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Poem Details | by Debbie Duncan |
Categories: nature,

Four in haiku

butterflies flying 
I see them, beautiful 
want to go with them 

rainbow colored skies 
smell of lavender in air
banana pudding on tongue

pearls of gold sunlight 
sapphire blue dripping 
golden leaves falling

trees are standing tall 
birds singing sweet music 
songs of memory filled past 

Poem Details | by Milan Georges Burovac |
Categories: cry, dark, day, freedom,

D day

look where I am 
in the memory of a massacre 
human against human

Poem Details | by Thomas Pitre |
Categories: allegory, introspection, life, seasons,


 Quietly filling
 deep cups of the red blossoms.
 The morning sunrise.

 The rock bowl is full.
 Filled by the rain for the birds
 and for my quiet mind.

 Dried stalks of rhubarb
 turn brittle in the summer.
 Born again next year.

 The sparrows come back
 to say thank you for their home
 I lovingly made.

 My red dogs eyes gleam.
 Before eating, her eyes ask
 is it OK Dad?


 The strong bowstring sings.
 My arrow will find its home
 I turn to sip tea.

 First Love
 How reluctantly
 the shy, young man moves forward
 toward the full, red lips.


 In the maiden’s bed
 He found his heaven and hell.
 Such was his first love.


 Small favor to ask.
 Please spread my ashes on the sea.
 No wife, no roommate.

 Who is Buddah

 She poured my green tea
 Until the cup ran over.
 Now, I know Buddah.


 Cousin Roni was loud.
 Married a Samoan man.
 They both ate roast pig.


 My old friend, Bucky.
 Carried a gun in his boot.
 Afraid of himself.

 Old Friend

 Alvin slapped his first wife
 and then he married a man.
 I don’t know him now.

 Exercise I

 he crosses the wide, busy street,
 to catch up with love.

 Exercise II

 she announces her mistrust.
 Not Republican.

 Exercise III

 She knew the problem.
 He had to learn it.

 All his writing was
 He was egocentric.


 The autumn raging
 I am blinded by red leaves.
 Too many to count.

 Surf crashes fiercely.
 Shadows lessen, skies turn gray.
 Winter storm moves near us.

 This Spring, my house burned.
 I now have a better view
 of the blue mountains.

 Fresh ink on blue lines
 the words come like hungry bees
 to form my Haiku.


 SummerI feel strong.
 Equal to birds in the tree,
 and pebbles near feet.

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: absence, bereavement, birth,

Haiku 68 Above The Sakura Tree ,Another Spring

cherry blossoms drift upon the wooden casket life after life
In memory of our dear souper friend Lucilla Carillo,and my husband's cousin David Chircop who finished this journey ,to start a better one. May your fragrance of love bloom in the highest of skies as it did on earth. 'Pls remember them,and their loved ones in prayer'.

Poem Details | by jack horne |
Categories: death,

Twilight of Memory

he tends his wife’s grave
and hears the wedding march - -
smiles and tears

For Andrea’s The Twilight of Memory contest

Poem Details | by John Michaels |
Categories: anniversary, death, inspiration, memory,

The Great War

Scores of suffering stalwart soldiers stand steadfast in scarlet-soaked soil ----------------- (C) John C Michaels, 2014 Submitted on the centenary of The Great War (4th August 2014), in memory of the sacrifice of those who are no longer with us and to whom we owe so much.

Poem Details | by Mario DE PAZ |
Categories: feelings,

nine angels

Nine dogs in my life
Nine angels looking for love
Gently love giving.

Most dogs in my life
By passing time were stolen
Still angels of love

In memory of Bunny, Skippy, Thor, Bush, Arnold, Thomas, Berny 
and dedicated to Nicolas and Wendy

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra |
Categories: memory, sad,

Memory Lane

are you feeling down?
strolling down memory lane
may bring happiness

Poem Details | by Nudershada Cabanes |
Categories: love, nature, snow,

Snow and The Pine Tree

Snow and The Pine Tree

Snowy white pine tree
beneath the palest blue sky
firmly stands waiting

for the sun to shine
as he softly kiss the snow
before letting go

time to part has come
thawing has arrived for the snow
but her touch lingers

her memory lives
in the heart of the pine tree
winter world of love

sweet and gentle snow
slowly melts under the sun
her fingers slipping

its time for the spring
to dance with the pine tree
till she comes again

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: computer-internet, education, funny, happiness,

The Dream

I had a good dream
I wanted to remember
Could not remember

Good dream so I thought
Took an internet dream course
Now remembering

My memory came
Somethings are best left alone
Scared me to death

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: natureautumn,

Haiku - 12

a black crow swoops low the brisk autumn morn deceives-- a yellow leaf floats... ___________________________ A great memory ( so vivid ) A clear crisp Fall morning as I peered from my window ~ one old crow darted from his high perch ~ A morning treat, a mealOnly to quickly call off the hunt with a haphazard reckless turn to the west ~ one single falling leaf, quite deceitful........ To: P.D.

Poem Details | by Hannah Corey |
Categories: adventure, grandfather,

Memory making

The memory I’ve 
Created is my Grandpa
Tossing me up

Poem Details | by Brenda Victoria Northeast |
Categories: loss, love, heart, night,

Valentine memory

From a hospice bed
To a special dinner date
And a wet Red Rose 

I hold in my heart 
The memory of that night
My Rose bush still blooms

In my night garden
My Rose bush exudes that night 
My heart is embraced

A gentle rain falls
Creating weepy puddles 
Reflective mirrors

© Brenda V Northeast 6th Feb2012

Poem Details | by Marcedies Rhodes |
Categories: adventure, death, life, me,

Walking Through A Field Of Light

Walking Through A Field Of Light

then me and you see it the same way...i care not what happen to this body for the soul will still walk this earth watching over those it shown it love for

And yet the spirit of forgotten pain protects me, not wanting me to travel into the darkness that consumes the soul, for without this body, how can i protect those i love?

i watch and guide them for the body was lost but i shall lead them with a kind head and open armi protect their soul so they may keep watching there life grow into something beautiful.the darkness shall flee at the sight of the almighty light that watches my deed and my small soul

but for my last act shall be to vanquish the darkness that threatens life itselfbut all things come to an endwhat of the times, not yet past, but already forgotten, when i will no longer be there.....

when my fight is done i have no need for this unsettling place and with ever harming word will i walk into that everlasting light if i to be forgotten then that is fine for i have done them good and have made there life into something more then mine was.To be forgotten is fine for i shall not want a legacy

to have forged a life worth remembrance is fine, bu to make someones else worth remembering is all the better, for it means that they shall have a life worthy of my sacrifice, a life worth the pain once experienced, but never remembered, for i am now content.

after this body is lost i wish to be forgotten.to pay myself a gift is what is called.i will be content on not having left something a memory to be mourned for i with's no pain on those who have still they hearts where as i have walked this earth unknowing i died some time ago.let me be free for i am like a animal needing space time and needing that way of life.

then be free from the pain of the remembrance, and transcend to tomorrow, for that is where the future liesi shall always remember you, but i shall not mourn, for we shall meet again

Poem Details | by Savannah Rose Harper |
Categories: life, loss, nature

The Alzheimer Effect


                                      leaflet's silent weep
                                                   tears of knowing are dropping
                                                                               Her memory f


Poem Details | by Marty King |
Categories: dedication, for her, how

flowers on Mom's grave haiku

flowers on Mom's grave
like a soft, sweet northbound kiss
Her Memory Etched....

Poem Details | by Anthony Pabon |
Categories: nostalgia,


time flies very fast
like falling star in the heights
but your memory lasts

Poem Details | by Sherwin Balbuena |
Categories: death,

To Frank

My memory tells
about your happy school days
as seen in your smile

I heard recently
you bought a dress for your mom
with your own money

I saw you lately
at the center of the crowd
beside the right lane

An old man asked
"He is your student, isn't he?"
I could not answer

You went to Sog-ong
last night in a barayle*
it was fiesta** there

Our eyes were not there
to see the knife reach your lungs
and mar your future

Your friends could not serve
as a thick metallic shield
to face the sharp blade

All that they could do
was to carry your body
home by the hammock

Goodbye, my student
whose life was taken swiftly
like a lost bubble

* Barayle is a local term for "night party"
** Fiesta is a tradition in the Philippines where people celebrate a feast in honor of a saint

Poem Details | by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: family,

My family

My family

cultivated, groomed
as I cherish ways of life
my roots, family.

imprinted on mind
moments of togetherness
lived in ecstasy.

some of the sorrows
unsaid, embed deep in heart,
unfolded in time..

some bitter conflicts 
walking down memory lane
slowly skip aside..

through all thick and thin
counting on those silent tears
family stands by..

Written May 4th, 2016
For contest by marvin celestial 

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


Time never seen stops
Not for anyone;
Fond memory remembers you


Memory hurls
Familiar images;
Recalls the old days


Sweet baby sleeps
Fond happy dreams;
Such a miracle


Looking back
Yesterday brought tears;
A sad awakening


Your voice echoes
In the stray wind;
In your place, tembusu tree


Just last year
The inevitable;
Today we reminisce


Swiftly time run away
Endings abruptly sad;
Resolve honours bold vision 


By Duxton walkway
Images of your life;
Lessons of history


Stern to the last
Pictures of flashback;
Is it one year on?


Familiar surroundings
Old precinct with new glow;
Once there was you


Once a mortal walk
Upon these island shores;
One to call our own


Stern and austere
Your posture complex;
No time for foolish things


Leon Enriquez
22 March 2016

Poem Details | by Anthony Souls |
Categories: imagination, introspection, lifeheart, star,

Haiku's that I wrote while I was away. Hope you enjoy.

#haiku I imprint my heart a fingerprint of my soul the clay of your eyes #poem 

#haiku The delicate sound a star makes when it twinkles galaxy's whisper #poem 

#haiku I hear clear voices resonating to my ears my heart's fantasy #poem 

#haiku The shades of night fell as curtains of the opera Ending the act: day #poem 

#haiku Delicate detail overlaying skeleton disguising structure #poem 

#haiku Railroads of my thoughts Locomotion of pulses One to another 

#haiku Speakled mist in air slowmotion movement between scene to scene of town 

#haiku Nautical daydreams her dress fluttering like sails anchored to my heart 

#haiku Orange glow on ceiling fades a dark eternity these curious shades 

#haiku Yesterday's winter a memory frozen for tomorrows summer 

#haiku My heart is a time-machine broken: out of order doomed to the present 

If I was a fly, I would fly as high as I could, then just fall to the ground sniff 

asphalt glistens new sparkling in the lamp-light clean glaze of clear ice #haiku #weblit 

Let me tattoo her heart and name onto my soul to take on death's wings#haiku #weblit 

Don't devour my words try to reassemble my eyes just listen to what's there #haiku 

Adolescence leaves individuality a thing of the past #haiku #poem #poetry #weblit 

Water containing starlight sprinkles from heaven colors of cosmos #haiku #writing 
#writer #art 

If I could delete All of the sins from my heart What knowledge would go #haiku #poetry 
#weblit #lit 

A shot through the dark a single shooting star leaves memories of then #haiku #poetry 
#weblit #lit #literature #poems #poem #writing

Poem Details | by Manya Saxena |
Categories: age, blue, deep, environment,


The Memory of you,
was like the unheard echo,
in the depths of the sea.

Poem Details | by Timothy-Paker Nwaorgu |

Past Love

Embers of past love
Soaked in pale memory dust
Where love equals lust

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Cicadas celebrate 
Wet Monday evening;
Frogs for company


Sun falls down
Evening supplication;
Sleepy earthlings rest


Moody intersection
Traffic congestion;
Decorative city lights


Speak in silence
Night owl hoots;
Silent night


Notice the stillness
Greeting with calm;
Voice beyond voice


Walking by old house
Collective memory tints;
Melancholic shades


Once again dawn hurls
Birdsong melody;
Bay window serenade


Gifts and presents
Magnificent food spread;
Come Lord Jesus


Sea of faces
Hungry expectations;
Festive moods 


Balcony view
City lights glimmer;
Night sweeps away


Once again dusk
Ushers restive sighs;
Wine and good music


Misty rain dance
Children exploring wetness;
Laughter echoes


Leon Enriquez
16 December 2014

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: life, nature,


ginko's spring green leaves being whipped by brutal wind.. tenaciously cling ginko's medicine very pure all natural.. sip bitter tea ginko's extract fine for memory decline... side effects mean sexual problems ginko leaves help relieve.. lifted up once more
Sponsor:Tracie~~*~~Indigo Dreamweaver Contest: ????...!!!!...!!!!...KuKuCrazy

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: life, nature,

winter's rain freezes

winter's rain freezes ice coats tall southern pine trees... pow trees snap like twigs
A memory from the winter of 1963/64 I was due with our first child..There was rain then snow then ice..It melted enough just in time for me to get to the hospital..

Poem Details | by M Asim Nehal |
Categories: adventure, desire, destiny, life,

Haiku - Swim

Your memory comes
and floats on moonlit water
to swim yet again.

Poem Details | by Leon Stacey |
Categories: black african american, death,

Southern Liquor

Tea kettle whistles;
As the life evaporates,
The brew soothes the soul.

In Loving Memory of Granny Pearl's Heavenly Homecoming

Poem Details | by Denise Morgan |
Categories: emotions, flower, memory,

Brief Encounter

A brief encounter,
the memory lingers still-
A fragrant flower.

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Beauty smiles
Truth keeps watch;
Joy murmurs


Jacuzzi trip
Clear water massage;
Aqueous healing


Midtown moments
Sunny side up;
Poignant flavours


Walkway charades
Morning fiesta;
Umbrella cacophony


Old Mister Lee
Two years gone;
Tembusu memoir


Such silly antics
Blindside politics;
Monkey business


Glimpses of home
Michelin Star meals;
Vivid prosperity


Dark skyline 
Thunder and lightning;
Rainy dawn hurls


Morning outline
Lake shore rainbow;
Sun and rain


Cat nap
Purrs dreams;
Feline fancy


Brown squirrel
Zigzag curiosity;
Fruity forage


Street vendor
Latest news print;
Too many unsold


Car pool moments
Grab or Uber taxi;
Disrupted trips


Cash speaks
Goods listen;
Magic barters


Word budget espresso
Not much unsaid;
Meaning percolates


Morning cuppa
Double-shot sling;
Caffeine fix pump


Raining again
April pregnant wet;
Sun on holiday


By the wayside
Fallen nest;
Broken bird's eggs


Anniversary here
Candles attest;
Fond memory awakes


Leon Enriquez
03 April 2017

Poem Details | by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: bird, memory, spring,

Rippled Memory

On bird’s wings spring flies
In silent waves air splits
On your eye-lids memory ripples.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Horse Haiku for Hummingbird

Horse Haiku for Hummingbird

Saw her here and there;
Then was seen everywhere;
Horse had been my mare.

To me pure delight;
Loved her with all of my might;
Thrilled to her each sight.

Want her nice and near;
My horse is no longer here;
To me was so dear.

Still see her mane shine;
Now is memory of mine,
Under restless pine.

Jim Horn

Understand that a friend
has lost her horse.

Poem Details | by Martins Deep |
Categories: death, farewell, hurt, mum,

In Memory

Sonnet on sheet damp with tears.
Set ablaze in memory of mother.
Wind claims ashes.

Poem Details | by Chantelle Anne Cooke |
Categories: appreciation, computer, funny, muse,

Reading Glasses

Typing without sight
Where are my reading glasses?
Poems in high clouds

Blurry letters laugh
My muses rebel and type
Sorting ideas

Create and caught dreams
Blaze through memory mindful
Blinking eyes sigh souls 

Fast fingers flaunt flash
Hope for constant computer
Printing piece madly

Finally find them!
Discover they are broken mess
Reach in my pocket

Dollars gone to them
Again…the dance of seeing
While thoughts peruse…

December 30th 2018


Poem Details | by Meenakshi D H |
Categories: for him, memory, miss


When i got sunkissed,

Revived your memory i missed

It lighted me with bliss

Cleared your face which i miss..


Poem Details | by Mick Talbot |
Categories: nature, seasons, winter,


Of the past, a memory evoked by Tom Cunningham, who invoked me to post it by virtue of his comment I quote below...

Quote, "Indeed a true Japan haiku must follow those rules to say yes it is a haiku, but like most things people move away and bend the rules and reshape it, one thing I've noticed is many do not follow the ( in the moment) theme where its like a photograph of an image but in word formTom", unquote.

it's like summertime a hot day in December... a freezing night kills

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: adventure, fun, nostalgia, summer,


of a summer roadtrip
a memory map

posted on July 18, 2018

Poem Details | by George McDougall |
Categories: nature, seasons, time,


Time for change, trickle stream.
I smile dark days, memory past.
New dawn until change.

Poem Details | by sand blown |
Categories: adventure, allusion, analogy,

where's the body

well now, it seems like...
yesterday...over again...
the poem is missing...

not just its meaning...
but...its very existence...
flash pan poetry...

there one minute and...
got email confirming it...
felt like...twilight zone...

so what is real proof...
that the poem existed...
people did read it...

should meaning matter...
metaphor is poetry...
memory of mind...

all are different...
especially perspectives...
no two are the same...

existence...what clues...
without memory there's none...
there and gone...one hour...

i must write a book...
publish it...not publish...s h i t...
hey man...i've seen...t h i s...

internet destroy...
copyright evidence...now..
write...science fiction...


Poem Details | by Kudzai Mhangwa |
Categories: death, memory, write,


Teardrops coming down,
The ground parting in two,
Sunshine burning bright

~Dedicated to the memory of Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi

Poem Details | by Jeff Connelly |
Categories: muse,


hey said i to you was a memory past

greece was a memory past

no recognition