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Poem Details | by Carol Sunshine Brown |
Categories: history,

Haiku 11

pages turn brown
embark on lost years...
timeless thoughts

Poem Details | by iolanda Scripca |
Categories: life, nostalgia, sad, social

buried secrets

where the seagull dies
stringless origami cries
loneliness of soul

koi fish suffocate
colors fade in Bonsai trees
island in distress

words not understood
shadows grin tricks on rice walls
tsunamis in eyes

geisha of the world
love is lost in illusions
freedom is her dream

men with cold fingers
whither blossom of her spring
harakiri end

in the seagull's grave
origami secrets kept
chicks learn how to fly

Poem Details | by Eamon Duffin |
Categories: naturewater, water,

3 Haiku

In January 2007 the fishing trawler, 'Pere Charles'was lost off Dunmore EastCo Waterford, 
Ireland, with the loss of five fishermenI knew four of them, two very well.

                                         Pere Charles 

                                   Soft water all quiet
                           Bubbles of air take last breath
                               Five souls bid goodbye

                                       Flowing Music

                                   White water tinkling 
                                Exudes musical moments
                                  Hear a perfect peace

                                           Soft Power

                                      Soft flowing water
                               Creates valley and canyon
                                      Kisses ocean, free

Categories: god, grave, water, wedding,


Brewed tea
Wife and myself
Nothing between us
He was metamorphosed 
Into a frog
When his wife had left him
I needed
A lonely woman
Thousand years back
She shivered
In yellow sun
Struck by her coyness
God travels
With three suitcases
One for me
I kissed
Her frostiness 
And my lips turned icebergs
The bed
Gets embarrassed
At our nakedness
Her hands
Stopped me
To pick evenings
We two rested
In a cave of Kundalini
Behind the waterfall
The alien woman 
Travelled six moons
To deliver her baby in a burial ground 
An eagle swoops
On a field –mouse
Tables of wedding
The woman kissed me
I felt her hollow ribs
As if in a spring dream
The woman’s hair
Struck by a gale
Made waterfalls
My wife locked
Me one fine evening
In my neighbour’s hole
The rats are away
When mice take in
My wife’s clammy face
The summer rain
In exasperation
Took wings to raid the moon
Lolo my wife
Her green sleek steps
Thundered an innocent fly
In the dead of night
God made two wives
One for me one for my neighbour
My neighbour’s wife
Delivered a child
When I was asleep
The woman said goodbye
And I took a fish for dinner
I mistook it for my wife
My wife is a canvas
Where I paint
My forebodings
A painter’s apprentice
In sheer foolishness
daubed in red my wife’s rear-view
A squirrel saw my wife
And in haste
Lost her guava 
I was caught in neighbour’s bedroom
By my wife last summer
I lost my glasses
A wolf entered the graveyard 
And annoyed my wife
Sarah my wife
Dizzy commuters
Sarah wed me
And in brief forgetfulness
Greeted my neighbour
A tiger ate Sarah my wife
It happened by accident
The tiger knows
Morning bell
Wake up call
I want to sleep
Pola my pet fly
Fouled things up
She ate my wife’s breakfast
My dog Pintu
I set him free on my wife’s posterior
Eons ago a butterfly
Gave birth to my wife
Now, a caterpillar 
A hard slap
Hurricane Sarah will win 
You have gathered enough winters 
Woman sighs
Leave one for me
The woman flapped her wings
To clouded mountaintops
Silky as white


Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: life, nature, seasons, daffodils,

Summer Haiku

daffodils wilt in summer heat -- a lost friend kite tails fly -- children chase the wind and catch the sun a forgotten swing sways beneath an empty nest -- and ripe, red apples By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, April 10, 2012 for ????.....!!!!!.....Ku Ku Crazy......!!!!!.....???? Contest (Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver )

Poem Details | by iolanda Scripca |
Categories: nature

A Picture's Story

Spirits of lost rocks
Come back in Tsunami dreams
Soon the sun will rise

Poem Details | by Jordyn Thompson |
Categories: confusion


~I am in the light, the shadows are intriguing, should i step towards them? 

~Step into the dark, i am lost and afraid now, someone please save me.

~I remember it, the soft white wings that held me, Ive found them again!

~I see someone there, in the dark where i once was, i must help them see...

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: feelings, wisdom, world,


                                               relax release mind
                                               expand universally 
                                                no concentration

                                                feel being lost in
                                              the unknown totality 
                                                to find again self 

                                              changing formation
                                            becomes one to another 
                                             with in the whole one

                                                continues till end
                                         power of supreme time vests 
                                             in unnumbered clocks

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: humanity, life, love,


Children's life at risk

Slumbering planet awakes 

Humanity's pride!*

 © Demetrios Trifiatis
       10 July 2018

* A total of eight boys out of twelve have been taken out of the Tham Luang Cave in Thailand after they were trapped in the cave with their coach sixteen days ago! This has been an international operationOne diver has already lost his life in the effort! 

** Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: nature,

haiku 7-6-2018

cold drape of darkness
obscures a lost horizon
fire flies poke holes


for The Poet Doctor – HAIKU in 5 7 5 only – Poetry contest

Poem Details | by Suzette Richards |
Categories: history, poetry,


For those people too stubborn or too set in their ways to listen to another point of view: HEADNOTES  are NOT titles and they do not add to the syllable countThey are used with haiku or tanka poetry to set the scene  - like a signpostWithout it the reader will be totally lost (unless he/she has a VERY broad base of international knowledge)REAMS have been written about the MEANING of some of Basho's haikuWhy? Because it is ambiguous and, therefore, understanding them and translating them is difficultEg "the crow" and "frog pond" are only two of such haiku people are having difficulty with to come to a consensus as to what the poet intended to convey with these haiku 

Why Say More? The Problem of Titling Tanka
First published in the Tanka Society of America Newsletter 3:1, March 2002, pages 12–15While focused on tanka, the insights I hope this essay offers, apply equally well to haiku.

Tanka in Japan sometimes have headnotes as opposed to titles, but it is NOT a sixth line to the poem! Headnotes explain the “circumstances of the poem”—the context or settingAgain, though, headnotes are not at all like titles, and one need not be a particularly astute reader of tanka to spot the difference; headnotes are typically factual, locational, or anecdotal, whereas titles are often symbolic or intellectualThe headnotes, if used at all, do not fight with the tanka aesthetic, whereas titles typically do.

From my Blog Posted:11/5/2012 12:01:00 AM: http://www.poetrysoup.com/poetry_blogs/blog_detail.aspx?PoetID=30875&BlogID=13720


Hoeri 'kwaggo
raised from the sea – 
the tablecloth spread

a pallet
on which hope rests – 
cold sand clings


Hoeri 'kwaggo:  Table Mountain, “Mountain of the sea” in Khoi San.
Table Mountain is renowned for its tablecloth when the strong south-easterly wind blows.
Bloubergstand/ Beach: Means "blue mountain" - hence the place name (AND THE ATLANTIC OCEAN IS VERY COLD ALL YEAR ROUND) It is an iconic image of Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand
The motto of Cape Town (which nestles at the foot of Table Mountain, is Spes Bona ( Latin for "Good Hope")
Cape of Good Hope is one of the 7 historical names of Cape Town

Poem Details | by David Meade |
Categories: dad, dance, daughter, death,

Haiku 14 Eyes

      face, etched with deep lines
    dark sadness pools in the eyes
        lost in death daughter

For all who have loved and lost

David Meade
Live Generously

Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: beauty, flower, love,


Words are not enough
Language of April showers
Say it with flowers.

Gracious camellia
Daintily posing, but in vain
Begonia lost in thought.

Hopes teeming with ambition
Of a stargazer.

From friendship to love
Exchanging yellow petals
With the deepest red.

Delicate beauty
Of hibiscus in full bloom
Inspires iris.

A blushing lilac
Unaware of dawning day
Dreaming of first love.

Bittersweet flower
Ever loyal to the end
Won’t betray a friend.

Parting time is near
Save the memories within
And forget-me-not.

Yellow hyacinth
With a heart that knows no peace
Nest of jealousy.

Morning breeze scatters  
The rich fragrance of jasmine’s  
Deep sensuality.
* Hanakotoba is the language of flowers.
** each flower is bestowed with symbolism & meaning.

Author: Paul Callus
Contest: Any Poem#21
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Placing: 8th

Poem Details | by marvin celestial |
Categories: dream, fantasy, imagination, inspirational,

Being One

Glitters spread all over
Seeking reflections amidst
becoming steadfast

Long lost better half
Reunite even afar
Sharing out fragments

Standing still staring 
Beyond space and time searching
A spark that mislead

Now after decades
Attracting as one fellow
When moments unfold.

Poem Details | by D.W. Rodgers |
Categories: memory,

Kananaskis is

Kananaskis is 
four-fifths a line of  haiku
Kananaskis is

With spring’s sudden warmth
serial avalanches thunder
one triggers the next 

Winter’s snow melting 
laughing, leaping, running to 
valley far below

Green slopes banded red
dying lodgepole pine,  memories	
of last year’s Chinook

Golden larch quivers	
as the first storm of winter
passes close tonight

As a boy, I came
to know this quiet valley 
father's special place 

Leaving highway to
where mountains reach to heaven
we drove the stone road

Fishing beaver ponds
dad came on bees, lost his specs 
on return  just bees

One night as we camp
a timberwolf comes to call
returns to dark night

On the upper lake
clouds mask the solar eclipse
but fish go crazy

One spring’s discovery
drawdown pools, teeming with trout 
who won’t touch anything

A five pound rainbow
beached chasing Peter’s lure
red stripe - jealousy

Late autumn, Lake B
big browns cruise downwind beaches
only we know where

A ski resort appears
wonderland needs paved roads
we protest in vain

Twenty years later
returning with my children
to an unknown place

If you slow to look
irate traffic leans on horns	
rushing to their lodge

My kids and I fish
a borrow pit now a“lake”
tourists' put and take

To a grizzly bear
roads are barriers wider	
than flooding rivers

Kananaskis is 
four-fifths a line of  haiku
Kananaskis is


Poem Details | by tara jennings |
Categories: nature

red-cockaded woodpeckers

a fallen pine log:
        red-cockaded woodpeckers
taps their lost fair well

****The Red-cockaded Woodpecker has less than 1% of its original populationThey make their home in mature pine forests, preferably long leaf pine,  which have been drastically reduced due to disease and harvestingWhile other woodpeckers bore out cavities in dead trees where the wood is rotten and soft, the Red-cockaded Woodpecker is the only one which excavates cavities exclusively in living pine treesThey play a key role in their ecosystemA number of other birds and small mammals use the cavities excavated by Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, such as chickadees, bluebirds, titmice, and several other woodpecker species, reptiles, and insectsFlorida, my home, is one of the remaining southern states they are still found inSteps are being taken to protect and recreate their nesting grounds***********

Poem Details | by Trisha Sugarek |
Categories: beautiful, courage, grave, hate,

9-11 Remembered

The wound       (Haiku)  2014

A deep gaping hole
newly covered with scar flesh
a cemetery

the reflective pond
the bright thirteen year old trees
the lost souls still there

the money-men charge
fees to visit our worst time
Ah, America!

check out my poetrysoup.com blog for more Haiku and 9.11

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: allegory,

A Big Frog and a Little Frog Seek a Lily Pad

(a rhyming fable in haiku syllable count) In a little pond a big frog and a small frog both sit on a log. That log is then seen by a little boy at play who takes it away. Left without their log, both frogs spy a lily pad; the big frog is bad Though the pad is small - onto it the big frog hops The small pad drops! Into the small pond disappears the little pad. The big frog gets sad. He just swims away. Now the small frog seeks a pad. He is hopping mad! From one lily pad to another goes that frog who has lost his log. Never giving up, the little frog starts to think Which pad will not sink? Small ones are no good. They sink like the Titanic. I need gigantic! Having found one large, now the frog itty bitty is sitting pretty! And the moral is “Better to be a small frog rather than a big frog in a little pond” Or “Don’t get sad, get hopping mad!” For the children's Fable Contest of Carol Eastman

Poem Details | by Larisa Rzhepishevska |
Categories: funny, satire, suicide,

Lost a Hope

If you lost a hope
here is a nice fluffy rope
and a scented soap.


Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: age, love,


the rose blooms again and the lark will start to sing when I hear your voice years ago my love the breeze danced in the willow and I lost my heart the years have passed oh, the memories love, do you remember?

Poem Details | by nilofar shaikh |
Categories: love,


Amidst nature,
Imagining you,
I lost myself !

Poem Details | by Travis Lone Hill |
Categories: adventure, death, sad, hate,

To Lose Someone You Love

To lose someone you love....
Its like trying to live violently among the peaceful people who are dying 
To lose someone you love....
Its like Im living in lies with laughter and happiness while Im truthfully sitting in anger and pain while crying
 Im grounded in shame yet Im still airborn with death together we flying 
Its hurts when one dies past groundshaken proximity under the hate but sent with earthshattering love above
 where we live to die yet we are born to survive where we bred to learn to get past all the ones we have lost with hate because ITS REALLY HURTS TO LOSE SOMEONE YOU LOVE.

Poem Details | by maritza pagan |
Categories: dark, death, farewell, goodbye,


Gasping for the air
The color lost in your face
It is time… good-bye

Poem Details | by Stephen Barry |
Categories: career, emotions, eulogy, farewell,

El Faro Haikus

( El Faro means the lighthouse)

El Faro #1

salt is in my tears
for the grace of god go I
Fiddlers Green awaits

El Faro #2

brothers and sisters
Joaquin cries tears of sadness
forever leeward

El Faro #3

El Faro now rest
sleep deep on your mothers floor
she has called for you

El Faro #4

no wave for granted
my heart is heavy today
listen to bells ring

El Faro #5

list fifteen to port
Edmund look for your cousin
hold fast  the mid-watch 

El Faro #6

no lighthouse to watch
irony not lost at sea
I long to hear you

El Faro #7

you believe in god
it pounds you like a hammer
green water swallows 

El Faro #8

with culpability
I think of the storms survived 
when resolve is breached

Poem Details | by Rhiannon Ashba |
Categories: dark, death, evil, fear,


       Always watching you.
     He lurks in every corner.
     You'll think you lost him.
       He stalks you at night.
    Don't ever look behind you.
        Cause he will get you.

Categories: poetry,


From chaos to cosmos
From cosmos to Barbados
From Barbados to Cricket

Fifty odd years
CAT EEG Resurrection
An original me?

If you know
The fundamental difference
Between 1 and 2

First comes the moon
Second comes the yellow
Last come the clouds and bats

They move cannons
Blasting chicken fodders
Canon of polite society

The sun moves
From east to west
From Angels to Demons

12 billion years after
Jesus rose
To shed his blood

Shadows and the lights
A road between, a pass
Tomb and randomizer truss

F=(x, y, z)

Since x=y
Earth exists
And will be


A big number
But small

Translation x
Interpretation y
Transportation z

There is no one like you, 
And there is no God but you
Why kill?

The arrows
And a Japanese welcome

Swedish meadow elves
Warped, frame of reference

We are in God
Dead shall come alive again in God
There will be one house, hearth, Lord

11.2 km-secs
Escape velocity
To earth, to earth, to home

Blowing out a candle
Heaven interpretation
Nirvana, a candle

My opponents
Brought an oxymoron
For me, pretty ugly

A mirror

Lost in translation
Nothing lost in mistranslation
But you

Pigs are social insects
Bees are feral pigs
Cats are ants in a defense colony

Women in default mode
Susan, Mary, Debbie
Shower love on everybody

Bats and beeps
Critter’s wings
Pandora’s pigs

They smashed squirrels
It had happened, to a great extent
With us

If you need fire
Go to a dragon
A female dragon

With all calculations
I could not find
Her hemming and hawing

They died in summer
Drove car in winter
And married in fall

He misspelt 'love'
He was dead fifty tears back
In the act of correcting

Some chimps
    Some elephants
            Some ants

Let's go out to the field
And then and only then
Cain slew Abel

Note: They are not Haikus by form or convention but they are not null-haikus, non-haikus, proto-haikus, pre-haikus,rogue-haikus,rig-haikus or anything like thatThey are haikus by " spirit".

15th October,2015  19:35:29

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler |
Categories: love, baby, baby, girl,

Fearless Girl

Fearless girl they say,
but I'm not, baby you
are fearlessBaby I
love you for you, not what
you can doI can
never let you go, If I
ever lost you, I'd die
would be no waiting.
It would be quick,
I wouldn't feel it.
Fearless Girl they say,
I have fears, one fear,
and that's losing you forever,
please stay with meYou belong
with me; noone else baby!
I love you! 
By:Briana Lynn Palmer 9-15-11 finished: 7:10A.M.

Poem Details | by Hitendra Mehta |
Categories: fantasy

Sandcastle lost not dreams

Dream sand castle tall
Waves attack for Conquest
Castle lost not dreams 

© Hitendra Mehta  

10th Place - Members Contest – Sandcastle (Haiku) sponsored by S K A T

Poem Details | by James Inman |
Categories: nature,

Nature Hiding

crystalline amber
soft glow on lost barren soil
seeds are yet sleeping


Poem Details | by elizabeth wesley |
Categories: imagination,


My first attempts at haiku

Lost Youth

she gazed on memories
and reached to claim the shadows
of lost youth


he struck a match
her face emerged in the glow
he felt the heat

Poem Details | by Bernard Barclay |
Categories: anti bullying, wisdom,

Violence does not create belief

Silence reigns tonight
violence does not create belief
your respect is lost

Silence reigns tonight
terrorism destroy's respect
your respect is lost

heaven awaits you
not for creating God hatred
your respect is lost

Silence reigns tonight
respect is lost and pain grows
the world anger felt

Poem Details | by Caryl Muzzey |
Categories: sea


lighthouse shines non stop
guides wayward lost phantom ships…
searching for Dead Sea

Copyright © 2011  By Caryl SMuzzey

Tenth Place Winner ~ "WHAT MY EYES SEE” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Annalise Bringham
March 22, 2011

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, funny, imagination, inspirational,

Sunet Strip

<                                  well isn't that swell
                                lost another cool surfboard..
                                      holy sharks galore

                                        beyond horizon
                                 the sun bids day well ado..
                                       happy trails to you

                                       top of old smokey
                                  cumulus congestive skies..
                                    coughing up a storm

                                        excursion riding
                                  using buoyant enforcement..
                                      to capture the sun

                                       yacht and small vessel
                                  endlessly floats rippled lake..
                                       feeling abandoned                                   

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: hope, inspirational, nature,

Robin Red Breast

Daylily casualty
Robins flocking in the yard

***I lost a daylily to grub worms and the Robins love grubs and wormsThe last two days the robins have been all over my yard eating worms and grubs.....poetic justice!!

One year when I was a child I was walking in the yard and army worms were every where....I run in side and tell mom then I go back out and worry that they will eat all our vegitation....shortly a flock of birds by the thousands comes along and eats up the worms it was like a blessing and yet it happend so fast I don't think my parents really believed me.

Poem Details | by Yanny Widjanarko |
Categories: journey, life, , Lullaby,

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, big bites
Time flog the sweat to attempt
Killing lullaby

Today, chased the waves
Sprint lost towards to the sea
Swam and freely dove

Tomorrow, treasures
The time penned another page
Get ready to serve

11th place
Your own favorite haiku.
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, blessing, love,

Our forever

Oceans moves in waves
each single heartbeat grasping
claws of steel holding

Trance like beautiful
your every wish come true wings
of a spirit spread

Flying majestic 
beauty one golden eagle
power draws inside 

Flying high one soul
from an imagination
a gravity pull

Sweetly emotions 
singing illusions, one dream
reality kicks

In the arrow strikes
what a fantasy dream sits
feeling floating rose

Essence butterflies
fluttering blossoms sweetly
Explosion hotly

A soul it sang in 
one heart that gave wings sharing
a meal delight you

You sipped wine with grace
an amazing smile I could
feel the blood rushing

If I lost you love 
a lone wolf will forever 
howl to her face sad

Tears sweet surrender
never ending searching space
full of love howling

Felt like kneeling at
your feet adoring beauty
you will always be

Oath of forever 
love that very night to you
smiling beautiful 

You lit up such love
flames on fire with your 
grasping talons hot 

Took hold of me deep
your smile was amazing cute
drawing one starlight

Eternity calls
the power of destiny  
one in a thousand 

You lit up such love
flames on fire with your 
grasping talons hot 

Wishes trance like hold
beautiful in every wish 
granted came true love

Silver shadows in 
the deep ocean treasure gem
dancing ripples leap

Liquid silver paint
shimmering moon reflections
mirror distant thoughts

Golden the pathway
walking across rippling in
body, one deep love

Feelings begin to
hold in, emotions sings out 
we join together

Passionately we
kiss with all inside my heart
I love you sweet babe

This I co wrote with an amazing beauty on site twenty one the key to the heart's door

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler |
Categories: friendship, hope, life, loss,


I miss you so much,
This aching in my heart is so unbearing,
It feels as if my heart is shattering,
And the only thing that can fix it,
It seems is your words, and your deep, crisp voice.
I miss you so much,
I am at loss of words,
When it comes to describing,
Describing how much I miss you.
It seems like I can't live without you,
Because you are such a great friend,
A friend I don't want to lose.
If I ever lost you, I don't know what I would do,
I would blame God, I am really starting to doubt him,
He has taken Pappy(grand-grandpa).
My sisters(best friends).
Ashley and Tiffany Brown,
And it feels as if he's trying to take everyone I love.
Always~N~Forever, Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To:CAZ

Poem Details | by kristi hayner |

assertive vs aggressive

not getting needs met 
leads to blinded impatience
shrink uttered to flock

but that makes too much 
sense what if our needs were met?
gift it to ourselves?

make up for lost time?
self nurturing through passion?
who else better knows?

scrapping inartful
bullying by every step 
every stop at last

the light shone I need
fulfilled with all the glory
of loving here now

Poem Details | by Alan Summers |
Categories: art,


harvesting moon
the death of a friend's sister
a lost jigsaw piece

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: nature,

Warm Gold Nectar Soothes

full moon basks in light
reflecting the sun’s bright rays…

void of emotion
the cratered face seems to stir…
     light lost as sun moves

amber crescent hangs
tip it an sip its Chablis…
     warm gold nectar soothes

*Entry for Joe Maverick’s haiku contest

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: mystery,

Haiku-Night hunt

still waters a lost girl watches the wolf's reflection

Poem Details | by daver austin |
Categories: bridal shower, caregiving, music,



jeanette and nelson
nothing sweeter, more serene
a lost innocence

Sweethearts of the 30s –
We old timers can’t forget them
And when they sing together
We weep.
          Jeanette McDonald
              Nelson Eddy

Poem Details | by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: nature

Nature's Shrine

dainty daisy sings
welcoming elusive spring
and clouds forming rings

chicks peek from warm nests
mother bird tiredly rests
robin puffs its chest

meadow with blooms shine
man for his lost lover pine
on nature's soft shrine

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: life,

Lost balls

If you travel the world
In a golf cart
Looking for your lost balls
You might just  find 
The meaning of life

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: nature,

On Troubled Shores - In Search of Nature

shrouded in the mist
brooding daughter of nature
beckons her lost child

Poem Details | by tara jennings |
Categories: love, mother, son

first haircuts

the barber's scissors:
                my breath lost as the last of 
his baby curls fell

Poem Details | by Luminita Stoica |
Categories: death, life, nostalgia,

About a life

Womb, lost paradise
Strong wind, insecurity

Poem Details | by George Zamalea |
Categories: humorous,


Cupid lost sight
Of the skyrose! Ha! Ha!

Poem Details | by MariaDiding SajSam |
Categories: romance,

Two Lost Souls

                                                             two lost souls
                                                       under the piles of hay
                                                          dancing together

"Sexy Haiku Contest"
November 12, 2012

Categories: mountains,

heavy mountain

                                                a mountain can hear
                                       her cries lost in the woods' vault
                                                 cannot lift his ass