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Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: spring,

New Beginings

     a young wing flutters
     warmer nights laved in moon beams
     spring's new soul takes flight

     Spring Haiku Contest
     Sponsored by Tania Kitchen


Poem Details | by Deborah Burch |
Categories: allegory, art, lost love,

Amended-Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'

A Van Gogh's "Starry Night"

gamboge moon and stars
dance haloed whirlwind marriage
in violet sky

while black cypress looms
past swirling clouds as fleeting
requiem for love

through bright starry eyes
secluded heart still searches

©deborah burch

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: nature, space


From the surface of The moon, light reflected gives Off that rainbow scene For when the moon is Near to full, at it's brightest Opposite of her And natures rains fall Combination creates, a Moonbow oh! so rare http://www.thehighlanderspoems.com/nature-5.php

Poem Details | by kash poet |
Categories: imagination

sleepless night

sleepless night---
the moon becomes
more familiar

© kash poet 2012

Placement: 1st;(Feb2012)

Contest: Any Verse Maxm12 lines

Sponsor: Brian Strand

Poem Details | by Maria Williams |
Categories: blue, moon, romance, rose,

Blue Moon

Illuminating The dark space between the stars The Silver Moon sails
What all lovers look out for on this romantic star studded night HAPPY VALENTINE DAY Video: Chris Isaak - Blue Moon

Poem Details | by Michael Jordan |
Categories: nature

The Drifter

for but a moment
the moon shall rest on the sea
drifting with the tide

Written for Raul's contest.
I love that picture Raul -

Poem Details | by Dear Heart |
Categories: moon,

Haiku - drunken moon

lovely and tipsy blue moon dips into the sea falling dreamily ______________________________ July 2, 2015 Poetry/Haiku/drunken moon Copyright Protected, ID 15-6860-85-0 All Rights Reserved Written Under Pseudonym. For the contest, Drunken Moon, sponsor, Skat Third Place

Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: art, nature, seasons,

colors of pumpkin

colors of pumpkin, 
vermillion and deep gold---
    veiled mysteries air

branches intertwine
in a sea of canopies---
    harvest moon rises

gilded by the dawn
and swayed by a seasoned wind---
    shades of art abound

Poem Details | by kash poet |
Categories: inspirational,

after my prayer

every evening
after my prayer---
the moon so new

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: moon, nature, space, star,

Mother Moon

Sailing the sky-seas, Ship of light; ship of madness; Mother moon beguiles

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: beauty,

Drunken moon

drinking in the night
fully mooning the night sky
embarrassed sinks low

By Richard Lamoureux
For SKAT's Drunken moon contest.
Written June 4th, 2015.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: night,

cresent moon

cresent moon cradles a dark heavy pregnancy... almost touching earth
The moon on Wednesday night was crescent shaped on the very bottom next to the earth and it seemed like the moon was nearly touching the earth.

Poem Details | by Deborah Burch |
Categories: allegory, art, lost love,

Van Gogh's Starry Night

Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”

gamboge moon and stars
dance haloed whirlwind marriage
in violet sky

lemon-greens and greys
calm sleeping childhood mem’rys
beneath white steeple

as black cypress looms
past swirling clouds like fleeting
requiem for love

deborah burch

Poem Details | by david mohn |
Categories: tree,

Halloween Trees

   twisted shadows creep
into yards and fertile minds…
   autumn moon on trees

      ~~20 Oct 2014~~

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: beautiful,


as the moon peeks through
the willow’s slender branches
his long eyelashes

Written 1/15/14

Poem Details | by Pandita Sanchez |
Categories: drink, earth, irony, moon,

Drunken Moon

Drunken Moon
the drunken moon spots its own reflection and thinks… earth’s tipsy again
07-03-2015 Contest: Drunken Moon Contest Sponsor: SKAT A Placement: 6th

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: autumn, beautiful, color, imagery,


Warm days and cold nights a clash of bucks rutting wild snowflakes scent the wind. Autumn paints the leaves cascading colors tumble crimson carpets stone. Ripe for Halloween an eery pumpkin patch gleams the moon glows orange. Written Oct.21, 2015 for "Autumn Haiku - Poetry Contest".

Poem Details | by Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis |
Categories: nature,


HAIKU #1-14 (Taken from my files totaling 12,016 haiku, started in 2/9/06)

Ants red as wine                                      A black spider seem to own
dine on yellow nectar                                squatter's rights right on
from a juicy mango                                  our front porch.

Day of rain and                                         A quiet gentle breeze brought
zero visibility, then                                     thoughts of Belize and
pastel evening sky                                   New York's Hudson.

Morning draped in silk                                 Drenched from his walk
of white as we await snow                          a lone man sat basking on
and sleet and cold rain                             bench in sudden sunshine.

In dreariness of winter                               Driving home by night
my philodendron buds stands                      I fled the signal of a white
erect and frozen                                     hand hitchhiking.

Earth held in traction                                 In temp of one hundred
by glistening silver moon                             a black bird basked
full like a balloon                                      in my shadow.

Blond rabbit pregnant                                 In dark of night 
with spunk often visit and                           With full moon bright
side with the husband                                military copters all in a row.

A spider sleeps all day                                 In early morn my pen
then wake up and work                                poised like stillness of
at post twilight time                                  trees awaiting breeze.

Poem Details | by Herbert Siao |
Categories: imagery, inspiration, moon, peace,

Drunken Moon

**blood moon** 

Waiting for night fall 
The moment of love is made 
The moon is bruised 

~a poet destroyer collaboration~ 

Poem Details | by Afolabi Muideen |
Categories: allegory,

Eve moon

Eve moon as twilight
Glow as sun a fame of Cloud
Passing by makes the

Orb seems to move till
It inch by inch vanished
Within cloudy sky 

This is my first time to give haiku a try please criticize I want to learn it heart.

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: humor,



               Harlot moon
           Languishes in star bath

Victoria Anderson-Throop

the moon last night made me want to repeat this favorite of mine!

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: death, imagination, inspirational, introspection,


Silver full moon above
Touching snow covered mountains
As you slowly set

Poem Details | by dennis lee |
Categories: imagination, introspection, nature, on

Writer's Block , v.2

quarter moon in sight,
partially hidden by clouds.
just like my verses.

Poem Details | by Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick |
Categories: nature


Hard falls the dark night
Sister moon ascends the heights
Moonbeams filter through

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: daughter, nature,

Haiku 919

full moon of autumn-
as big as my daughters eyes
at the pumpkin patch

Poem Details | by jack horne |
Categories: money,


a sample of rock
collected from the moon - -
bidders go crazy

for Carolyn's gemstone contest

Poem Details | by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: emotions, moon, night,

Crescent Moon Frowning

Crescent moon frowning
It seems, from my vantage point
My head tilted up

Haiku Poetry Contest/Winner(3rd Place)
Sponsored by: Deborah Guenther Beachboard
Date written and posted: 05/01/2016

Poem Details | by Nayda Ivette Negron |
Categories: sky,

Carmine Welkin

scarlet firmament 
announces sundown and rising 
of first quarter moon 


Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: moon,

Haiku About Moon And Honey

full moon filling honey jars at dusk

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: solitude,

Haiku - Alone With The Moon

vacant eyes glisten behind the window pane alone with the moon

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: moon, sensual,


MOON SPOON gossamer moon shine boat rocks gentle back and forth trees sway in the breeze

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: heaven, light, moon,


Mystic moon lit sky

Light set sea's face on fire

Ladder to heaven!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     12 July 2017

Poem Details | by ARBOL VERDE |
Categories: love, moon,


       Pregnant moon blushing
     Clouds sailing along smiling
   lovers holding hands

     Just learned about syllables in HaikuUpdated

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: beautiful, nature, ocean, paradise,

tropic triangle

Fiji eve, afire.. palms blow kisses to the moon - jealous coral sky ~ Written and submitted on September 28, 2018 For the "Haiku In The Tropics" Poetry Contest Julia Ward, Judge & Sponsor

Poem Details | by Chantelle Anne Cooke |
Categories: adventure, football, sea, sun,

Superbowl LA Rams

Town of sun and sea
Alas, victory for us
We fans breathe moon air

January 21st 2019

Poem Details | by Valerie Staton |
Categories: moon, river, water,

Silver Moon

Silver Moon
by Valerie DStaton

Silver moon at rest
Beside darkened river edge
Opaline water 

Poem Details | by MAHTAB BANGALEE |
Categories: how i feel,

yellow moon

yellow moon slowly
as the yolk
lit up the body!

-March 10, 2019 Chattogram

Poem Details | by Charles Melody Lightning Ink |
Categories: philosophy

Lightning Haiku's

Brief jagged sky torch
Never permanent in sky
Coming and going.

Flashing stammerer
Strong voice like bomb blast
Rainy days colleague.

Sky light!!
The moon and stars all give way,
Lightning train is come.

In my serene sleep
Lightning roar in rainy night
Singing lullaby....


Poem Details | by Carol Sunshine Brown |
Categories: nature,

Sun Moon

light parades through clouds
heat is coming down from sky
bright shine sets the day
brightness lights the night
shadows are cast all about
stars sparkled about
a day of delight
closes into a night of bliss
sun and moon collide
For P.D's 3rd Place winner contest 4th Place Winner For Linda-Marie's "Haiku Hodgepodge..Trio Contest Written by: Carol Brown 3rd Place Winner

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: forgiveness, girlfriend-boyfriendnight, night,

*G.oing H.aiku* (-: *C.razy* :-)

** G.H.C.** by: P.D.

(* BROKEN *)

Steping on dried leaves
The earthquake under my feet
7 years bad luck~~
(* ANGRY *)

Breathing out steam
I hate all your excuses

With a moonlight kiss
One night and it's all over
Happy hunting days~~


I need your fang-s
Bite real deep into my soul
My blood is all yours~~

Insomnia has me
Keep me by your finger tip
I am still awake~~

Your my addiction 
Hypnotize like a zombie
Feeding off your brain~~
(* HUNGRY *)

Feeding the wolf-ffff
Bloody leaves under body
Nature takes it's course~~
(* SWEET & SOUR *)

Wetter than a dream
Drowning the moon in the sea
I am all you see~~

Across the mountain
Never a last fantasy
Soon you will be mine~~
 (* CRUSHED *)

Broken night whisper
Tears upon the cotton bed
Silk like the storm cloud~~

You are my sunlight
Eclipse covering my pain
Moon and stars above~~

It's now or never
I need you more than roses
Kissing does not help~~

;-)  to my love  (-:
     Nathan Dilts
;-)  from  P.D (-:

Poem Details | by L'nass Shango |
Categories: nature, satirejoy,

Adirondacks Ode

Climb high these mountains
And meet cliffs of history
Snug against the moon

Cold lover's warm kiss
Caress each syllable of song
Love makes joy exist
Adirondacks mist
The milk of mothering trees 
Melted on morning's joy

Tongue lark the dark lakes
Water births of memory
Ego ice thin here 

The nation's blood lens
The red moon night, so pride stakes
Claim to fluid truth
The wind prowls the skin
Stirring leaves of memories
A breast dried of peace  

Algonquian trail
Footsteps eat the span of trees
Man is small in grief

The muskets torment
Fusion of mission and right
The north shrikes lament

And beg migrants gone
But wax wing they shun the sun
Bunting snow for life.

Old Mohawk glory
Gone when forest bare shivers
In castles of ice

Steel teeth scrape the rocks
And eat iron from the ore
Of greed, killing trees

Logging the green tongue
Of the sun's wealth of heat
For this new kingdom

Of civilized men
Performing barbaric feats
Distant from the den.

Dusk the Gilded Age
Of rage.like natives, all past
Diseased to the eye

A new dawn breaks song
And howls of joy claim again
The blessings of rain

Sceptered in the throat
Cities' diamonds of dew
Love of warblers note.

Love is eagle's joy
Climbing high against the breast
Peaking in delight.

Poem Details | by Ruben Alejandro Hernandez Diaz |
Categories: dance, moon, night, write,

Tonight's Dance

In this world we lie,
In the shining moon tonight,
Dancing this ballad.

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston |
Categories: life, love, moon, science,

Mooku: Haikus on the Moon: with Cliff Notes

1Lunar Perspective #1

month long day and night
also sees earth wax and wane
no season penchant

2Lunar Perspective #2

moon's sun mimics earth's
earth pirouettes on star stage
sun’s smile Cheshire Cat

3Lunar Perspective #3

moon turns once per month
lunar tides dictate strangeness
heat loss froze moon’s face

4Lunar Perspective #4

one quarter earth’s size
creation’s spring, born of fire,
runt of the litter

5Lunar Perspective #5

moon is problem child
with no tilt seasons languish
haiku redefined?

6Lunar Perspective #6

evolution’s fall -
dangerous precession tamed
by earth’s sibling’s mass

7Lunar Perspective #7

eggs have their season
star dust life defying odds -
sister of mercy

8Lunar Perspective #8

seasons change in sky
rain a distant memory
blue moon poet's blues

9Lunar Perspectives #9

boy/girl in earthlight
cratered love finds its season
waxing blue planet

Brian Johnston

Poet's Notes:
As I learn more about writing haiku and hear practitioners speak of snapshots of experience/nature and concrete images the more restricted I feelThis poem looks at haiku from an unusual perspectiveAlmost no one has any experience with really seeing things on the moon, but with science we can imagine concrete images and snapshots that are at least as real as any we see on earthThe paradox of this for future haiku writers is amazing I thinkOne is tempted to ask if any truly concrete images actually existIs the mind's eye as good as our own? Is what we see with our eyes any more real than what we imagine at times?

Is language even possible that is not emotional and could objectivity be a farce? An eskimo for example has 40 different words for "snow" it is saidHow could an eskimo's haiku that used this word ever be translated accurately without resorting to poetic devices such as simile, metaphor, rhyme and anthropomorphism?

Stay tuned for other developments or share your insights with the rest of us.

Cliff notes (for the curious):
I have written a poetic version of what it would be like to live on the moon, what you would see thereOf course no one lives there now so these poems need to use mentally reconstructed images of what life would be like if you did live thereSo the point of this poem is to ridicule the idea that haiku have to be concrete images or photographs of anythingTraditional haiku people are going to love this I'm sure! 

Stanza 1 basically tells you that if you were living on the moon, then one day there would be the equivalent of 30 earth days..you would have 15 earth days of light and 15 earth days of darknessAnd if you could see the earth where you are on the lunar surface you would see it going through phases just like how we see the moon go through phases here on earthHowever, unlike the earth the moon has no seasons at allThis is also a jab at traditional haiku rules that require a nature reference in every haiku and consider seasons like we have here on earth to be a part of natureWell seasons may be part of nature on earth but on the moon they are not part of nature at allCan you believe I say all of this in just 17 syllables? 

Stanza 2 contrasts the behavior of the sun as seen from the moon with how the earth behaves which is much differentBasically it takes 15 days from the time that the sun rises on the moon until the time that it setsBut the earth simply stands still in the same place in the sky all the time, i.e., for the whole number of earth days that it takes the sun to rise, set and rise againThe earth never rises and sets for a person that lives in one place on the moonBut in fact as the earth goes through its moon like phases, we do see the earth revolving once every 24 hours while occupying the same skyThe real weirdness though is that since the moon has no atmosphere, there is no extended sunrise or sunsetInstead the day begins and ends instantly like the Cheshire cat's smileSo this explains the 2nd haiku! Ha!

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: happiness, imagination, me, world,

A shot of Haiku -CHAIN-

Haiku Chain

Presents wrap by tree
babies first Christmas is here
jet stream follows sleigh ~~by; Royal

jet stream follows sleigh 
Santa's bag floats ocean unknown 
cap is in Spain  ~~by; Goode Guy

cap is in Spain
it blew over the ocean
beating rhythm flows ~~by; Andrea Dietrich  

beating rhythm flows
unnoticed tiny black spot
fly, fly, ride high winds ~~by; Nathan Dilts

fly, fly, ride high winds
bring in the New Year, hurry… 
a parrot shows up  ~~by; Annalise Brigham

a parrot shows up
the world was never so right
as I feel refresh   ~~by; S.Jagathsimhan Nair

as I feel refresh
breeze blows with soothing effect  
as birds fly higher  ~~by; olusegun Arowolo 

as birds fly higher
their iridescent feathers
ribbons in the sky   ~~by; David Williams  

ribbons in the sky
soft whistling pretty lights dance
to sing like a bird   ~~by; Tracie, Indigo Dreamweaver 

to sing like a bird
constrained within emotions
give me liberty  ~~by; David Williams  

give me liberty   
sweet vertigo dizziness 
the flight takes up space  ~~by; Poet Destroyer

the flight takes up space
come and join the view today
birds fly around me   ~~by; Poet Destroyer
birds fly around me 
brown grey with a glowing force
the moon as haze ends  ~~by; Poet Destroyer

the Moon As Haze Ends 
crashing On The Horizon 
with The Rising Sun  ~~ by; Christopher Bunton

With the rising sun 
celebrate the coming home 
maybe peace will reign  ~~by; cecil hickman 

maybe peace will reign
in the silent world this day
all is calm and bright  ~~by; Deb Wilson 

all is calm and bright
just me in my Xmas hat 
and loving all night   ~~by; Michael JFalotico

and loving all night
this a welcome of pure light
power of the wind   ~~by; harry horsman

power of the wind 
a new year begins again
first let's celebrate ~~by; Catie Lindsey

first let's celebrate 
the sweet air brings me your scent 
now I know your here ~~by; Michael JFalotico

now I know your here
Staring out the window,  
upon a (choo) choo train  ~~by; John Rhinem

upon a (choo) choo train
steam blows, lumps in my stocking 
charcoal grey mittens  ~~by; poet destroyer

charcoal grey mittens
the two of us are rocking
choo choo train chuckles  ~~by; S.Jagathsimhan Nair
Team Work -created this haiku chain

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: beach, beauty, moon,

Summer Moon

summer night
the full moon floats
on silver waves

Poem Details | by Wm Paul |
Categories: nature,

A YODA HAIKU 11-04-14

Thought light I left on
But jus the Full Moon it was
Sleep now to I get.

Poem Details | by Judith Angell Meyer |
Categories: animals, life, nature,


Weaving silver threads
Catching moon beams in their webs.
Diligent Spiders.

Poem Details | by Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick |
Categories: nature, red,

First Waltz

the first waltz begins
Luna’s red evening gown--- 
rented for the hour

I took an amazing photo of the huge red moon rising at  around 6:00 p.mwith a backdrop of a navy blue sky...beautiful!

Poem Details | by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: moon, nature, sexy,

Sexual Attraction

Seductive, wanton, and lewd, planet Earth beckons the moon near—like sex!

Poem Details | by Norman Crocker |
Categories: autumn,

The Harvest Moon

A harvest moon high
above makes people wonder
why is it so big