phases here on earthHowever, unlike the earth the moon has no seasons at allThis is also a jab at traditional haiku rules that require a nature reference in every haiku and consider seasons like we have here on earth to be a part of natureWell seasons may be part of nature on earth but on the moon they are not part of nature at allCan you believe I say all of this in just 17 syllables? 

Stanza 2 contrasts the behavior of the sun as seen from the moon with how the earth behaves which is much differentBasically it takes 15 days from the time that the sun rises on the moon until the time that it setsBut the earth simply stands still in the same place in the sky all the time, i.e., for the whole number of earth days that it takes the sun to rise, set and rise againThe earth never rises and sets for a person that lives in one place on the moonBut in fact as the earth goes through its moon like phases, we do see the earth revolving once every 24 hours while occupying the same skyThe real weirdness though is that since the moon has no atmosphere, there is no extended sunrise or sunsetInstead the day begins and ends instantly like the Cheshire cat's smileSo this explains the 2nd haiku! Ha!

Poem Details | by Mario DE PAZ |
Categories: education,

Save the children

Children in beauty contests
Shame on their parents

I have written this haiku after having seen on television that some people brings children 
of 2 to 6 years to beauty contests to win money and with the scope of launching them in 
show careersThis cannot be tolerated: children must be respected!

Poem Details | by KP Nunez |
Categories: imagery, natural disasters, nature,



midday darkness heavy
    rain pounds, winds howl---
           trees topple as huts crumble


blacked-out night
     eerie silence for miles---
          dog whimpers and hide


sun shines bright on
    full clotheslines for miles---
        sad smiles from grief-stricken faces

*To all those who prayed for my country, the Philippines, thank youThe typhoon changed course and only a small portion up north was affected It is unfortunate however, that 2 people died due to electrocution, an effect no doubt of the storm.

11 May 2015

Poem Details | by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: life,

Neapolitan Ice Cream

One people we are
matters not Red White or Brown
we are all the same

Edward J Ebbs - 10/03/11
Contest: "Neapolitan Ice Cream (HAIKU)"

Poem Details | by Norman Crocker |
Categories: autumn,

The Harvest Moon

A harvest moon high
above makes people wonder
why is it so big

Poem Details | by Rollo West |
Categories: dedication,

In Memoriam

Sunrise, days prelude Birds sing, people about, life Angels get their wings
In honor of those that fell 12/14/2012

Poem Details | by Travis Lone Hill |
Categories: adventure, death, sad, hate,

To Lose Someone You Love

To lose someone you love....
Its like trying to live violently among the peaceful people who are dying 
To lose someone you love....
Its like Im living in lies with laughter and happiness while Im truthfully sitting in anger and pain while crying
 Im grounded in shame yet Im still airborn with death together we flying 
Its hurts when one dies past groundshaken proximity under the hate but sent with earthshattering love above
 where we live to die yet we are born to survive where we bred to learn to get past all the ones we have lost with hate because ITS REALLY HURTS TO LOSE SOMEONE YOU LOVE.

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler |
Categories: art, me, me,

I Hate Bullies

Sometimes I wonder why people gotta be
so cruel, then I say oh, yeah because they
have no life, and they make themselves
feel better by bullying othersI frikin hate
it! I wished they knew how it felt pickin' 
on someone they didn't even know, maybe
someone should pick on them; when they don't 
even know themIt makes me sick looking 
at their facesThe main bully would be 
my exHe Knows who he is, he tries so hard
to make me look dumb, and make me physically
break down, what he don't know is my
Hubby has made me stronger & better than that.
So he can try, but it won't work.
Briana Lynn Palmer
~Dustin's Wife Forever~N~ Always

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler |
Categories: confusion, hate, loss, care,

Armin Babic

I cannot believe that I used to have a crush on you,
You are cold, heartless, and MEAN!
I never talked about you, never did anything to you,
I never deserved that, you had no need to be so mean.
You stooped so low, never had I seen someone do that,
People told me you were like this, I just didn't believe them.
I didn't believe her when she said you were a womanizer,
Didn't believe you were a Cowboy Casanova, well you showed me,
And never will I do that again, you made me believe,
Believe her, snf you made me believe you liked me, you led me,
Led me on, and then you were like, "I don't like you."
Well guess what I didn't care then, and I sure don't care now,
Cause I loved my hubby all along,
Love him more than anyone and anything, I love him and only him!
I cannot believe I used to have a crush on someone like you,
I swear you are the spawn of Satan himself,
And I feel sorry for girls who date you or fall in love with you,
I do, because all you do is play them like a game.
I don't hate you, but I don't like you like that anymore.
You led me to believe you liked me, and then you said it was all a joke,
Yeah well you were a joke.
You were a pill, I was willing to take,
I am glad I didn't take you,
You are an unmistakeable , unidentified drug.
I am a good-bad girl, I can tell a bad boy,
But even I didn't see this, didn't see that you like this,
The boy with beautiful brown eyes,
Are now dull, no longer do they shine,
That brown hair, that I loved, is now just a memory,
The boy born on February 18th,
The one that I thought was perfect,
God what the hell was I thinking??
Don't ask if I'm alright,
I don't have the answer,
But if you ask me if I want to hurt you badly, I will say,
Say yes without hesitation.
You have no idea how bad I want to hurt you,
But then again I don't.
Half of me hates you,
The other half can't bear to see you,
The game you played on me,
It was cleaver, but it was also cruel and hurtful!
I want to hurt you like you hurt me, but I could never that mean.
I could be as mean as you,
The person who doesn't know how much what he does hurts people,
I bet you don't care either,
Because that's just the kind of person you are.
They tried to warn me, those two girls, M&H,
But I didn't listen to them.
I didn't listen to them, because I am not the kind of person,
The kind of person, to believe what other people say, without,
Without knowing about you, getting to know what you're like, 
Until you do that to me.
Until I learn on my own, that's the kinda person I am,
I take the time to figure people out, instead of judging them,
Judging them by how they look like, and what people say,
That's the kinda person I am, I am a strong Redneck Woman.
And I will never change who I am, change myself for anyone,
I will not change for anyone.
If you don't like me for myself, then you don't deserve my time, or my words, 
Or my anything.
This is officially the end of me and my poem, 


Poem Details | by marvin celestial |
Categories: courage, creation, emotions, introspection,

Inner is Outer

It's been quite awhile
Discern life's complexities
Toke more viewpoints

Futile mass events 
Authorities blame each one
Attracting mix ups

Life are like choices
More people can't accept it
A thoughtIs a thing

Living is dying
Light coexists with darkness

Men of God glimpse more
Worst valid visual events 
Prayers can't alter

Consciousness soar high
Crab mentality exists
Overflowing fears

Inner is outer
You exude what you attract
Embrace all of them.

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston |
Categories: nature, planet, perspective,

Haiku: Physics: Colored Perceptions

blue planet water
blue sky just scattered sunbeams
dusk's red, unbent light

Brian Johnston
July 28,2014

Poet's Notes: 
Isn't it great? Three wonders of nature explained in 17 wordsIt is so much fun 
sharing my love of Physics with othersLay people in general have no idea the 
treasure they are missingOf course Religious Literalists are the most deprived
They literally live in the stone age (and the rock is all between their ears!)

Physics is not a replacement for God in my mind, but rather, like a beautiful 
sunset, another way of viewing Him, of experiencing His love for usPhysics is 
just a different perspective of the same mountain as it were

God is mysterious (but he is also accessible) He is a humanist (loving us as 
He loves His own son) , a mathematician (the underpinnings of Physics) , a 
musician (think of the joy we experience in all harmonies, even discordant 
ones) , an artist (the waiting beauty of galaxies far exceeding the imagination 
of man) , a humorist (who besides me doesn't think that it is extremely funny 
that the Jews, as His chosen people, behaved no differently really than non-
Jews - God granting special favours clearly does not make us better people
'Just do this for me God and I will never stray! ' Really just hilarious!) , and on 
and on

Really, as usual, Einstein had a very interesting perspective that I think we 
should all embrace, 'Reality is an illusion! ' And so it is folks! The only posture 
appropriate in the presence of God is one of extreme humility (and gratitude) 
Let me quote one of my own echo poems here, Echo: Alone Too..

Alone….with the lost! Are prayers ever answered? 
Alone….my heart overwhelmedCould that be a prayer? 
I look at the rainbow as summer squall passes 
And find that I'm grateful that I am a player

Aren't all of life's problems, in the grand scheme of things (if we are honest) 
really little more than a 'summer squall? '

Poem Details | by daver austin |
Categories: anger, fun,

Fill-ins - n invitation for the reader to use imagination

An invitation for
the reader to use

Who?      What?
two fine ladies rest
neath a bamboo
they talk of a

small boat at anchor
two men mend her
tattered sail
weather      or old

Pretty Song
on the dogwood
scarlet tanager and
what song do they

New York blizzard
snowy avenue
many people     
like black streaks
to      or from
their work?

like Jackson Pollack
this mishmash of
dots and streaks
is there a message?

On the hike
a meadow      a
with scattered pines
     wild flowers
let’s have a picnic

Baby Bear
so easy to love
he’s a shaggy, gray
always in the way 


Poem Details | by Dan Ravasio |

award ceremony

watching people bask
in the warmth of
their own glory
award ceremony

Poem Details | by Jim Tidd |
Categories: vanity,


Tell me what it is  
about people that makes them
take one more selfie.

Poem Details | by Wm Paul |
Categories: social,


From early to late
All the people came and went
Friendly groups they were.

Poem Details | by Ra R |
Categories: angst

Birthday Dinner

Waiting for the food
Birthday people coming round
Leave before they see

Poem Details | by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: art, beautiful,

Uluru -Haiku-

A name for Ayers Rock Aboriginise people think it brings bad luck Copyright Cynthia Jones July.26/2007

Poem Details | by olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: natural disasters,

Flood Disaster

flood passes through
as more people died...
why do vultures gather?

CONTEST:"Questionku" sponsored by Richard Lamoureux

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Window ledge song
Stray sparrows sing;
A choral duo


Rain drops slide
Blurry window view;
Furious stormy night


Not much to say
Old couple sit;
Passing people punctuate


Coffee maker sounds
Morning makeovers;
Caffeine fix retort


From this penthouse
Brief promontory;
Puzzling landscapes


Lovely couple
Youth presides;
Time will tell


Haiku moment
Zero metaphor;
Captured picture


Plain words
Tell not describe;
Look and see


Curious pantomime
Merge into a dream;
Fall into another


Joy waits
Sorrow appears;
Opposites reconcile


Eastern view
Western education;
Two worlds endow




Bus stop queue
Gadgets in hand;
Electronic toys


Social media
Conspiracy theories;
Insidious intents


Girl and boy
Two whirls collide;
Fancy intervenes


Years have etched
Facial sculptures;
Deep wrinkles attest


Cite and recite
Write and re-write;
Nothing much


Opposites attract
To balance out;
Not much more


Curious wonder
Time runs away;
Not much left


Like attracts like
To boost buzz;
Ample estates


Leon Enriquez
10 May 2015

Poem Details | by Daniel Cwiak |
Categories: husband, life, lost love,


Great joy together...

Hearts now torn by love and hate...

Solution: Divorce.

It all began with "For Better or Worse",

But the words afterward became very terse.

Divorce was the answer she decided upon

As with me she didn't want to go on...

The only other answer was to ride a hearse.

Two people in love end up in court and for a divorce sue,
It would never have happened...had they not said, "I Do"!

(Top - Haiku, Middle - Limerick, Bottom - Single Couplet)
For Poet Destroyer's Divorce Club Contest

Poem Details | by Ahmad sajeed Udashkobi |
Categories: bangla, life, money,

Love in nothing

Money is nothing
people love the money
many people love in nothing

Poem Details | by Tom Larrow |
Categories: political, social,


Student's find their voice All the people must be heard Time to make a choice

Poem Details | by Jim Tidd |
Categories: feelings, i miss you,


Silence is golden
unless this sad quietude
is coming from you.

[Wrote this for a GR friend, who sometimes disappears for long stretches, and I liked it enough to post here, cause it often applies to many people I know, who go quiet (or even disappear altogether) from the online ranksI thought other poets and readers might empathize.]

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: introspection, thanksgiving,


                                         White color pumpkin
                                   tastes in seeds and softy skin  
                                            England's novelty

                                              American dish
                                  pumpkin pie thanksgiving wish 
                                        World's people love too 

    For Contest: Sponsored by Carol Brown
    Written by: bldevnath
    31st Oct.2011

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Rain washing wet
Exit humid heat;
Bamboo pines sway


Weary estate
Rustic and ancient;
Old people pace


Orchid stalks
Crystal flower vase;
Beauty adorns


Class reunion
Familiar faces;
Change intervenes


Old-time movie
Once upon then;
Romantic poise


Property market
Doldrums percolate;
Prices go south


Precious moments
Fragrance lingers;
Touchy feelings


Red light district
Pretty birds ply;
Ancient occupations


Evening descends
Abruptly dark;
Distant lights hurl


Fleeting surge
Momentum flips;
Emergent thoughts


By the wayside
Weathered old man;
Limping bravely


Haiku blossoms
Plain fragment;
Frozen experience


One by one
Passers-by stream;
Distant dream calls


Economic downturn
Job loss escalates;
Grizzly bear bites


Stray staccato
Morning birdsong;
Balcony solo


Seek then the way
Live well each day;
Be one with bliss


Cruise to nowhere
Sea breeze salty;
Modern distractions


Leon Enriquez
30 April 2016

Poem Details | by Nino Luca Bellesia |
Categories: political,

An aphorism about politics

In politics opinions all of us we have to consider prioritily only our personal interests appraising in this choice also the possible unforeseen of the lifeIn a democracy the result may be that we direct toward the good of the majority of people because if the decisions are at opposition with the interests of the majority are not certainly the commune good.

Poem Details | by The Situation |
Categories: death, dedication, introspection, time,

Situation Haiku

the tsunami struck
with the entire world watching
the judgement of God

the radiation
that they always knew was there
silently rages

it's time for prayer
for the people over there
humble one's self

it's time for hero's
knowing they will not live
yet they bravely give

the sacrifice's
ordinary men will make
will save their nation

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: simile,


                                      lucky people have
                             a bulk wealth of smile's treasure 
                                   all cheeks do not bear 

                                    God's wonderful gift
                             blocked with heart's combination
                                    smile's in compulsion 

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: happiness, life, places, social,

This Land is My Land

Pastoral country
Where folks wave to passers by--
Farmers plowing

Exit 386
Wal-Mart, fast foods, and hotels-- 
Tourists stop

Modern businesses
Of every type one might need--
The short road to town

Refurbished storefronts
With arts antiques and barbers--
Downtown businesses

Houses big and small
Fill the local neighborhoods--
Quiet streets

State Parks, music fests
And neighborhood barbeques --

Outside of town
Beautiful farms and woodlands--
The rural folks

The river rises
Bringing water to my land --
Children in kayaks

The home of brave hearts
Who understand nature’s way --
King and rattlesnakes

The home of the free
Where people are seen smiling--
Live Oak, Florida

ã June 5, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member   MY LAND IS MY HOME 
Sponsored by: ~ SKAT ~

Poem Details | by Travis Lone Hill |
Categories: life, on writing and

A Living Change

If I want it then I best go and get it
If I choose it then I best do it
If I want to go somewhere then why must I choose to hold oneself back
If I want change then why don't I try and make a change

I know Im a sinner and far from being a winner
I see my people eating good but me I usually miss breakfast and dinner
I keep looking for truth on the outside when infact I should be looking inner
I know I keep destroying my lungs and my liver

I know life can be crazy for this young man
I know if I want to be remebered I will have to take a certain indvidualized stand
I know I must do what I must and also do what I can 
I know this must be some sort of Gods plan

I go out writing with a bang
Im going to go married to this literature wearing a a diamond rang (ring)
Im going to write this *****until it gets sung until its finally sang
I do what I do to make some sort a life living change

Poem Details | by Deborah Burch |
Categories: allegory, angst, confusion, death,

The Last Seven Plagues

       The Last Seven Plagues

those who bore 'the mark'
screamed from painful ugly sores
First of the Last Plagues

the sea turned to blood
and everything in it died
Second of Last Plagues

the rivers and springs
became blood--no more water
Third of the Last Plagues

the sun had power
burning people with fire
Fourth of the Last Plagues

kingdom of 'the beast'
was plunged into vast darkness
Fifth of the Last Plagues

       STILL--people cursed God
       and they refused to--REPENT
       global armies formed

the great Euphrates'
water dried up--transit road
Sixth of the Last Plagues

       world economic
       devastation, suicides
       lootings and killings

       stench of dead bodies
       cities on fire--engulfed
       chaos, fear, riots

the sun became darkened
the moon gave no light--all dark
stars fell from the sky

huge exploding holes
in the darkness as they fell
hundreds all at once

       army of 'the beast'
       horizon to horizon
       Plain of Megiddo

clouds blanket the sky
painful peals of thunder roll
gold weaves through the clouds

hundred pound hailstones
fell on unrepentant man
cars, homes, land destroyed

most severe earthquake
islands diappeared--Earth FLAT
splits Jerusalem

then voice from Heaven
"It is done"--is heard by all
Last of the Last Plagues

       wait at Magiddo
       the Son of Man--Returns
       on white horse, in clouds

       blood runs two hundred
       feet wide/long and five feet deep
       bodies explode at

       the sound of The Word
       spoken from the King of Kings
       one-sided battle

anti-christ and false
prophet thrown in lake of fire
beast chained--thrown in pit...

thousand years in pit
(Jesus rules Kingdom on Earth)
then, loosed for a time

there is still HOPE
Know Jesus loves you and died
for your sins--REPENT...

deborah burch ©

Poem Details | by Mike Butler |
Categories: nature

Your Majesty

As his people sit
Below, watching and waiting.
Their Majesty crowned.

Submitted for Raul’s “Sunrise” contest

Poem Details | by Marilyn Williams |
Categories: appreciation, community, dedication, growth,

Rate Me

I like those people who rate my poems that give me food for thought now.

Poem Details | by Adam Taylor |
Categories: anxiety, people, social,


I hate most people
I'm not antisocial though
But they bring drama

Make no mistake friend
Some people i do adore
Some i would die for

Don't worry stranger 
I'm actually friendly
If we had to meet 

I'm just very shy
But I'm not antisocial 
Maybe we should speak

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler |
Categories: life, love, me, books,

My Books

You can call me whatever you want,
but it will not affect me in the leastWhen I
read books I picture myself as the main 
character, like I am really in the story, and
then my books are written in a different 
way many people do not understandMany people
have told me that I cannot write good stories
or poems, and some people say they love my
writing; that they love my creativity, but do you
see I don't believe I write that goodIf there were
no books in the world, I would go absolutly 
crazy! I love books with a cover and paper,
and not those kindle thingsI will never own one of 
those things, I need my books, I need my libraies!
Briana Lynn Palmer
~Dustin's Wife~

Poem Details | by Üzeyir Lokman CAYCI |
Categories: imagination, inspirational, people,

Of two, your uncle doesn't like either

By his attitudes
your uncle resembles
a machine with laughs in brightness! 
With some difficulty
most people stop themselves
from laughing.
Besides, are they are in a state
to laugh -
poor people?
Their problems exceed their means,
high costs exclude...
their children are untenable.
Their waiting
lags behind
the century
nothing else in place
he grabs passers-by
by the nose...
a gag in one hand,
a carrot and an onion
in the other.
As a matter of fact...
what does he want,
your uncle? 
Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI
Magnanville, 17.04.2001 
Traduit par by Yakup YURT en français
French free verse translated into English free verse 
by Joneve McCormick, 16.10.2005

Poem Details | by REBECCA kinnicutt |
Categories: fish,


i swim out in the ocean
i am gray
i love fish
i like to have people watch me