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Poem Details | by Eamon Duffin |
Categories: naturewater, water,

3 Haiku

In January 2007 the fishing trawler, 'Pere Charles'was lost off Dunmore EastCo Waterford, 
Ireland, with the loss of five fishermenI knew four of them, two very well.

                                         Pere Charles 

                                   Soft water all quiet
                           Bubbles of air take last breath
                               Five souls bid goodbye

                                       Flowing Music

                                   White water tinkling 
                                Exudes musical moments
                                  Hear a perfect peace

                                           Soft Power

                                      Soft flowing water
                               Creates valley and canyon
                                      Kisses ocean, free

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: age, beauty, change, memory,

- Haiku X 114 - Old Beauty -

                                    Mirror of the past
                                Appreciate the beauty
                                   History's language

                                   Ancient adventure
                                 Personality and style
                                  Forgotten summer

                                    A soul of the time
                            Do not need makeup to glow
                                  Threatened by decay

                                  Dark clouds in the sky
                           Tears are washed away by rain
                               Grief, pain, loss and love

- 31.05.2017
- Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
- Copyright © All Rights Reserved 
- www.howmanysyllables.com - Haiku 5-7-5

Poem Details | by daver austin |
Categories: analogy,



when being inside
not sitting out  -   looking in
what a difference!

birth from the middle
what a struggle     what bawling
on the loss of warmth

see the burning bush
marvel at what is inside
lifetime of searching

view of a manger
with mother and babe inside
behold!     the star

a lonely moment
left out of everything
what is life about?

Dave Austin

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: environment, nature, people,


Furious Zorbas*

Nature's Nemesis arrived

Hubris' aftermath !

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      01 October 2018


*"Zorbas" is the name given to a cyclone that appeared in
the mediterranean sea and has afflicted, mainly, Greece for a week now
causing considerable damages, including loss of lifeUsually we 
do not see Cyclones in this part of the world but with the climate
change we will see them more often! Man has to learn to respect
mother nature and to avoid Hubris! 

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston |
Categories: life, love, moon, science,

Mooku: Haikus on the Moon: with Cliff Notes

1Lunar Perspective #1

month long day and night
also sees earth wax and wane
no season penchant

2Lunar Perspective #2

moon's sun mimics earth's
earth pirouettes on star stage
sun’s smile Cheshire Cat

3Lunar Perspective #3

moon turns once per month
lunar tides dictate strangeness
heat loss froze moon’s face

4Lunar Perspective #4

one quarter earth’s size
creation’s spring, born of fire,
runt of the litter

5Lunar Perspective #5

moon is problem child
with no tilt seasons languish
haiku redefined?

6Lunar Perspective #6

evolution’s fall -
dangerous precession tamed
by earth’s sibling’s mass

7Lunar Perspective #7

eggs have their season
star dust life defying odds -
sister of mercy

8Lunar Perspective #8

seasons change in sky
rain a distant memory
blue moon poet's blues

9Lunar Perspectives #9

boy/girl in earthlight
cratered love finds its season
waxing blue planet

Brian Johnston

Poet's Notes:
As I learn more about writing haiku and hear practitioners speak of snapshots of experience/nature and concrete images the more restricted I feelThis poem looks at haiku from an unusual perspectiveAlmost no one has any experience with really seeing things on the moon, but with science we can imagine concrete images and snapshots that are at least as real as any we see on earthThe paradox of this for future haiku writers is amazing I thinkOne is tempted to ask if any truly concrete images actually existIs the mind's eye as good as our own? Is what we see with our eyes any more real than what we imagine at times?

Is language even possible that is not emotional and could objectivity be a farce? An eskimo for example has 40 different words for "snow" it is saidHow could an eskimo's haiku that used this word ever be translated accurately without resorting to poetic devices such as simile, metaphor, rhyme and anthropomorphism?

Stay tuned for other developments or share your insights with the rest of us.

Cliff notes (for the curious):
I have written a poetic version of what it would be like to live on the moon, what you would see thereOf course no one lives there now so these poems need to use mentally reconstructed images of what life would be like if you did live thereSo the point of this poem is to ridicule the idea that haiku have to be concrete images or photographs of anythingTraditional haiku people are going to love this I'm sure! 

Stanza 1 basically tells you that if you were living on the moon, then one day there would be the equivalent of 30 earth days..you would have 15 earth days of light and 15 earth days of darknessAnd if you could see the earth where you are on the lunar surface you would see it going through phases just like how we see the moon go through phases here on earthHowever, unlike the earth the moon has no seasons at allThis is also a jab at traditional haiku rules that require a nature reference in every haiku and consider seasons like we have here on earth to be a part of natureWell seasons may be part of nature on earth but on the moon they are not part of nature at allCan you believe I say all of this in just 17 syllables? 

Stanza 2 contrasts the behavior of the sun as seen from the moon with how the earth behaves which is much differentBasically it takes 15 days from the time that the sun rises on the moon until the time that it setsBut the earth simply stands still in the same place in the sky all the time, i.e., for the whole number of earth days that it takes the sun to rise, set and rise againThe earth never rises and sets for a person that lives in one place on the moonBut in fact as the earth goes through its moon like phases, we do see the earth revolving once every 24 hours while occupying the same skyThe real weirdness though is that since the moon has no atmosphere, there is no extended sunrise or sunsetInstead the day begins and ends instantly like the Cheshire cat's smileSo this explains the 2nd haiku! Ha!

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, conflict, dark, deep,

When Mars Sang

Is their life on Mars Carlotto's image, the Sphinx Was their life on Mars Creativity Our intentions bring again To Mars, loss or gain But then we must ask Simply, what can mankind bring Mars no longer sings For Contest 'Subject Mars' written July 7th, 2015.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous, sports,

Seattle Seahawks Haiku

Seattle Seahawks Haiku

Off in cloud of dust
Was it do or die or bust
Possibly a must

This was Seahawks game
All full of fortune and fame
For loss who should blame

Guess is good as mine
When you are so far behind
Throw pass be so kind

Guess that should be salt
After game came to a halt
Was a big insult

Two games with no win
Hope will not happen again
Did fan I offend

You have football blues
Seahawks haiku sure could use
For both me and youse

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Sandy Tadros |
Categories: grief, lonely, loss, pain,


Dewdrops are dried.
Weariness only remained
Pity! for the loss of roses.

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: cry, death,

- Haiku X 94 - A Light In Grief -

Be a lovely flame
Sparkle makes the earth to spin
For pain, loss and death

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Diana-Marie Bombardieri |
Categories: love,


she winks with her right
and sounds her most tuneful croak
yet, he sits unmoved

she tries her fly skills
which should impress any frog
yet, he does not flinch

she gets impulsive
takes a leap onto his pad
yet, not even warts

she is all wound up
she hops away insulted
it is so his loss 

April 25, 2012
Diana-Marie Bombardieri
CONTEST - lilly-pads and frogs - LeeAnn Sidney

Poem Details | by Kolapo Olapoju |
Categories: natural disasters, political, sad,


The loss of reason
fuels the fire of violence
And society Sobs

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Rain washing wet
Exit humid heat;
Bamboo pines sway


Weary estate
Rustic and ancient;
Old people pace


Orchid stalks
Crystal flower vase;
Beauty adorns


Class reunion
Familiar faces;
Change intervenes


Old-time movie
Once upon then;
Romantic poise


Property market
Doldrums percolate;
Prices go south


Precious moments
Fragrance lingers;
Touchy feelings


Red light district
Pretty birds ply;
Ancient occupations


Evening descends
Abruptly dark;
Distant lights hurl


Fleeting surge
Momentum flips;
Emergent thoughts


By the wayside
Weathered old man;
Limping bravely


Haiku blossoms
Plain fragment;
Frozen experience


One by one
Passers-by stream;
Distant dream calls


Economic downturn
Job loss escalates;
Grizzly bear bites


Stray staccato
Morning birdsong;
Balcony solo


Seek then the way
Live well each day;
Be one with bliss


Cruise to nowhere
Sea breeze salty;
Modern distractions


Leon Enriquez
30 April 2016

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston |
Categories: nature,

Haiku: Physics: Gravity Too

how it cuts the grain
yes earth's moon's unchanging face
heat loss from moon tides

Brian Johnston
July 28, 2014

This poem was inspired by Pandita Sanchez's Haiku called 'Gravity.' Read her 
poem as well for even more fun! 

Isn't it great? Nature's mysteries explained in 17 wordsDidn't you ever ask 
yourself why we only see one side of the moon? It does revolve you know, one 
complete revolution every 24 hoursHow is it possible that this is accidental? The 
answer is that, of course, it is not an accidentWhen the moon was spinning 
faster, there were tides on the moon just like we have tides on earthThese tides 
of lunar soil caused the moon to heat up but then that energy radiated off into 
spaceThe Laws of Conservation of Energy, then required the moon to slow 
down, to the speed it rotates at todaySince there are no longer tides caused by 
the moon's rotation, it has stopped slowing downGod I love Physics!

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: animals, funny, imagination, life,

Daylight Savings Time


                                     The geese are in form
                       Northward bound, SPRING springs forward___
                                      Loss of sleep for man

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler |
Categories: friendship, hope, life, loss,


I miss you so much,
This aching in my heart is so unbearing,
It feels as if my heart is shattering,
And the only thing that can fix it,
It seems is your words, and your deep, crisp voice.
I miss you so much,
I am at loss of words,
When it comes to describing,
Describing how much I miss you.
It seems like I can't live without you,
Because you are such a great friend,
A friend I don't want to lose.
If I ever lost you, I don't know what I would do,
I would blame God, I am really starting to doubt him,
He has taken Pappy(grand-grandpa).
My sisters(best friends).
Ashley and Tiffany Brown,
And it feels as if he's trying to take everyone I love.
Always~N~Forever, Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To:CAZ

Poem Details | by Kolapo Olapoju |
Categories: depression, introspection, loss


I combed Elysium 
for my loss in purgatory
but on earth it sits

Poem Details | by norberto franco cisneros |
Categories: humanity, truth,



Truth in all its forms
Defies men’s and women’s lies
Thank you God for sex 


When I die my God,
What do I take on my trip?
Only love, my child


I shoot a rabbit 
My boy sees the rabbit die
I can’t help but cry


Creative poets
Keepers of the truth are 
Oracles disguised

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: lost love, nature,


Contemptuous lover
confiding in the pale moon,
isn't loss a mistake?

Poem Details | by Karen Price |
Categories: caregiving, death, family, joy,

Between Venetian Blinds

Tuscany beckons
Wandering minds traveling
On the sun's last rays

The pale flesh glowing
Mother stirs from her closed bed
She slides to a stop

Where is she going?
When will the awaited day
Arrive for our sakes?

Letting go is real
Cry, celebrate, or wishing
Through it all we wait

Touched by the angels
Her heavy eyelids closing
Old thoughts will return

A warm offering
Quiescent reality
Numbing all to sleep

Brother's soft hair
Sobbing through the stagnant air
Breathing in deeply

Distant music plays
Chords of joy and pain wander
Forever reaching

Sister's loss held in
Bursting with the hope for death
Squeezing in the love

Past, present, future
Father's sad joy leaking out
Through Venetian blinds

There are no angels
Hovering where we can see
Belief quivering

God sends us no signs
Mortality challenges
At sunset right here

Poem Details | by Robert Coles |
Categories: happiness, hope, inspirational

Paradise Lost

     I was listening to the news the other day regarding the economy and job loss that has 
been happening in North America and for some inexplicable reason the picture that Raul 
posted for his contest popped into my mindSo, here is my entry for Raul Moreno’s Solace in 
Nature Contest.

Recession rainbow

        Human foibles forgotten

                          Nothing else exists.

Poem Details | by Des Juan Richardson |
Categories: conflict, confusion, dark, depression,


darkness fills the night
   Uninterrupted silence
moonlight pales, loss sight

{Des Juan Marquise}

Poem Details | by Frank Penicaro |
Categories: angst


his armor split near
the crest of the serpent.
no loss is so noble.

Poem Details | by Adam Hapworth |
Categories: loss,

Crying Maple

Every Maple weeps
when tapped with loss of its own.
Even tall, strong ones.

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: beauty,


Late night visions
Blur excavations;
Past sleeping hours


Words fail
Passage purged;
Discarded poem


Wander here
Fence-sitting neighbour;
Loiter with desolation


Feasting over
Festival ended;
Yet people dance around


Cite a fine say
Read a good book;
Self-discovery awaits


Curious scent
Perfume mists;
Fragrance in the air


By this river
Goods and sure trade;
Tourists take boat rides


Late night drama
TV movie moments;
World snores away


Food diet plan
Weight loss program;
Add two kilos


Strong sake brew
Alcohol inspires poem;
Unfinished business


Boy of three
Says: Hello uncle!
Smiles fling approval


Leon Enriquez
08 August 2014

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


TV sensation
Prime time news;
Wake up call


Elegant poise on TV
Charming sweet voice;
Brilliant anchor delivery


Homegrown talent
Sparkle and shine;
New media sensation


Stock market trends
Upswing and downswing;
Challenging times


Politics of freedom
Confrontational constituents;
Angry defiance


Observe the times
Conflicts permutates;
Right and left and wrong


Losing streak
Gambling losses;
Cut loss and run


Affairs of the heart
Uneasy showdown;
Bruised egos clash


Pun of old wit
Can still sting;
Mad hornets stir


Kill joy this talk
Something for nothing;
Deceit attends conceit


Gain or loss
Not much has changed;
Greedy is greedy


Here we go again
Flirt from old pain;
Embrace new pain


Sweet baby asleep
Mother's fond embrace;
Peace in the valley


Leon Enriquez
20 October 2014

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: grief, sun,


                                       THE VERMILLION LOSS

                                      sun rise pants for new day
                                               clouds dally

                                           wears dry eyes

                                           blue hour blues
                                  Dusk weeps for each lost sun
                                            midnight dreams

                                     sun rise pants for new day
                                              clouds dally….

on the loss of my mother

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: daughter, death, nature,

A Willow Born To Weep

landscape of willows spirit rises my sorrow- weeping by the creek chartreuse leaflets mourn for the loss of my daughter- branches crowd her tomb hope of trusting faith brings momentary healing- roots bud into loss grieving with the breeze- effortless heartache reveals willows born to weep March 25, 2017

Poem Details | by Joan Warburton |
Categories: grief, daffodils,



‘Forever my love;’
he cried’My heart breaks in two
for the loss of you’

Not a day goes by 
When I think of times long gone,
I loved and lost.

Surprised he shouted
‘Hey, you there, are in my chair
get your bum off, now!’
How green the grass grows
where the daffodils bloom wild,
amongst, rocky stony ground

The house stood forlorn
 In the glorious sunshine,
she wept at the sight

‘Today is the past;
Tomorrow, another day
Is there more to say?’

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta |
Categories: bereavement, death, death of


A precious old lamp
Suddenly went off last night
Today clouds hang thick

Grey birds are in noise
A dead bird lies underneath
An island of mangled poise

A bard died last night
Over his book of poems
A sad star shines bright

In loss we go numb
Waves rise and fall in the sea
The sea remains calm

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,



People fleeing
Abrupt exodus;
Freedom dies trying


Refugees here
Uprooted debris;
Dying echoes scream


Conflict chops
Confront crazy;
Cruelty conspires


By this old sea
Screaming faces;
Distorted awakenings


Pain rains
Inhuman strains;
Murder strokes plain


Good men watch
Death and debris;
From a distance


Haiku blooms
Echoes wind here;
Ponder loss plain


Sultry hot day
Noise confronts;
Laughter punctuates


New note book
Ink stain whiplash;
Memory curls


Words spilling
Electronic thoughts;
Cyber verse splurge


Random spread 
Motive mime;
Word tincture sways


Leon Enriquez
06 February 2016

Poem Details | by Jeremy Smith |
Categories: appreciation, death, dedication, inspiration,

Master Masaoka Shiki

5-7-5 Tragedy striking all the children are dying- A master prevailed! 4-5-4 Tragedy strikes Children are dying- Masters prevail! 7/6/2017
Kobayashi Issa as a child was cared for by his grandmotherDue to the death of his motherWhen his grandmother passed he was left lonely and moodyNot too long after his father sent him on is way to make a life of his ownDuring this time there was a span of 10 yrs of his life that is unknownFrom there he wrote a journal titled "Last Days of Issa's Father"He was also misfortuned with the loss of all his children on top of a fire destroying his home all separate occurrencesIssa wrote over 20,000 haiku's in his life and died November 19, 1827.

Poem Details | by Mark Toney |
Categories: conflict, film, women,

Oscar-ku 23 -All About Eve

ruthless ambition
fear of aging, loss of fame.
cycle of stardom

Copyright © 2018 by Mark ToneyAll rights reserved.
Published 2018 in "Hollywood Haiku" via wattpad.com

Poem Details | by Chime Justice Ndubuisi |
Categories: abuse, anger, environment, imagery,

Four Afriku

blood-ridden bed!

adolescent girl seized by the throat

a man, half naked!

new moon,

resurrects memories of honeymoon,

the loss of virginity, the regrets.

on a cold, cold morning,

I can imagine in other worlds

a hot, hot afternoon.

a man is

holding a goat down

on the ground; also himself!

Poem Details | by Virginia Tindall |
Categories: loss,

Miss you

Pain in my heart I
can feel the loss of my mom
in everyday life

Poem Details | by Wendy Nipas |
Categories: day, loss, sun,

Once again

Once again

The sun is maturing
Preparing life once again
For the loss of a day