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Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: peace, people, war,


Cries for peace heard loud 
War mongers, rifles lifted 
Silence established! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  06 NOVEMBER 2014 

Poem Details | by Bobb Marly |
Categories: life,


When words flow freely
Emotions released in air
Love and peace prevail

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: anxiety, philosophy, wisdom, world,


                                    ignorance's bad smell 
                                that can be smelt in action
                                   pollutes through chaos

                                    wisdom's silent light  
                                 treasure of all happiness
                                     offer always peace 

Poem Details | by Michael Zavaletta |
Categories: peace, war, prejudice,

The Surest Path to Peace

The path to your peace,
Is not to lay down your arms,
But hold them outstretched.

Abandon your wars,
Your sacred prejudices,
To live born again.

In another's arms,
Surrender yourself to love,
And peace will find you.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: emotions, encouraging,

Fight Off All Our Foes

Everybody knows
That to God want to propose
Hel fight off our foes.

Also want to say
God be in our lives today
Wash our sins away.

Sisters and brothers
God help us to help others
Make us be lovers.

Leave no one behind
May be woman or mankind
Which God has designed.

Have found peace at last
Sorrows remain in the past
Fly flags high on mast.

From now until then
We will not worry again
Now free from all sin.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Soldier and Poet

Poem Details | by Kaa Na Kalyanasundaram |
Categories: art,


In the Buddha's silence
We can see the 
World peace 

.....Kaa Na Kalyanasundaram 

Poem Details | by Robert Candler |
Categories: adventure, age, celebration, education,

Bio in Short

It's been a good run
To the back side of sixty,
The short side of time.

First Hollywood kiss
Behind a pink crepe myrtle.
Thanks, Patsy Werner.

High school was okay.
Didn't help me to focus;
So, my mind wandered.

Surfed Bonzai Pipeline,
Big waves break into lava.
What made me do it?

Vietnam jungles.
I wondered why I was there.
America lost.

Smoking potStereo.
Good fun in the seventies.
Psychedelics too.

And three wives later,
I finally found true love.
We're still together.

My destitute heart,
Saved by the sweetest angel.
I love you, Sandy.

Sooners are my team.
Most winning football program
In the Modern Era.

I am retired now.
But I have plenty to do.
Golf, primarily.

I've been writing more.
Perhaps I will write a book.
I have many tales.

I'd chase young girls; but,
Girls with a "grampa" fetish
Are so hard to find.

If I am lucky,
I will just drop dead one day.
With my peace of mind.

Yes, made a good run
To the back side of sixty,
The short side of time.

Poem Details | by L'nass Shango |
Categories: nature, satirejoy,

Adirondacks Ode

Climb high these mountains
And meet cliffs of history
Snug against the moon

Cold lover's warm kiss
Caress each syllable of song
Love makes joy exist
Adirondacks mist
The milk of mothering trees 
Melted on morning's joy

Tongue lark the dark lakes
Water births of memory
Ego ice thin here 

The nation's blood lens
The red moon night, so pride stakes
Claim to fluid truth
The wind prowls the skin
Stirring leaves of memories
A breast dried of peace  

Algonquian trail
Footsteps eat the span of trees
Man is small in grief

The muskets torment
Fusion of mission and right
The north shrikes lament

And beg migrants gone
But wax wing they shun the sun
Bunting snow for life.

Old Mohawk glory
Gone when forest bare shivers
In castles of ice

Steel teeth scrape the rocks
And eat iron from the ore
Of greed, killing trees

Logging the green tongue
Of the sun's wealth of heat
For this new kingdom

Of civilized men
Performing barbaric feats
Distant from the den.

Dusk the Gilded Age
Of rage.like natives, all past
Diseased to the eye

A new dawn breaks song
And howls of joy claim again
The blessings of rain

Sceptered in the throat
Cities' diamonds of dew
Love of warblers note.

Love is eagle's joy
Climbing high against the breast
Peaking in delight.

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: happiness, imagination, me, world,

A shot of Haiku -CHAIN-

Haiku Chain

Presents wrap by tree
babies first Christmas is here
jet stream follows sleigh ~~by; Royal

jet stream follows sleigh 
Santa's bag floats ocean unknown 
cap is in Spain  ~~by; Goode Guy

cap is in Spain
it blew over the ocean
beating rhythm flows ~~by; Andrea Dietrich  

beating rhythm flows
unnoticed tiny black spot
fly, fly, ride high winds ~~by; Nathan Dilts

fly, fly, ride high winds
bring in the New Year, hurry… 
a parrot shows up  ~~by; Annalise Brigham

a parrot shows up
the world was never so right
as I feel refresh   ~~by; S.Jagathsimhan Nair

as I feel refresh
breeze blows with soothing effect  
as birds fly higher  ~~by; olusegun Arowolo 

as birds fly higher
their iridescent feathers
ribbons in the sky   ~~by; David Williams  

ribbons in the sky
soft whistling pretty lights dance
to sing like a bird   ~~by; Tracie, Indigo Dreamweaver 

to sing like a bird
constrained within emotions
give me liberty  ~~by; David Williams  

give me liberty   
sweet vertigo dizziness 
the flight takes up space  ~~by; Poet Destroyer

the flight takes up space
come and join the view today
birds fly around me   ~~by; Poet Destroyer
birds fly around me 
brown grey with a glowing force
the moon as haze ends  ~~by; Poet Destroyer

the Moon As Haze Ends 
crashing On The Horizon 
with The Rising Sun  ~~ by; Christopher Bunton

With the rising sun 
celebrate the coming home 
maybe peace will reign  ~~by; cecil hickman 

maybe peace will reign
in the silent world this day
all is calm and bright  ~~by; Deb Wilson 

all is calm and bright
just me in my Xmas hat 
and loving all night   ~~by; Michael JFalotico

and loving all night
this a welcome of pure light
power of the wind   ~~by; harry horsman

power of the wind 
a new year begins again
first let's celebrate ~~by; Catie Lindsey

first let's celebrate 
the sweet air brings me your scent 
now I know your here ~~by; Michael JFalotico

now I know your here
Staring out the window,  
upon a (choo) choo train  ~~by; John Rhinem

upon a (choo) choo train
steam blows, lumps in my stocking 
charcoal grey mittens  ~~by; poet destroyer

charcoal grey mittens
the two of us are rocking
choo choo train chuckles  ~~by; S.Jagathsimhan Nair
Team Work -created this haiku chain

Poem Details | by Robert Candler |
Categories: adventure, age, angst, body,

Cold, Flexible Steel

A serial of haikus, all addressing the same topic with 
a hint of humor; but advice that could save your life
or that of a loved one New to PoetrySoup, so I hope 
I'm not "out of order" with this submission or topic

Cold, flexible steel
Probing my dignity...

This “simple” exam
“…could prevent cancer.” they say.

We all have to die,
But not from colon cancer.

There's a downside tho’.
“Yuk! That, nasty brown liquid.”

“But boy, does it work...
Work and work and work some more

Baring your buttocks...
In a fetal position;

“No polyps", they say.
There are no malignancies.

Your colon’s okay.
It’s five years until your next...

Want some peace of mind?
Insurance may pay for it.

One “simple” exam
Can provide that peace of mind.

You might save your life.
Over 45?  Do it!

Cold, flexible steel.
On the other hand, what if…
Something else kills you?

Poem Details | by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: life,

Winter's Karma

How is your Karma
It may be winter outside
inside is your choice

Karma is basic
you give up your selfishness
and peace will follow

Edward J Ebbs - 11/05/11

Poem Details | by Uwe Stroh |
Categories: art, blessing, blue,

Soul Longing

my soul longs
for you to understand
the peace I feel.

Poem Details | by farah chamma |
Categories: adventure, nature

Midday Siesta

Beneath a pleasant
Sun and a gentle gust, I
Doze in peace on grass

Poem Details | by Cynthia Alvez |
Categories: life, tree, bird, bird,

All Creatures Big and Small

In his wisdom God
Created all creatures with
Deep love and purpose


Beautiful bird perched
on tree limb under moon's glow
elegantly dressed


Clouds rest on tree tops
lumpy feather beds billow
horses graze in snow
Jan24, 2007


Proud bird perched so high
silently viewing the world
We await his song
Dec23, 2007


Sun and humming birds
mingle while rainbows arch high
drawing eyes skyward


Tiger baths his wounds
cold water soothes like medicine
he will fight again
October 1, 2007


In him peace abides
Little fellow young and free
God's true gift to me
Dec19, 2007

A Poet Who Loves To Sing

Poem Details | by Ravi Sathasivam |
Categories: peace,

My own proverb

My own proverb...... “ The peace is always buried alive in the name of freedom, where all those fake leaders get together and march forward to the cemetery to bury the body called ‘Peace’ ”. - Ravi Sathasivam

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: love, peace, world,



Oceans filled with tears
Shed by the angels weeping  
For souls fell in war  

Open hearts to love 
Making hate capitulate 
Let's give peace a chance

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     08 JUNE 2013


Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: health, nature,

peace lilies

peace lilies' cobra blooms reach over jacuzzie.. achoo peace disturbed
To me the Peace Lilies blossoms look like a Cobra's Hood...

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: peace, war,



Oceans filled with tears
Shed by the angels weeping 
For souls fell in war 

Fill our hearts with love  
Making war capitulate
Peace forever reigns

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       24 JUNE 2013

Poem Details | by Joshua Adam |
Categories: forgiveness

Let Bygones Be Bygones

dwelling on the past
can offer us no repast
share that peace pipe, fast 

Poem Details | by Patrick Feeney |
Categories: august, farm, happy, life,


Running fingertips
through tall sharp wheat, at peace alone
here, life's my indulgence.

Poem Details | by Tony Driskell |
Categories: africa, america, blessing, career,

Peace Prize

World Peace will prosper 
if prosperity is placed 
second to World Peace

Poem Details | by Sean Kelly |
Categories: nature

Haiku # 30 .. For Raul ..

  Tranquil  country  scene 

  All  at  peace  with  Mother  Earth

  Let's  all  picture  that

Poem Details | by KAYOD5 Kayode |
Categories: peace, symbolism,

The peace sign

Hail all the peace sign:
Although at large a janus,
Monolith at spring.

Poem Details | by Brendan Hardy |
Categories: hope, peace, seasons, war,


- Truth
Remember the truth,
Question those in government…
In full glory reflected.

- Mistake
To war is error,
To offer peace is sublime…
Bombs bursting in air.

- Belief
No matter how hard,
Stand up for what you believe…
O! say can you see.

- Responsibility
I love my country,
Like baseball and apple pie…
The home of the brave.

...(Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

Poem Details | by Yanny Widjanarko |
Categories: introspection,

Blurry Mirror

Steam clouds on mirror
Hide the reflection in blurred
Chose to be unknown

Hidden soul not speak
It says through the words of eyes
I'm living in you

Unnamed solely side
Lived from the remained shadow
Under self conscious

Friend or predator
Both are potentially hurts
Pick the wise answer

Make peace with yourself 
Take two sides in good or bad
Those, the shapes of you

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: animals, introspection, nature, nature,

Pass this Peace to Man

colorful hummingbirds
flutter and nibble berries…
     envious, I watch

the gift of freedom
Ma Nature gives her creatures…
     we fight for our rights

animal kingdom
finds harmony in nature…
     pass this peace to man

For Sidney Lee Ann’s “Haiku from the Heart” 
Traditional Haiku, 5-7-5
By Carolyn Devonshire
This haiku is inspired by the free spirit of animals and how I wish we could enjoy the harmony nature has bestowed upon them

Poem Details | by Matt Ancient |
Categories: abuse, war,


I have fought all my life 
and I only have wisdom
peace and freedom 
left in my arsenal
for the light of peace 
is giving me a signal
saying love for all
and no more war

Poem Details | by Ravi Sathasivam |
Categories: peace,

My own proverb

“ When the devil rules our nationThe peace is jailed forever"

- Ravi Sathasivam

Poem Details | by robert johnson |
Categories: summer,

A Positive Poem

Summer peace alive.
The bloom of warmth in heat.
Winter chill dissolved.

For Elly's a positive poem contest, written june 26th,2014

Poem Details | by Tony Bush |
Categories: allegory, history, people, places,

Stereotype Reinforced

Joke I will bomb you,
Offend my faith, god and I
I threaten you with death?

Am I what joke says?
Offend my faith, god and I
I threaten you with death?

I am not this way,
Offend my faith, god and I,
I threaten you with death?

I want peace and love
Offend my faith, god and I,
I threaten you with death?

I want free speech rights,
Offend my faith, god and I,
I threaten you with death?

Tolerance I preach
Offend my faith, god and I,
I threaten you with death?

Joke I will bomb you,
Offend my faith, god and I,
Prepare for the bomb.

Poem Details | by Bennie6 Haiku Poems |
Categories: poems,

Serious Poem

Only one of the haiku poems below is seriousThe others are frivolousCan you spot the serious poem?

zero, one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven, twelve

Do four out of five
dentists really prefer
sugarless Trident?

twelve, eleven, ten,
nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one, zero

Is a poem any
more than a validation
of our perceptions?

I gave the Peace sign
at a football game and was
handed two hot dogs!

The six questions that
reporters ask are "What?," "Why?,"
"Where?," "How?," "When?," and "Who?"

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra |
Categories: peace, war,


troops marching to church
rejoice in the Son of God
in peace and in war

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, friendship, visionary

G o I n G h A i K u C r A Z y

The Hustler 
sun up ~ to sun..down
racking ~ stacking ~ busting..balls 
cues to leaving  .. fast
The Homeless
seven  ~  eleven
willing to work.for somefood

The Streak  

rampage in the street
running ~ butt ~ naked.again
got ~ caught ~ by ~ the..fuzz



going ~ down ~ the.drain
dwendling ~ future..savings
what will our kids..have

wart of all evil
here a buck and there a buck
out pocket it goes

Heat Of The Night 

under swollen moon
two lovers conjoin in kiss
hooting escalates

Free    Bird        

raptured or captured
theres alot to squak about
when comes to freedom

Tanked   Up   

over lips through gums
look out stomach here it comes
fifth of gin and rum

Gas Wars   

big pot of chili
causing quite the explosion 
between puckered legs

Hell's Fury    

theres a storm coming
and it's right under your feet
better start running

Poet Destroyer    

menacing poet
with only lovely reviews
shine on harvest moon

Long Winded  
blah ~ blah ~ blah ~ blah..blah
garble ~ garble ~ garble...  gosh
will - this - ever..end

The Dead Zone  
six feet or over
pushing up only daises
 rest in peace Daddy

Poem Details | by Allan Granstrom |
Categories: death, family, loss, love,


I love my sister
The way she smiled with her eyes
She smiles for the Lord

My sister Kathy passed last night.
Rest in peace little sister.You 
were too good for this world

Poem Details | by Lamptey Godson Kofi |
Categories: death



For decades this dung fouls the air
Sabotaging our sniffs of the dew scents

The peace we know had risen against us
Standing on our toes like a prodigal Son

Calling from Afghanistan to Pakistan
Dirges for our generation

It has been long, it has been painful
And endlessly, there was one thing

Everywhere of our nooks
His calls sounds bells of hell

His quests smells like blood
Splashing it on every white tomb

Not knowing he exalts martyrs bones
They died in blood of ice

Cold and innocent
Ah, Ah, Ah! those bullets

Thanks he took the last roullette
The end of Osama

A birth of a Lion King, the reign of Obama
Dear world, Offer me a gourd of palm wine

To plead the fishes to mourn him to eternity 
Till father grant him a final hearing

As I wait for his reincarnated soul.

Categories: faith, may, new year,

New Year 2013 may welcome Peace

New Year 2013 may welcome Peace

May the New Year welcome the peace and
Feed good thoughts in our minds
May it sow noble seeds in our land
To change this hell at least as Earth

Bloody violence may go out of this land and
Nasty hunger may go for it’s death
Stupid poverty may reach it’s corner
Lovely world may incarnate from this hell

May my dreams come to true on this dawn
May His mercy shower on our lives
May my pen write prosperity in epics
I want these My Lord bless me to attain

Lazy dogs may go to their pits
Greedy worms may go to their end
Corruptive gems may go to deep
Holy souls may bless to us


Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: beauty,


Brisk as a breeze
Lunar new year installs;
Festive cheer punctuates


Smiling faces exchange
Auspicious greetings;
Mandarin oranges


Red packet gifts
Good fortune and peace;
Happy thoughts


Chinatown tryst
Colorful promenades;
Spirit of joy


Dazzling fireworks
Festival spirits sculpt;
Auspicious message


Wonderful blessings
Extraordinary feasts;
Family celebration


Lunar year deposits
Goat ushers more;
Contentment mingles


Ancient calligraphy
Auspicious messages;
Gold words on red paper


Listen now
Laughter and cheer;
Celebrate new joys


Another year older
Wiser perhaps;
Sync peace of mind


Time to reflect
On peace and joy;
Discover good fortune


Here's to joy
Let peace attend;
Abundance stays


Yu Sheng feast
Shouts of joy;
Fortune galore


Leon Enriquez
23 February 2015

Poem Details | by eddee shaz |
Categories: history, hope, inspirational, life,

Democracy nears revisited

    Democracy nears

   For unknown Arab countries

    Angry Arabs yell

  Suicide bomber

  Islam, Religion of peace 

  Perhaps when they're free

 The Crowed Goes wild
  Egypt  you are next in line     

  Democracy nears  

Poem Details | by Atour Tamrazov |
Categories: family, children, people,

Human Rights

Human rights are the real laws:
To live in peace and not to use any kind of force
Or weapon, people love and be happy!

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: beauty, peace, winter,


                               INTERRUPTION OF SOLITUDE

                                Cloud caressed rock face
                                Cycles of ice hide from wicked wind-- cling
                                Without your consent

                                Uninvited frigid fingers
                                Disturbing peace 

V Anderson Throop Nov 2013

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: war,

Silent Bells - contest

bells silent wartime... people wait to hear them peel announcing peace reigns
Penned July 25th 2015

Poem Details | by Angeline Haikutwinkle |
Categories: insect, music, nature, summer,

Summer Haiku

Waves of fiery heat rattles the peace of all souls on Cicadas' wings

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: august,


Rainy weather
Drenching everything


Mother and child
Dance with drizzle;
Laughter and giggles


Happy lives here
In my house;
A welcome guest


Chinese ghost festival
Lunar seventh month;
Wandering spirits tour


Prayers and offerings
For dead ancestors;
Win-win situation


Church calendar
So much happening;
May lasting peace abide


Gaza strip conflict
Nobody wins;
Both sides suffering


Wars do not end
Peace comes to the dead;
All else is Hell


Love is the cause
Of life -- and life
Embraces all


Words intervene
Hijacks silence;
Elegance signs


Exuberance oozes
Fond passion moves;
Artistic postures


August in tears
Sun on vacation;
Wet masquerades


Emotional departure
Gone forever;
Death is relentless


Bedtime story
Repeat broadcast;
Night after night


50 shades of grey
Nothing erotic;
Hair strands on bald patch


Speak softly
Death's at the door;
Don't disrupt business




Moon glow magic
Through dreary air;
Eerie anti-climax


By that stone bench
Distant Chinese pavilion;
Ghostly presence


Giant moths circle
Waiting to die;
Messy debris 


Dreamy moonlight
Mid-autumn surprise;
Moon cakes and desserts


Leon Enriquez
05 August 2014

Poem Details | by Joshua Adam |
Categories: confusion, forgiveness, friendship, peace,

Anger Defused

A thought provoking
angry words are now exchanged
smiles come, peace remains

Poem Details | by Eugene Harvey |
Categories: butterfly, color, peace,

On Butterfly Wings

carefree butterflies
color’s kaleidoscopic 
never-ending peace 

Poem Details | by Cynthia Alvez |
Categories: nature,

A Swans Song

Diamond clad waters
Quietly quickly he glides
Finding peace divine

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Humid evening
Hot air and disease;
Flu bug on parade!

Old age looks forlorn
My neighbour sits alone;
Keeps own company

Day turns to night time
Cyber sensations;
Wind blown haikus

My mother died alone
Late June last year;
Still, I see her face

Two poodle-terriers
Snoopy and Bear;
Canine matrimony

My dead father
In my mirror glimpse;
Startling son-rise!

Traffic jam scenario
Car number 5000;
Sporty impatience!

Lotus posture here
Waiting on no-thing;
Something happens

Morning Glory flowers
Climbers on the fence;
Noisy children play

Fifty floors above
Skyscraper joggers;
Evening escalates

Stranger smiles
Crowded minimart queue;
Awkward silence cut

Waiting lift crowd
Together yet alone;
Stress and strain percolate

To remember;
Happy ever after

Words cannot
Even tell enough;
Non-fat skimmed milk

Work hard
Diet plan;
Manage self-image!

Our great old man
Frail as bamboo charcoal;
May peace abide

Bright legacy
Warm harmony;
Sepia continuity

Ink my name
On rice paper;
Rain dissolves all

Not much
Not even;
Not enough

Words on electrons
Cyber storage works;
Password protected

Leon Enriquez
21 Feb 2014

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: analogy, horror, imagery, metaphor,

Beast of the Worldast

War is a monster—
A destroying Godzilla:
No peace left behind.

Poem Details | by Zach Aurel Henderson |


I see the water
And it helps me to escape
In peace and love

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Brief message
Wind blows this way;
Listen well


Year ends here
Airline tragedy;
All aboard dead


So much pain
Year-end debris;
Heartaches mourning


Once again
Violent bad weather;
Frightening nature


Flotsam debris
Choppy sea waves;
Swirl dead bodies


Wet monsoon violence
So many lives lost;
Tragic endings


Words cannot contain
Sadness and closure;
Nightmares taunt


Traumatic episodes
So much of pain;
Issues unresolved


To venture forth
Try unknown fate;
Life bears risky moves


Dance to the light
Free from old chains;
Let soul rejoice


Loss brings pain
Terrible and true;
So much suffering


Here and now we pray
For peace to find;
Lead us back home


Tragedy starts
Humanity mourns;
Healing will come


Leon Enriquez
31 December 2014