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Poem Details | by Maria Williams |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, dance, flower,

Seduction In Spring - A Haiku Garland

Cherry Blossoms Bloom Resplendently dressed in Pink Seducing the Spring Glory unfolding They release their sweet fragrance Pirouette and twirl Music from the breeze With limbs so graceful swaying Blushing and bowing Time of renewal A fleeting symbol of life In two weeks farewell Ethereal Muse Celebration of nature Next spring awaits you
Author's Note: I hope that in this set of Haiku, I've managed to convey the traditional importance of the Cherry Blossom Season in Japan. Cherry blossoms are the symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal and the fleeting nature of lifeTheir life span is very shortAfter their beauty peaks around two weeks, the blossoms start to fall I liken these flowers to the beautiful Heavenly elusive Muses, the daughters of Zeus. The awesomeness of the natural beauty of Japan is continued in the my poem and arrangement - 'A Rose by any other name ---'

Poem Details | by Sheri Fresonke Harper |
Categories: death, depression, loss, nature,

Texas Wildflower Haiku : Widow's Tears

sun’s heat sunders sand
clustered lanced leaves green hug
widow’s tears collapse

Widow’s Tears is the common name for Commelina erecta varangustifolia, they bloom on 
Texas beaches in sand or clay, and have the characteristic of flowering early in the morning 
and fading by noonThe bloom in all seasons but I chose spring to be more commonly 

[1] Wildflowers and Other Plants of Texas Beaches and Islands, Alfred Richardson

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: break up, cry, depression,


SASH OF TEARS The frigid air suffocates slow the crimson heart: sash of tears... ________________________________ ***#1 Pretty Little Lunes - Poetry Contest Sponsor Name - Andrea Dietrich Olive Eloisa Guillermo 9:50 pm, August 02, 2015

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: christmas, jesus,


                                   Holy infant's born 
                                 in Bethlehem of Judah
                                   His name is Jesus

                                  on the Christmas eve
                                we celebrate His Birth Day
                                     our savior angel

                                  Christmas carol's sung 
                                light illuminates from tree
                                 Santa brings sweet gifts

                                       Universal heart 
                                  with unconditional love
                                  showed the path of God

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: love, nature,

Valentine Haiku

the tide sweeps the sand your name written by my hand gone, but not forgotten

Poem Details | by kash poet |
Categories: romance,

your name in my heart

your name in my heart
puzzles the doctor


© kash poet

Poem Details | by Aaron Wheeler |
Categories: age, death, life,


Body aches and pains.
Limbs unwilling to function.
My name is old age.

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: environment, nature, people,


Furious Zorbas*

Nature's Nemesis arrived

Hubris' aftermath !

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      01 October 2018


*"Zorbas" is the name given to a cyclone that appeared in
the mediterranean sea and has afflicted, mainly, Greece for a week now
causing considerable damages, including loss of lifeUsually we 
do not see Cyclones in this part of the world but with the climate
change we will see them more often! Man has to learn to respect
mother nature and to avoid Hubris! 

Poem Details | by Suzette Richards |
Categories: history, poetry,


For those people too stubborn or too set in their ways to listen to another point of view: HEADNOTES  are NOT titles and they do not add to the syllable countThey are used with haiku or tanka poetry to set the scene  - like a signpostWithout it the reader will be totally lost (unless he/she has a VERY broad base of international knowledge)REAMS have been written about the MEANING of some of Basho's haikuWhy? Because it is ambiguous and, therefore, understanding them and translating them is difficultEg "the crow" and "frog pond" are only two of such haiku people are having difficulty with to come to a consensus as to what the poet intended to convey with these haiku 

Why Say More? The Problem of Titling Tanka
First published in the Tanka Society of America Newsletter 3:1, March 2002, pages 12–15While focused on tanka, the insights I hope this essay offers, apply equally well to haiku.

Tanka in Japan sometimes have headnotes as opposed to titles, but it is NOT a sixth line to the poem! Headnotes explain the “circumstances of the poem”—the context or settingAgain, though, headnotes are not at all like titles, and one need not be a particularly astute reader of tanka to spot the difference; headnotes are typically factual, locational, or anecdotal, whereas titles are often symbolic or intellectualThe headnotes, if used at all, do not fight with the tanka aesthetic, whereas titles typically do.

From my Blog Posted:11/5/2012 12:01:00 AM: http://www.poetrysoup.com/poetry_blogs/blog_detail.aspx?PoetID=30875&BlogID=13720


Hoeri 'kwaggo
raised from the sea – 
the tablecloth spread

a pallet
on which hope rests – 
cold sand clings


Hoeri 'kwaggo:  Table Mountain, “Mountain of the sea” in Khoi San.
Table Mountain is renowned for its tablecloth when the strong south-easterly wind blows.
Bloubergstand/ Beach: Means "blue mountain" - hence the place name (AND THE ATLANTIC OCEAN IS VERY COLD ALL YEAR ROUND) It is an iconic image of Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand
The motto of Cape Town (which nestles at the foot of Table Mountain, is Spes Bona ( Latin for "Good Hope")
Cape of Good Hope is one of the 7 historical names of Cape Town

Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: happiness, imagination, mystery


Had a dream last night
spring has such beautiful dream...
I won't tell you!

©   Joseph, May 22, 2009
©   All Rights Reserved

Joseph SSpence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languagesHe invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinksHe is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a fewJoseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: happiness, hope, inspirational, nature,

God's Radiance

blossom in our lives
       such a flower of fragrance:/
              sunshine in our hearts

©   Joseph, May 16, 2009
©   All Rights Reserved


Joseph SSpence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languagesHe invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinksHe is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a fewJoseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


Poem Details | by Koko Koomoa |
Categories: nature, places

Mauna Kea

sharp wind and snowfall etched name on ancient mountain light archs-cut angles mists circle summit chilled lava rock formations Pele vacations night falls mistily artistic rain brushed dreamscape Mauna Kea sleeps Mauna Kea, located on "The Big Island of Hawaii" is Hawaii's largest Volcano,usually having snow atop the summit year round.

Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: faith, happiness, hope, peace,

Self Reflection

treasures of beauty positive thoughts inspired like sun's rays at dawn ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~ © Joseph, May 17, 2009 © All Rights Reserved ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~ Joseph SSpence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is published in seven different languagesHe invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which focuses on succulent cuisines and drinksHe is published in various forums, including the World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a fewJoseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran. ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~

Poem Details | by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: funny, love,

Wolfman Falls in Love

A car door opens
her long shapely leg steps first  
this is love or lust 

The heart beat flutters
he watches each moves she makes
deep within he sighs

Which move shall he make
I am so sorry Wolfman
this tail is taken

Her name is Molly
she does tricks for her master
rolls over and sits

Edward J Ebbs
Inspired by contest - NA

Poem Details | by Ravi Sathasivam |
Categories: peace,

My own proverb

My own proverb...... “ The peace is always buried alive in the name of freedom, where all those fake leaders get together and march forward to the cemetery to bury the body called ‘Peace’ ”. - Ravi Sathasivam

Poem Details | by Bongani Zungu |
Categories: tribute, women, women, women,

Black Friday

Love your neighbor as you love yourself
What happened to our mind set?
She’s an infant not a cure for aids
She’s pure why forcefully snitch her virginity 
Respect our women you selfish men

South Africa you’ve made a name for yourself “rape capital” 
Let us unite against rape and restore our good name
My beloved South Africans unite!
Unite against women and child abuse
One person raped is one too many

Anene Boysens, your death united the nations
United, they condemned discrimination against women
They said” every girl has a right to be respected and protected against women abuse”
How long should we take this barbaric conduct?  
We owe it to all the victims to fight this disease

Woe to your power assertive rapists
Woe to you anger retaliation rapists
Woe to you sadistic rapists
Woe to you juvenile sex offenders
Woe to you women offenders	

14 February after sun set a word went forth
Rapists have no place in South Africa
February 15, 2013 declared a black Friday
We shall remain black until we defeat rape
Victory is within our reach, fight against rape.

Poem Details | by David Byrne |
Categories: allegory,


My name is Vermin
I deserve, no I assert
My right to exist

Poem Details | by jack horne |
Categories: murder,

Beatle Mania

he signs his name - -
a madman smiles and strokes 
his revolver

John Lennon
For Rhonda’s Beatle Mania contest

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: love,

a permanent scar

a permanent scar an earthquake crack in pavement.. the broken heart bleeds one name no longer appears in the new poem list... sigh, heart racing gone romantic poems filled a gap in this empty life... would you write love soon?
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A Contest: (Double) Valentine Haiku Plus Questionku #2 Written: February 2, 2015

Poem Details | by John Posey |
Categories: pets,

Haiku Town Dog

Town dog’s name -- Buster He limps on once broken leg But runs like a pup Story never told How Buster’s leg was broken Silence rule invoked Countless times I’ve asked But no one wants to tell me How this came about No one wants to talk About Buster’s tragedy They hide truth from me Someone will talk soon Of this there is certainty Truth exists somewhere The tomcat is mute Ne’er spoke a word about it I feel he is key Friends they used to be And friends they are till this day Friends don’t rat on friends.

Poem Details | by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: art, beautiful,

Uluru -Haiku-

A name for Ayers Rock Aboriginise people think it brings bad luck Copyright Cynthia Jones July.26/2007

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra |
Categories: childhood, children, life,

A bully

What makes a bully?
sarcasm and name calling
are a bully’s traits

Poem Details | by KAYOD5 Kayode |
Categories: animal, fun,

Dog debates Fox

Dog debates Fox.

D :   Cold or warm,wooo;
        Snoring to the mock of change-
        In my cot I sleep.

F :  Hot or chill,wooo;
      Strolling the green at my will-
      No chain in my neck.

D :  Round the clock,wooo;
       Bone certain,water is sure-
       All days as christmas.

F :  All hours I am high;
      Freshest is the flesh I eat-
      In my strength I live.

D :  Day and night is health;
       DrVet watches with care-
       Which ailment feared I?

F :  Now and then I bounce;
      Barks, leaves, seeds’ potency-
      No human error.

User’s name : Kayod5
Contest         : What does the Fox say?
Inspiration    : Aoo.. oo!
Sponsor        : Skat A


Poem Details | by David De la Croes |
Categories: autumn, flower, metaphor,


strelitzias die -
shrunken birds of paradise
sag between green leaves

* It is now autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.
Strelitzia is a genus of five species of perennial plants, native to South Africa A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower.

Poem Details | by Zach Taurosa |
Categories: absence, allah, animal, autumn,

Prim The Stim

There is an imp name stim
Stim touched the rim
his dads name is bim
they eat out of bins
heres my crim
buy some din
eat some tim
watch out its a rim
oh no stim ate rim
watch out IM ****ING RETARDED!

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: art, family, nature, grandmother,

noritake haiku

in spring she whispers a sip of shinto sun wen lotus sways below cobalt sky a thought of sobo pink cherry blossom's swirl the porcelain plate hands folded in prayer _______________________________________________________ Sobo- Grandmother Shinto- All Nature / Worship / Ancestors / Spirit / Belief / Sacred Power Noritake Cobalt / Piled 3-high / A Sip Saki or Sake' then passed / Three Three Nine / A Geisha gets her name / Shinto

Poem Details | by Virginia Mitchell |
Categories: nature, seasons

Earth changes season Haiku

Sponsor Carol Brown 

earth changes seasons… life timed for exaltations buds profusely bloom tides of fragrance spill invigorating senses… beauty flourishes hopes rise from seedpods roots in rich soil awaken… spring’s alleluia

Poem Details | by Terry O'Leary |
Categories: lost love,

I'll Always Remember - 'Haikuized'

The moment we met.
Haunting meadows in springtime,
Your slim silhouette.

A slumbering fawn
Awakes in new morning dawn.
The ghost of your eyes.

Your singular smile 
Feigning figures and fancies.
 The phantoms that guile.

Fair feathers were fanned -
Ruffled wing of a sparrow.
The touch of your hand.

Inside still a boy
Body burning aflutter
I jittered with joy.

The sound of your laugh.
Ocean waters were splashing,
A midsummer bath.

We strayed on the strand 
Your hair, long, tousled and blown
A moment, alone.

I started to spin
Beneath skies opening wide.
Your breath on my skin.

Being drawn aside 
The mysteries of love unwind
Two tongues are entwined.

Falling from above
Fires we shared in late fall.
The fury of love.

Passions which flowered,
Painted stars the night showered.
The brightness of day

Your name and ‘farewell' -
Two words tolled in winter’s sky.
A shattering knell 

She left while I slept.
A farewell note near the nook
I read while I wept.

 Note: this was an attempt to ‘Haikuize’ my rhyme “I’ll Always Remember” – thus, it’s a learning experiment...
Experts, please forgive..

Poem Details | by david mohn |
Categories: loss,

aha moment

married forty years
space for one more name on stone…
lawnchair dents in grass

-03 Aug 2014-

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson |
Categories: people, moon,

a wolf moon

a wolf moon 
through my kitchen window --
spring trout thawing

The Wolf Moon is the name given by Native Americans to a full moon that occurs in JanuaryNative Americans chose this name because they heard hungry wolf packs …

Poem Details | by Rhia Madison Thomer |
Categories: angst, death, lost love

Last Promise

I left you with one
promise hanging on my tongue.
So tell me my love,

do the words still haunt
you? I can hear your heart call
my name across hell.

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: adventure, art, imagination, life,

Fantastic Delight

Ballistic travels
Collapsing apprehension
Milky Way of light 

written for
Sponsor ^Rick Parise 
Contest Name Haiku Beyond (Nature Only) 

Poem Details | by Brandee Augustus |
Categories: nature

The Lily

delicate and light
in all its spotted glory
thy name is tiger

Poem Details | by James Ph. Kotsybar |
Categories: science, space, tribute, planet,

Martian Conniosseur

MAVEN tastes the air
too thin to hold oceans' broth
wafted on Sol's winds.

Note: this is my entry for NASA's "Going To Mars" campaign I believe it deserves to win, because in 17 syllables it not only summarizes MAVEN's (Mars Atmospheric Volatile EvolutioN) mission, but also alludes to the meaning of its name as an expert or connoisseur (as though it were a master chef, lifting the lid on the desert planet to sample its boiled away oceans) If you agree with me, please visit the link below (just copy and paste it into your browser) to vote your support, before July 29 You may make this offering one of three haiku to be carried to Mars -- THE FIRST POETRY TO ANOTHER WORLD.
Thanks to you all.

Poem Details | by ChiquitaChiamaka Baity |
Categories: lost love

Broken Heart

                                          Everything will be fine
                                             Have you ever loved?
                                                  Where is time?

Chiquita Baity
Contest Name Quinzaine 
Sponsor Dr.Ram Mehta

Poem Details | by Betim Muco |
Categories: love


Illiterate is the rain
Rolling down the windowpane
But it can write your name 

Poem Details | by Bradley Musgrave |
Categories: christian, god, jesus, religion,

To Philadelphia, Revelation 3: 7-13

This is 'His' letter,
to the Philadelphians,
and the angel there:

"The words of the one,
who is both holy and true.
I know all your works.

I hold David's key
and I have opened a door
which no one can shut

Your might may be small,
yet you haven't denied me.
You have kept my word.

I will bend their knees,
those who lie about their faith,
the church of Satan.

The wicked will learn
that it is you who I love
while down at your feet.

Patient endurance
this is my word you have kept
so you will be spared

You won't stand trial
unlike those who dwell on earth
when I come again.

I am coming soon.
Hold fast to the crown you have,
so no one may seize

The one who conquers,
will become like a pillar
within God's temple.

I will write three names
The name of GodMy own name.
New Jerusalem.

He who has an ear
let him hear the Spirit speak
unto the churches.

Poem Details | by emily humphreys |
Categories: philosophy,


Eternal greatness,
For his name to be revered.
The nature of man.

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: adventure, happiness, husband, love,

Blatancy Ours

Take over control 
Nakedness raptures no thought
Deeper firmer still

written for

SandyIvy Davis
Contest Name Natural/Nature Sexy Haiku 

written by
Cecil Hickman

Poem Details | by Courtney Dyer |
Categories: introspection, life, nostalgia

A man named Courtney

His name was Courtney
Met him on trip to New York
I rode in his cab

Poem Details | by kristi hayner |
Categories: education


taking a class on 
being assertive with love 
I've been so confused

mixed up passive with
whimpy and aggressive with 
assertive 'til now

no wonder the life-
less devestation I've left
in my dreadful wake

is my middle name for sure
been without a clue

childhood needs unmet
caused me to rush about to
make up for lost time

blind reality
in a huge fog of smoke
lost lil girl searching

for a better way
without losing all I thought 
that I'd been learning

Poem Details | by dana routheaux |
Categories: inspirational, god, change, god,

Wake up People

I'll tell you whats wrong with the world today, Everyone all caught up in texing facebook and all this here say.

People so busy with their lives and making money, Did you dumb asses forget why GOD put u here it isnt even funny.

Whether you believe in GOD or not were here for one thing, its about showing love not whose got the biggest bling

GOD gave me one gift its called I keep it real, I'll call you out on your stuff and tell you how I feel.

Pick a topic any topic and I'll spit my shit, the only question is can you handle it.

If I had my way theirs a few things I would do, Get rid of the death penalty, change the drug laws, put child molesters on an island alone just to name a few.

 People can change this I know, We all got love its in our SOUL.

Poem Details | by Bradi Gallagher |
Categories: dedication, devotion, feelings,


Buddhism, Hinduism,
Islam and New Thought

Faiths to name a few!
Most use faiths to find a way, 
Through life's decisions

Faith is beautiful
Creates a life of blessing, 
To help fulfill lives

No one should have faith,
If they are following blind
Evaluate first

Have reasons for it
Not because others tell you
You should be able

Believe in yourself
For you'll have the most doubt there
If you can do this

Faith will come easy
So please believe in yourself 
To believe in Faith

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: dedication, devotion, friendship, happiness,


Sweet kisses of fall
Brings sensual caresses
That charms winters chill

Touch of winter’s charm
Wrapped up in awesome delight
Delivers embrace

Emotions of sight
Raptures heavenly spring sounds
Building into heat

Summers delightful
Fun, fantasy of the mind
Dearest affection

ps: sweet love to all at PS and the world as well the universe.


written for
Sponsor Destroyer ~ Poet  

Poem Details | by Sharika Sellman |
Categories: family, children, friendship, happiness,

Auntie's Prince

Kyree' is his name 
The love we share is insane 
He is Aunties' Prince ? ?

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler |
Categories: brother, friendship, love, love,

My Big Brother Sam

So my big brother
Samuel James, goes
by the name Sam, he
Started out as my friend,
but now he's my big
brother; the one who's
always there, the one
who will always stick up
for me, and help me anyway
he can, will never do me
wrong, always true, always
honest, always the Big Brother
I love forever~n~always,
To death and beyondm and that beyond
is eternallySam you always
know how to make me happy it's
hard not to laugh around you, then put
you and my sexy hubby together & it's
so funny, and fun, and Priceless.
I see a family full of love,
the one who can never hurt me,
The one who is amazing and fun to be around,
I love you Big Brother Sam!
Briana Lynn Palmer
~Dustin's Wife~

Poem Details | by kash poet |
Categories: father, sad,

same childhood home



                                                      same childhood home---
                                                     only Dad's name missing
                                                       from the name plate


Poem Details | by R.L. Bunch |
Categories: poetry, spiritual,

10 Holy Haiku and Senryu Poems

Routing Evil:
Over plains ink prints
Tales of God routing evil.
Jesus finds and saves

Passion Sunday:
The passion of Christ.
Jesus was hanged on a cross.
Truly this was God.

Blind Man:
A blind man washes
Clay in the pool of Siloam.
Now he see's the light.

Thirsty Israelites:
Thirst in the desert.
Moses taps water from rock.
They now drink refreshed.

The Transfiguration:
Peter, James and John
Are taken up a mountain.
Jesus does transform.

The Light of Jesus:
We bless our candles.
Light has come into the world,
His name is Jesus.

Be Perfect:
Be holy for God.
Have love for your enemies
As the perfect Christ.

Free in Christ:
Jesus came to free
Us from the power of sin,
Death and selfishness.

The Salt of the Earth:
Having mercy and
Pursued for God’s righteousness
You are now earth's salt.

The Walls of Jericho:
Walking by the walls.
On the seventh day it fell
With trumpets and shouts.

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson |
Categories: life

Associated Haiku

the garden pond
carefully placed....
see frozen goldfish
frozen goldfish--
coolly await
spring thaw

spring rain
falls softly --
a wet massage

the masseuse
strong fingers but--
no candy

the candy store
millions of flavors--
calories counted

food cops
now in schools....
can’t read

the writing spider
writes your name and you die....
no spell check

checks and balance....
is only found
In banking

Mexican food
source of the winds...
bank on that

the winds
creeping in silence...
very deceptive

deceptive haiku
just had to get noticed....
now paying price

Poem Details | by Bennie6 Haiku Poems |
Categories: horse,

Lily from the Paddock

A talented toad
hopped on a horse name Lily,
riveting the crowd!