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Haiku Poems About Inspiration | Inspiration Haiku Poems

Haiku poems about Inspiration and Inspiration haiku poems. Read and enjoy these haikus! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Inspiration Poems.

Poem Details | by Susan Ashley |
Categories: flower, imagination, inspiration, muse, nature, night, poetry,

haiku jasmine

poet’s jasmine vine incense of inspiration spirit in the night Susan Ashley November 8, 2020 ~ Poem Of The Day ~ November 10, 2020

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: inspiration, poetry, romantic,


Angels flapped their wings
Stardust fell from blessed sky
Poetry flourished!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   21 OCTOBER 2014

Poem Details | by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: animal, imagery, inspiration, january, nature, poetry,

Leopards -Rhyming Haiku-

Sneak up on their prey very silent and deadly don't get in their way. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.12/2015

Poem Details | by Phillip Rollings |
Categories: angel, dedication,

To - Skat-Oz A question-ku

Haiku Princess
I Bow to your pen
"Skat", Are you an Angel?

Inspiration the Poem - Haiku Rally ( 11/16/2011 )
Dedicated to "Scat - Oz"       Respectfully Flipper

Author's note - I think this is a Question-Ku
4-5-6. Thank-you " Scat"

Poem Details | by Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis |
Categories: adventure, art, beauty, happiness, inspiration, seasons, senses,

Instant Telegram

earth's splendor wakens
aurora borealis 
empty vessels filled.

entry for Nathan D.... Instant Telegram haiku contest.

Poem Details | by Herbert Siao |
Categories: imagery, inspiration, moon, peace, red, relationship, romance,

Drunken Moon

**blood moon** 

Waiting for night fall 
The moment of love is made 
The moon is bruised 

~a poet destroyer collaboration~ 

Poem Details | by Paul Stacey |
Categories: nature

It's Never Bland

A collage of life
Inspiration and passion
Our gift to cherish

                                                    For Raul's Solace in Nature competition

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: inspiration, muse, poetry,


Muse's tender whispers

Inspiration's caresses,

Poetic rapture!

© Demetrios Trifiatis 
         27 June 2017

Poem Details | by Besma Riabi Dziri |
Categories: inspiration, vanity,

On Vanity

wisdom in the dark
feigned resplendence floundering
vanity flattered!
July 3rd, 2018

Inspired by Demetrios Trifiatis Haiku "VANITY".

Poem Details | by Lin Lane |
Categories: environment, horse,

upon blue grass hills

upon blue grass hills
roan stallion grazed among mares
verdant and serene

~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~
Although not for her contest,
my regards to Tania for her
inspiration.  Merci

Poem Details | by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: beautiful, flower, grandmother, inspiration, love, memory, words,


in my blooming past
grandma was a beautician
who valued my words

Dedicated to the memory of my late paternal grandmother, Mamie Regulus.

Poem Details | by V. Deepa |
Categories: emotions, imagery, inspiration, love, moon, nature,

white blushing bun

white milky moon bloom dazzles eyes of peace questers oozes odium
August 23, 2020 Note:Haiku - Color With Alliteration Poetry Contest Sponsored by Tania Kitchen.

Poem Details | by Regina McIntosh |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, inspiration, inspirational, muse, nature, tree,

wise old branches

sunlight blinks softly through naked, wise old branches yearning for spring thaw Any NEW Nature Inspired Haiku Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin November 9, 2020

Poem Details | by Kevin Moran |
Categories: care, christian, courage, cry, faith, fear, god, grief, hope, inspiration, inspirational, introspection, jesus, life, love, pain, peace, religion, religious, smile, spiritual, strength, teen, teenage, thanks, uplifting, visionary, youth,

Strong Tears

Because tears are meant
To be a symbol of strength
Even in hard days.

Poem Details | by David Meade |
Categories: inspiration, tree, wind,

Haiku 11 Wind Tree

      a tree deformed by
years of wind stands bent but not
              broken, calls to you

Poem Details | by ... Gigno |
Categories: courage, faith, hope, inspiration,

One Spirit

Shine, courageously
To block out any darkness
You, the only light

Poem Details | by Robert Candler |
Categories: appreciation, birth, blessing, change, character, creation, culture, education, growth, history, humanity, identity, imagination, inspiration, introspection, language, meaningful, power, social, tribute, truth, voice, words,


Thought, said, sung, written
Words bred civilization. 
Words made us human.

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: autumn,

Haiku 66-About Hot Chilli Peppers

chilli peppers hanging on stall beds autumn wind Not for the contest,but thanks Andrea for your inspiration Destiny 3( 1st May 1977 ) : )

Poem Details | by Milan Georges Burovac |
Categories: art, beauty, hope, inspiration, me, music, religion,

Kapayapaan at pag-ibig

this time is an art of floating rhymes 
where my ears seek harmony of heart 
against War of Worlds and their fears

Poem Details | by Archana Kapoor Nagpal |
Categories: emotions, imagery, inspiration,

Autumn Colours

mood swings --
changing colours 
of the autumn sky

Poem Details | by Uwe Stroh |
Categories: art, devotion, inspiration,

world wearied grace

Still comes to me
Sitting by the fire
Lamenting my regrets

Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: addiction, adventure, bible, clothes, color, dark, fear, homework, inspiration, judgement, mirror, wisdom,

A Little Reflection

The notorious gang
Clearly stated in the news
Is now declared Saint

And a pretty ****
Infamous to everyone
Is now called Mary

This political thug
Who attacked lives' belongings
Is now made the judge

In a time like this
Where vices are made virtues 
What's that all about

Poem Details | by Elai Cee |
Categories: beauty, inspiration, longing, stars,

The Stars

The stars in the night
Giving light like a sunlight
Satisfy my heart

I want to reach you
Just to say something 'bout you
You are beautiful

Oh Looking at you
Remembering all my days
Hope he thinks me too

I know you're not gone
Come with me 'till the night come
Show your smile again

Poem Details | by Kim Robin Edwards |
Categories: identity, inspiration,

Iron Man Seven-Eleven

I am Iron Man Seven/Eleven.
How's it feel to have arms of steel? 
A cast iron head, and a rock hard bed.
I am ready to go to sleep right now.

Short Poem By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2002,2014..ALL rights reserved..

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: inspiration, poetry,


Muse’s tune resonates       
Poet melody composes                  
Verses start dancing!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
 05 DECEMBER 2014

Poem Details | by Wm Paul |
Categories: poetry,

ON WRITING 7-11-14

Forced inspiration
Is not the way to do it,
It must flow freely.

Poem Details | by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: imagery, inspiration, july, poetry, , cute,

Aww, How Cute -Haiku-

It's out for a swim the baby duck looks for food makes a cute picture. Copyright © Cynthia Jones July.21/2007

Poem Details | by Lynne Hanson |
Categories: heart, inspiration, muse, music, pain, words, writing,

from the ashes

sad song emerges
heartache's beautiful phoenix
pain fuels creation

Poem Details | by Gareth James |
Categories: inspirational

Inspiration from the start

The Big Bang explodes-
 then pure beauty floods our lives,
  inspiration forms.

For Raul’s contest

Poem Details | by Jim Tidd |
Categories: africa, inspiration,


Sometimes vision breaks
stone walls and hardened hearts
and leads to freedom.

Poem Details | by Regina McIntosh |
Categories: inspiration, music,


music's relief
songs of inspiration
writing the lyrics

August 25, 2014

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: autumn,

Haiku 58 Passing Clouds

between shapeless clouds the first peek of sunbeams on rippled waters 5/6/5-modern haiku Inspired by many beautiful Cloud haiku and senryu for pd's contest.Not for the contest but thanks for the inspiration : )

Poem Details | by Bhavna Khemlani |
Categories: deep, devotion, faith, inspiration, life, love, romance,

Love you more

Your Spiritual self reflects purity
experience has shaped who your are
every moment makes me Love you more.

Poem Details | by ... Gigno |
Categories: faith,


You alone are the wisest
No one will compare to your inspiration
You have forever saved us

Poem Details | by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: imagery, inspiration, january, poetry, writing,

Caves -Haiku-

Are dark and spooky water drips, bats hang around there might be ghosts too. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.10/2015 Ghost Adventures is about the Bell Witch in Tennessee.