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Haiku Poems About Ocean | Ocean Haiku Poems

Haiku poems about Ocean and Ocean haiku poems. Read and enjoy these haikus! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Ocean Poems.

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno |
Categories: faith, inspirational, sea

Voice of Truth

Ocean waves cry out,
From the center of the sea:
With faith to reach land.

Poem Details | by Pigeon Tart |
Categories: ocean, pollution,

woe is the sea

                              something grabs my leg

                          plastic bag churned by the tide

                                 ocean clings for life

Poem Details | by Donna Jones |
Categories: ocean,

Old Sailors

old sailors still dream
mermaid beauty unseen
seashell lays on shore

©Donna Jones

Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: change, nature, ocean,

the ocean speaks

the ocean speaks a
language we all understand. . .
serene to surly


Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: nature, sea,

ocean commotion

wind lifts salty air
scent of the sea fills my hair --
fishing without care

pelican dives fast
shrimp on the hook was my last --
strips the bait I cast

turn with quick motion
see crab stealing sun lotion --
ocean commotion

*Entry for Carol’s Rhyming Haiku contest

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra |
Categories: ocean, sun,

An Ocean Sight

the sun is peeking
just over the horizon'
in the ocean blue

Poem Details | by Arnab Mitra |
Categories: life, metaphor, spiritual, symbolism,


Under starlit dome,
across the empty ocean,
I sail all alone.

Poem Details | by John Michaels |
Categories: moon, ocean, sea, space,


Oceans rise and fall to the rhythmic breaths of our luminescent orb ----------------- (C) John C Michaels, 2014 Written for the contest, "Picture This #1" Sponsored by SKAT A Third Place

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: ocean,

cobalt blue

cobalt blue ocean wave against orange sunset.... midnight's darkness waits
Inspired by Skat A's contest Glass Art Written May 25, 2016 Date of first poem: May 8, 2009

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno |
Categories: nature, sea


The hiss of the sea,
From the hollow of a shell;
Soft ocean whispers.

Poem Details | by Laura Leiser |
Categories: ocean,


                                         cataclysmic waves

                                     awaken sailors' nightmares

                                      last rites claimed by sea

Written on 2/10/2016

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: animals, friendship, nature, sea

Birds Across the Blue Divide

The blueing ocean Separate eagle and dove Spiritual birds

Poem Details | by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: hope, sunshine,

Into the blue

Into the blue

dark clouds evanesce
as eyes stare into the blue
ecstasy shimmers ....

serene ocean depths
awaiting reconnaissance 
undulate their throbs ....

Written Jan 13th, 2016
For contest by Anthony Slausen

Poem Details | by Marty Owens |
Categories: music, nature

Picking Up Seashells

Seashell Symphony,
On ear, rhapsody playing.
Ocean Conducting!

Dedicated to're a very good teacher...tell me what you think?

Poem Details | by Ismael Nieves |
Categories: nature, sea

Olden Ocean

White curl'd hairs of spumes
reveals its longevity-
Blue Ocean of Old

Poem Details | by Luke Steadman |
Categories: nature

Sea Glass And Skipping Stones...

waves shape the sea glass

rain paints the skipping stones

sand frames the ocean

Poem Details | by Nayda Ivette Negron |
Categories: ocean,

Blue Turquoise

a cruise sails between
the fog cloud that looms in the
blue turquoise ocean


Poem Details | by Paula Swanson |
Categories: nature

Sandcastle Clouds

Devoid of ocean....
                  with ever changing magic

                                      my sandcastle clouds

Placement: 10th

Poem Details | by David O'Haolin Whalen |
Categories: bird, emotions, ocean, sea,

Seaside Haiku

Salt spray and Seagull Cries…swaying palms…healing balm Soothe both ears and eyes

Poem Details | by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: appreciation, character, ocean,

Ocean Awe

salty intrigue drifts ocean conduct swells mans awe ... sea deeply aloof
... CayCay Jennings May 5, 2018

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: animal, nature, sea,

seal watch

azure blue ocean grey seal sunbathes on dark rocks picture perfect scene I witnessed this scene this morning when we were doing a recce for a walk with are doing tomorrow with people with visual impairment 3/1/20

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: ocean,

Water Haiku

beautiful oceans ~
attract swimmers and surfers
home to predators ~

Written 14th August 2018

For water themed haiku poem poetry contest sponsored by Tania Kitchin

Poem Details | by Elaine Gonzales |
Categories: ocean, sea,


sunken galleon
underwater museum
marine life blossoms

8 May 2018

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: beach, sea, world,

Ocean Waves

waves come crashing in topple castles made of sand what will future bring Sandra M. Haight ~1st Place~ Contest: Haiku - Theme Sea - Ocean Sponsor: Mick Talbot Judged: 05/11/2018

Poem Details | by Alfred Berggren |
Categories: beauty,

Sea and Shore

Blue ocean meets shore
White caps against cliffs and rocks
Trees on cliffs look down

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: beautiful, nature, ocean, paradise,

tropic triangle

Fiji eve, afire ... palms blow kisses to the moon - jealous coral sky ~ Written and submitted on September 28, 2018 For the "Haiku In The Tropics" Poetry Contest Julia Ward, Judge & Sponsor

Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: ocean,


     shoreless bounding main
          veiled magic in such splendor
               laughing at its yoke

Water Themed Haiku Contest
Sponsored by Tania Kitchen

Poem Details | by Sandra Weiss |
Categories: appreciation, music, ocean, sea, song,

Song of the Sea

                                 a voice is calling
                    music that's heard by the heart
                              the song of the sea

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: bird, food, ocean,

an ocean banquet

a giant krill ball attracts whales seals sharks and birds ~ a feeding frenzy
Written 23 May 2019 For writing challenge 3, May 2019, Nature haiku poetry contest. Sponsored by Dear Heart.

Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: love, ocean,

Ocean Waves Haiku

restless ocean waves
in tender, passionate moods-
undulating love

- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - 
Contest: Ocean Waves Haiku
[5/7/5 syllable form only]
Hosted by Tania Kitchin
Placed 3rd
© 26th January 2019 

Poem Details | by george seal |
Categories: boat, ocean,


    ocean waves capsize
    a message in a bottle
    drifts upon the tide

    1 / 27 / 2019.

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: ocean,


waves cascading swift pebbles surfacing the shore turquoise blue heaven May 6, 2018

Poem Details | by Gary Smith |
Categories: ocean,

Death On The Beach

Partners in rhythm
Each following another,
To die on the beach.

Entry for Ocean Waves Haiku
[5/7/5 syllable form only]
By Tania Kitchin
26th January 2019. Placed 6th.

Poem Details | by Kaveesha Ruwindi |
Categories: nature, ocean, sea,


pearl edged milk white foam
        bright blue under blinding sun
bursts salty sea spray

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: beauty, imagery,


azure ocean waves
         cascade against fervent tides-
                         florid oasis

Haiku in the Tropics Contest
Julia Ward
September 27, 2018