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Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: imagination, seasons, uplifting, humorous,

seasonal senryu

Three Humorous Senryu 

If winter landscape 
Had snow that was black as coal 
It would still be cold 

If sunlight was green 
Shining on crimson nature 
It would still be hot

If rain was yellow 
Running like horse piss in streets 
It would still be wet

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Nerves Are Wearing Thin

Nerves are wearing thin,
In humorous mood have been;
Don't do it again.

Ho ho

Guess who this was written for and about?

Poem Details | by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,


J-okes carry laughter, 
C-limactic humorous twist 
S-eems brief narrative

Form: Acrostic Haiku

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

No Lossers Are Left and More Poems

No Lossers Are Left

No losers are left;
Seems like Trump has found them all;
Exist on his staff.

Jim Horn

How is that for a Horn Haiku for you
to read through like all poets would
want to do?

President was not wise and persistent;
In trouble and he had been consistent;
As we fear,
Pain in rear;
Leave White House this very instant.

Jim Horn

Jesus guided by power of the spirit came,
To Galilee were people would see His fame;
Then by the entire area they did perceive,
And in Him they soon started to believe.

Being honored by all in synagogue taught;
In ecstasy those around him were caught;
Listening and trying to hear his beckon call;
Yet to some of those there this did appall.

Returned to Nazareth where he was born,
On clear day when it was an early morn;
From heaven and His Father is now freed;
Stood up in synagogue and began to read.

Book of Isaiah Jesus began on that page,
Where His mind would began to engage;
Where it was written He found the place;
They saw the glow that was on His face.

Upon me, the spirit of the Lord shall be;
He will began to preach and start to see,
Brokenhearted is who He came to heal,
And many poor left alone without a meal.

Those who have been bruised must liberate,
From pain and can again begin to celebrate,
And to the blind do give sight to their delight;
No longer live in deep darkness of the night.

Folded book read over and it then closed,
And peace to all is what He had proposed;
On Him He would find fastened their eyes;
Holy Spirit had by Him they all would realize.

Was much Jesus had meant for them to hear;
Scripture is fulfilled this day in your each ear,
And by Him all of them had been reassured;
By Me the miserable and lame may be cured.

Jim Horn

I feel like God has given me a gift;
Up from their depths people will lift;
Listen must;
Him trust,
And direction should start to shift.

Really astounding what they are blurbing 
And this to us has been quite disturbing;
When it did rain;
Hit window pane;
So we should control it and be curbing.

Was inevitable when seeing ammunition,
That with weapons had put on exhibition,
Do not need;
Should impede,
And with sadness could require contrition

Orchestrate Way to Find Freight 

What we should do is to orchestrate,
Way so we can find all of the freight,
Off all had fallen,
And were balling,
Before being lost forever and too late.

Analogous With An Anonymous Hippopotamus

We arrived at what had been analogous,
With another animal already anonymous;

Happened to be humorous hippopotamus.

Jim Horn

PS My Ogden Nash style poem who is
one of my favorites along with Robert
Frost and Will Rogers whose statue
you see in Federal Building rotunda.

Jim Horn

Amazing and Poems Are Crazing

Found great poems to be amazing;
Them everyone is incredibly crazing;
Each word read,
While in bed;
All my poems out they are phasing.