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Poem Details | by Maria Williams |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, dance, flower,

Seduction In Spring - A Haiku Garland

Cherry Blossoms Bloom Resplendently dressed in Pink Seducing the Spring Glory unfolding They release their sweet fragrance Pirouette and twirl Music from the breeze With limbs so graceful swaying Blushing and bowing Time of renewal A fleeting symbol of life In two weeks farewell Ethereal Muse Celebration of nature Next spring awaits you
Author's Note: I hope that in this set of Haiku, I've managed to convey the traditional importance of the Cherry Blossom Season in Japan. Cherry blossoms are the symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal and the fleeting nature of lifeTheir life span is very shortAfter their beauty peaks around two weeks, the blossoms start to fall I liken these flowers to the beautiful Heavenly elusive Muses, the daughters of Zeus. The awesomeness of the natural beauty of Japan is continued in the my poem and arrangement - 'A Rose by any other name ---'

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: emotions, life, loneliness,

- Haiku X 113 - Lonely -

Time exist in light
With hope to mortals given
One set of footprints

- 13.05.2017
- Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
- Copyright © All Rights Reserved 
- www.howmanysyllables.com - Haiku 5-7-5

Poem Details | by Jannie Breedt |
Categories: hope, longing,


O Lord  in hope I fly ,my heart, I cling
How high my kite
How thin  the string

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: fun, humorous,

Mr and Mrs Dumpty, Egg-cidental Death

He lay there, shattered,

                    the shell of his former self,

          scrambled beyond hope..

Not really her fault..

                    all she wanted was a quiche,

          but she'd pushed too hard.

Written and submitted on January 31, 2019
For the "Pithy Pants" Poetry Contest
Maureen McGreavy, Judge & Sponsor.

Poem Details | by Suzette Richards |
Categories: history, poetry,


For those people too stubborn or too set in their ways to listen to another point of view: HEADNOTES  are NOT titles and they do not add to the syllable countThey are used with haiku or tanka poetry to set the scene  - like a signpostWithout it the reader will be totally lost (unless he/she has a VERY broad base of international knowledge)REAMS have been written about the MEANING of some of Basho's haikuWhy? Because it is ambiguous and, therefore, understanding them and translating them is difficultEg "the crow" and "frog pond" are only two of such haiku people are having difficulty with to come to a consensus as to what the poet intended to convey with these haiku 

Why Say More? The Problem of Titling Tanka
First published in the Tanka Society of America Newsletter 3:1, March 2002, pages 12–15While focused on tanka, the insights I hope this essay offers, apply equally well to haiku.

Tanka in Japan sometimes have headnotes as opposed to titles, but it is NOT a sixth line to the poem! Headnotes explain the “circumstances of the poem”—the context or settingAgain, though, headnotes are not at all like titles, and one need not be a particularly astute reader of tanka to spot the difference; headnotes are typically factual, locational, or anecdotal, whereas titles are often symbolic or intellectualThe headnotes, if used at all, do not fight with the tanka aesthetic, whereas titles typically do.

From my Blog Posted:11/5/2012 12:01:00 AM: http://www.poetrysoup.com/poetry_blogs/blog_detail.aspx?PoetID=30875&BlogID=13720


Hoeri 'kwaggo
raised from the sea – 
the tablecloth spread

a pallet
on which hope rests – 
cold sand clings


Hoeri 'kwaggo:  Table Mountain, “Mountain of the sea” in Khoi San.
Table Mountain is renowned for its tablecloth when the strong south-easterly wind blows.
Bloubergstand/ Beach: Means "blue mountain" - hence the place name (AND THE ATLANTIC OCEAN IS VERY COLD ALL YEAR ROUND) It is an iconic image of Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand
The motto of Cape Town (which nestles at the foot of Table Mountain, is Spes Bona ( Latin for "Good Hope")
Cape of Good Hope is one of the 7 historical names of Cape Town

Poem Details | by Cindi Rockwell |
Categories: autumn, devotion, football, hope,


Eagles on the field!
I cling to hope of Bowl Ring
There's always next year.

Poem Details | by Robert Candler |
Categories: adventure, age, angst, body,

Cold, Flexible Steel

A serial of haikus, all addressing the same topic with 
a hint of humor; but advice that could save your life
or that of a loved one New to PoetrySoup, so I hope 
I'm not "out of order" with this submission or topic

Cold, flexible steel
Probing my dignity...

This “simple” exam
“…could prevent cancer.” they say.

We all have to die,
But not from colon cancer.

There's a downside tho’.
“Yuk! That, nasty brown liquid.”

“But boy, does it work...
Work and work and work some more

Baring your buttocks...
In a fetal position;

“No polyps", they say.
There are no malignancies.

Your colon’s okay.
It’s five years until your next...

Want some peace of mind?
Insurance may pay for it.

One “simple” exam
Can provide that peace of mind.

You might save your life.
Over 45?  Do it!

Cold, flexible steel.
On the other hand, what if…
Something else kills you?

Poem Details | by Kim Hilliker |
Categories: nature


A fresh sun dawning
Upon the white washed seashore
Glistens hope once more

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: nature, seasons, spring, spring,

A Symbol Of Spring's Resurrection

cold February's rain saturates the good earth... star magnolia blooms
A symbol of spring's resurrection are those early blossomsThe Daffodils spring up under the bright yellow Forsythia and beautiful pink tulip shaped flowers cover the Japanese Magnolia..Resurrection stated in the most subtle wayThey say to me there is hope that the sun will soon warm the earth's soil signaling to all of nature to come alive.
red buds glow decorating the roadside... heavy fog cloaks all
Spring's presence can be unobtrusive slipping in like a lamb One day it is winter then a heady essence wafts on a zephyr that aroma of pale lavender Wisteria announcing spring has sprung. Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi Contest: Spring Haibun red buds glow(verb)

Poem Details | by Nudershada Cabanes |
Categories: childhood, life, poverty,

The Homeless Child

Street lamps still lighted
night has retired and faded
a new day unfolds

heavens rolled darkness
tucked it away for the sun
to give light and shine

in the horizon
a golden beam of sunrise
appears out of mist

in the street corner
a small child still dazed from sleep
awakens and yawns

trembling, feeling cold
he hugs himself to feel warm
morning air brings chill

to his fragile frame
that looks sickly, frail and weak
under the street lamp

for this homeless child
the street corner becomes home
to rest for the night

in a little while
he will move and will scavenge
for his morning meal

from the garbage can
full of piled litters and trash
he gets his morsel

living in the street
has made him vulnerable
life is hard and tough

for a little child
abandoned, uncared, unloved
is there hope to life?

Poem Details | by Shadow Hamilton |
Categories: stars,


stars dance in darkness
light up the sky with sparkles
bringing hope and joy

Poem Details | by Betty Bateson |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,

A Positive Poem

let us live laugh love
bounce back and grab the moment
to keep hope alive 

Poem Details | by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: life,

Life's Hope

Ardent in one's hope 
Is the prospect of a spring 
Bringing forth new life

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life,


Timeless space… Moving on… Beauty feels Colorful… Paradise… Forever Grand entry… Hope reaches… No ending
Russell Sivey Entrant into.Gigno's "Ellip" contest 2/11/2013

Poem Details | by eddee shaz |
Categories: natural disasters

heating up

The ocean is rising fast
I hope you can swim

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: encouraging, inspirational, soccer,

Women Won It All

Women Won It All

women won it all
was a great national thing
again and again

passed ball here and there
until trophy they had won
now we are so proud

will never forget
was such a wonderful day
and would you believe

win, win, win and win
in future hope they can do
one more trophy too

God, thank you so much
for all our winning feelings
praise You our dear Lord

james thomas horn
retired veteran and pet

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: hope, river,

Healing River

stones slip between toes
pain when walking in life's stream...
river of hope heals

Penned 26 August 2014

Poem Details | by Charles Melody Lightning Ink |
Categories: inspirational


Mother's hope shot!
Who will rescue tomorrow?
Unending woe...
Midnight town crier!
Women and children take cover
Men running to war.
Dry leaf swaying down
Looking from where it falls
Fresh leaves, take caution.
Not minding the meat,
Isolated to ponder,
Woeing solution
Plates without hope
war came frowning
never to smile.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: funny,

Cow Pie

There's a cow pie in the yard.
So what do you think?
Is it bull?

(Cow pie is American slang for cow dung & "bull" is the
abbreviated form of a vulgar word meaning something foolish
or uselessAnyway, it's a play on words that I hope translates
ok for the non native English speakers here)

For DrRam Mehta's Contest on Quinzaine Poems
and now for PD's "any poem under 5 lines #1" - Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by faleshia murphy |
Categories: hope

The Journey Continues

Lost in confusion
Blurry passage of hope waits
Journey on hault


Poem Details | by Deborah Burch |
Categories: animals, death, hope, inspirational,

Heaven's Rainbow Bridge

Heaven's Rainbow Bridge

green grass and blue skys
fresh water and food to eat
no hunger--no pain

dear friends wait beyond
prismatic spectrumed colours
heaven's rainbow bridge

~deborah buch©

In 1994, William NBritton wrote the , "Legend of Rainbow Bridge"It is a hope filled story of where all (pets) "special friends" go when they leave this earthIt's a place of "beautiful meadows, grassy hills...fresh spring water...plenty of their favorite food to eat...others to play with..."That place is called "Rainbow Bridge" and it is where they wait until we get there, "just this side of Heaven", so we may go in togetherdb

Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: peace,

White Cloud

          across the blue sky

    an envoy of hope and peace

         a white cloud sails by

Poem Details | by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler |
Categories: angst, confusion, depression, friendship,

Why Are You Being This Way

Why are you being like this?
Oh how I just wished we could be friends,
But it ain't gonna happen,
Because you hate me for no reason.
Just because I'm not popular, because
I am less than you.
I just wished you knew,
Knew how I felt about,
How I used to like you,
All the things I did,
I was scared to talk to you,
Then when I found enough courage,
To talk, you block me out of your life,
As if I never exsisted.
Maybe I never exsisted around you,
But how can you be so oblivious,
And miss that I needed you?
Why oh why can't you see this pain?
Do you care?
Do you wish you could know me better?
Do you ever think of me at least once?
Do you care wheather I live or die?
Of course you don't because,
I am just dead to you,
I am just a pity ghost to you,
A horrible nightmare that won't go away.
I slowly die inside,
From all the times I've cried.
(I've cried for you.)
You look at me,
With your beautiful brown eyes,
You look right through me,
Like I was never alive.
I am invisible,
I always will be to you.
For some reason I knew,
I would always be like this
To you.
I wish you were missin' me 
Like I was missin' you,
But no matter what I do,
I am always dead to you.
Someday I hope we can be friends.
 I Miss You 
Dedicated To: Fikret Saric

Poem Details | by Chaim Wilson |
Categories: age, remember, sad love,

I Hope This Can, What I Can't

You uncovered
Your heart, my lack of wisdom,
Remorse can’t describe.

If time was replayed,
I’d have shared more heart your way,
Seen actions fore hurt.

I intended no pain,
I thought we could break cleanly,
But my thoughts were wishful.

Now I can’t undo,
And choose the outcome anew,
I apologize.

I hope this allows,
Flow, where feelings were stopped,
Recall hurts, even today.

Unable to salve,
What callous things seemed right,
Years cannot dissolve.

I thought I could solve,
The world’s pain extent with soft
Words, instead of hearing.

Poem Details | by Dovey Annie |
Categories: angst, life

Token of Regret

Sparks fly, flames ignite
intoxicated passion
follies of greenness.

Haste vows in wishes
rapid change adaptation
birth of an angel.

Smoldered brawl outburst
pen scribbles by gavel's call
Fire sizzles then drown.

Comes winter anew
tears of the lonely angel
token of regret

Dovey Annie

(This is my first time writing a Haiku poemIt is raw and lack shine, but hope you guys will enjoy.)

Poem Details | by Nudershada Cabanes |
Categories: hope, tree, wind,

The Tree and The Wind

The wind rage furious
Howling and blowing madly
Tree swayed clinging tight

Her leaves flew away
Carried by the mighty wind
Plucked off untimely

How ruthless the wind
Taking away her green leaves
At their tender age

Now that storm has passed
The sun is shining brightly
A new hope is born

The lone tree stand tall
Bare and naked stripped of leaves
Basking in the sun

Poem Details | by Tom Larrow |
Categories: introspection, nature,


Darkness fills the sky
Fire covers all land and man
cleansing has begun

Mother's rage at man
destroying hope of a past
she engulfs the land

All man's schemes erased
a calmness will embrace earth
what life will replace

Haiku for "The End Of The World Armageddon" contest

Poem Details | by Nudershada Cabanes |
Categories: life, science, war,

weapons of Mass Destruction

The world has produced
weapons of mass destruction
to annihilate

A new invention
science has contributed
to humanity

For the sole purpose
of destroying and killing
enemies of states

Such a cruel act
of ending life in one sweep
of nuclear bomb

Man is an idiot
that never learns his lessons
history has taught

From Hiroshima
to Nagasaki bombing
are lessons of war

Is life valuable?
a midst this vast destruction
there's no hope to life

Poem Details | by Ashley Skillman |
Categories: hope

Three Haiku for Cancer Battle

Miracles are clouds
Far away, untouchable
Yet we’re flying through 

The face of Divine
Hides quietly inside this
Haze of fear and doubt

So my hope remains
Throughout the breaks of sadness
That you’ll see your light

Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, blessing, deep,

Delightful Daffodils

5 Haikus! Hope this one's a "delightful" treat!: 

Gracious evermore Thinking of you – a delight! Your spirits take wing Shine on, you light bulb! Thinking of you – a blessing! Grow, dear beloved!! (Let your light shine on us all) I place daffodils On your tombstone cheerfully Vibes crawl down my spine Sleep well, my angel Thinking that you’re a prized gift! You’re a blissful bloom Precious as ever, Thinking of you brings back tears – Tears of joy and grief

Poem Details | by Bishop Ezeh |
Categories: political

Nigerian Political Parties

Umbrellas, brooms, chickens
All they offer us to hope for
Dying dreams

Poem Details | by Brian Davey |
Categories: change, hope, rain, snow,

Moody Skies - - Split Haiku Contest

                                                   Sadness crying rain
                                            Dark storm clouds internal pain
                                               Does the weather change

                                                   Monsoons emotion
                                             The sorrow that's in our skies
                                                Does the weather cry

                                                  Blizzards of our pain               
                                            Flakes of soft petals presence
                                                    Does the sun arise

                                                  Clouds broken in two
                                            The first ray of hope has come
                                                     Does it ever stop


Poem Details | by Greg Stanley |
Categories: holiday, hope, new years

A Falling Star

Black stones fall to earth My resolution this year Find a falling star
By: Greg Stanley For New Years Resolution Ghetto Haiku Contest Sponsored By Indigo Dreamweaver I hunt meteorites in the California Deserts, and hope to find one in 2012 I have found some in the past, so I’m feeling confident

Poem Details | by hija de la luna |
Categories: beauty, creation, faith, how


A promise to behold
Unfolding not to be rushed
Wait, hope and trust; it’ll be.

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: africa, america, black african

haikus: A, B, C, D

haiku A

keeping hope alive---
strong stalwart sweet sable souls:
these are our mothers.

Haiku B

Ebony beauty,
Sustaining us in all things---
God bless our mothers

Haiku C

Beautiful black soul---
Audaciously bold in faith;
Praise God for Mama

Haiku D

Plowing up our hope,
And watering our courage,
Moms cultivate men.

Poem Details | by Aarya Roy |
Categories: depression, family, hope, inspirational,

It's my time

lonely battles, endless dreams,  with dark red eyes, my childhood screams
Nothing is going, on my way, "It's my time" is hard to say
How to move, how to fall, frustration is growing tall
Still I try to find my way, "It's my time" is hard to say
With loads of hope of mom & dad, I stand tall.cuz i can't fall
two pairs of never ending dreams, I'll make my way.Someday

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: uplifting,

sunrise under his watch

eagle’s eyes press sky
sun’s rays pierce through morning clouds...
     day of freedom reigns

liberty’s sign waits
new hope inspired by dawn’s light...
     nation’s pride rebounds

*Entry for Poet Destroyer’s sunrise contest

Poem Details | by Aiyah Torres |
Categories: color, hope,


                                        seven   unique  hues,

                               hemmed by the hands of our God,

                                         hope in every heart.


Poem Details | by Michael Zavaletta |
Categories: adventure, games, power, violence,

This Is War

Flint-lock alarm clock,
A blooming Lotus whispers,
Speaking while death knocks.

Enter the Grineer,
Led by their slaver captain,
Vor, whom they revere.

Servant to his Queens,
Seeking hope for his clone race,
Corrupted by greed.

Pure vampiric thirst,
Stalking sacred metal crypts,
For our holy blood.

To be clapped in chains,
Seconds after waking is,
A harsh good morning.

My power's severed,
Soft as a petal she stirs,
Polarizing shifts.

Tingling fingertips,
An awakening occurs,
Underneath my skin.

When my hands extend,
The earth quivers before me,
Laws of physics yield.

Between explosions,
And a daring escape plan,
I find my freedom.

My own dingy ship,
At least I have a first mate,
Ordis and his...friend.

Soundless we wander,
Waging war for the Tenos,
At Lotus's command.

Vor's campaign will end,
By the hands of gravity,
Tremble before me.

Poem Details | by Sabina Nicole |
Categories: inspirational, nature,


A surge of comfort,
Strokes of paint soak lavish skies,
Rekindling dreams.

Restores the soul to
Heavenly places, dazzling
Jewels recap ones heart.

Revealing beauty,
Life’s radiant reminder,
That hope is alive.

By; Sabina Nicole
contest: rainbows

Poem Details | by azim mohammed |
Categories: faith, friendship, hope, life,

Hope Sunset to Sunrise

Day passes waiting
And when silence seem to be lone company
Sunsets in hope 

Beacon of hope
When the nigh falls in the shadows of dismal
Sunrise of hope

…..Haiku 27.06.12

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |

The Crustacean

edging to his home -
the sea - lone beach comber risks
life unknowingly

Here is a horrible haiku for ya, Ironic! Hope you hate it!
(for your worst poem contest)

Poem Details | by gary bechter |
Categories: life,


sorrow brings
the passion of hope ___
fears arisen

Poem Details | by Karen Price |
Categories: caregiving, death, family, joy,

Between Venetian Blinds

Tuscany beckons
Wandering minds traveling
On the sun's last rays

The pale flesh glowing
Mother stirs from her closed bed
She slides to a stop

Where is she going?
When will the awaited day
Arrive for our sakes?

Letting go is real
Cry, celebrate, or wishing
Through it all we wait

Touched by the angels
Her heavy eyelids closing
Old thoughts will return

A warm offering
Quiescent reality
Numbing all to sleep

Brother's soft hair
Sobbing through the stagnant air
Breathing in deeply

Distant music plays
Chords of joy and pain wander
Forever reaching

Sister's loss held in
Bursting with the hope for death
Squeezing in the love

Past, present, future
Father's sad joy leaking out
Through Venetian blinds

There are no angels
Hovering where we can see
Belief quivering

God sends us no signs
Mortality challenges
At sunset right here

Poem Details | by Mike Long |
Categories: love,


i had a daughter
fathers love from fear and hope 
i learned to pray 

Poem Details | by olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: love, nature, heart, heart,

my star,my Heart, My Valentine

bird displays its wings
above flowing water fall...
my heart flows with joy

beds of nice flowers
the passion of hope and love...
my heart beats faster

love shines like the stars
which brighten the night and sky
would you be my star?

CONTEST:"(double)valentine Haiku &one questionku "sponsored by PD

Poem Details | by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: hope

Memorable Taske

My choice my partner should be fair and smart.
My hope my partner never hesitate to play a part,
My wish my partner feel palpitation of my heart,
I mind when relationship breaks and cooperation bashed, 
My wish my partner treat me fare to pull my cart.

Poem Details | by Adam Seay |
Categories: inspirational,


Alive we bleed alone we burn.

Dry wood and gasoline strike a match and we burn.

Turn on a light we shine.

Give us a dream we fight.

Give us a hope we prove our determination.

Together we are Unbreakable.

And as one Impenetrable.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: hope, inspirational, life, love,

Rainy Season


                                                     Lone Cacti awaits
                                             With hope for this very day...
                                                  Rain__restore all life

(Inspired by the picture of the cacti with the clouds but not an entry in the contest.)

Poem Details | by Steve Edmonds |
Categories: hope, nature

Boulder's Redemption

Piercing through the stone
Bright rays of hope liberate
The dismal boulders

For Raul Moreno's 'Guiding Light' contest