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Poem Details | by Asif Andalib |
Categories: life, nature, people

The Football Match

It’s raining all day!
The kids are playing football –
They just love to play!

Poem Details | by Robert Candler |
Categories: adventure, age, celebration, education,

Bio in Short

It's been a good run
To the back side of sixty,
The short side of time.

First Hollywood kiss
Behind a pink crepe myrtle.
Thanks, Patsy Werner.

High school was okay.
Didn't help me to focus;
So, my mind wandered.

Surfed Bonzai Pipeline,
Big waves break into lava.
What made me do it?

Vietnam jungles.
I wondered why I was there.
America lost.

Smoking potStereo.
Good fun in the seventies.
Psychedelics too.

And three wives later,
I finally found true love.
We're still together.

My destitute heart,
Saved by the sweetest angel.
I love you, Sandy.

Sooners are my team.
Most winning football program
In the Modern Era.

I am retired now.
But I have plenty to do.
Golf, primarily.

I've been writing more.
Perhaps I will write a book.
I have many tales.

I'd chase young girls; but,
Girls with a "grampa" fetish
Are so hard to find.

If I am lucky,
I will just drop dead one day.
With my peace of mind.

Yes, made a good run
To the back side of sixty,
The short side of time.

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: football,


Football fever
World Cup Brazil;
Too many overnights breached

Imagine a world
Glued to football mania;
Morning red eyes syndrome

Now you've seen it all
Germany's got the gold;
Back to normal routines

Even my wife's up
Watching the final match;
TV and sleepy eyes

If only something
More tangible...
Can heal the world

Competitive sports
Winning smiles collect;
Losing tears regret

Bedtime at dawn
Wake up mid-afternoon;
Schedule gains off-side

Peace for now
Until the next World Cup;
Life minus football fever!

Just for a sporting change
For a short while,
Unruly world celebrates

In-between hostilities
Dazzling football magic;
Memorable milestones

In my dreams
Football in the net;
Goalkeeper dazed

Leon Enriquez
14 July 2014

Poem Details | by Denise Morgan |
Categories: football, fun,


Football on telly
Who are ya! Who are ya!
Rowdy football crowd

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous, sports,

Seattle Seahawks Haiku

Seattle Seahawks Haiku

Off in cloud of dust
Was it do or die or bust
Possibly a must

This was Seahawks game
All full of fortune and fame
For loss who should blame

Guess is good as mine
When you are so far behind
Throw pass be so kind

Guess that should be salt
After game came to a halt
Was a big insult

Two games with no win
Hope will not happen again
Did fan I offend

You have football blues
Seahawks haiku sure could use
For both me and youse

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: sports,

Are Best Won

Are Best Won

Found football for fools

With their ridiculous rules

Different thoughts of schools.

Mules sure are stubborn

Must hit again and again

In of course rear end.

Football have to boot

As I sit like an old coot

Loudly have to hoot.

Super Bowl just won

Whole team will sit in the sun

Now they are best one

James Thomas Horn

Retired Veteran

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Horn Baseball and Football Haiku

Horn Baseball and Football Haiku

Took a swing or two
At a baseball that I do
Always love so true.

Out what I have found
Bat hits baseball on the ground
Love to hear its sound.

Then I must admit
After landing in my mitt
Playing could not quit.

A time once upon
After hitting a homerun
We again had won.

Who would pull a stunt
When I had wanted to bunt
Instead I did punt.

I found that football
Was one I loved best of all
When down it does fall.

In receiver's hands
Meeting all of the game plans
Pleasing to the fans.

What is greatest goal 
Is to be in Super Bowl
This I have been told.

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet
Wouldn't you know it
RiverSea Plantation
Bolivia, NC

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra |
Categories: age,


Life’s a football game
Fifty is halftime to me
Second half lookout

Poem Details | by Malcolm Dyer |
Categories: father, food, funny, husband,

Sunday afternoon

fried chicken is good
with rice and beans and butter
ice cold glass of tea
and some football action for me

Poem Details | by Bennie6 Haiku Poems |
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Serious Poem

Only one of the haiku poems below is seriousThe others are frivolousCan you spot the serious poem?

zero, one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven, twelve

Do four out of five
dentists really prefer
sugarless Trident?

twelve, eleven, ten,
nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one, zero

Is a poem any
more than a validation
of our perceptions?

I gave the Peace sign
at a football game and was
handed two hot dogs!

The six questions that
reporters ask are "What?," "Why?,"
"Where?," "How?," "When?," and "Who?"

Poem Details | by Michael J. Falotico |
Categories: sports

Super Bowl Fun

~~Royals Super Bowl Sunday Contest~~

                                                      Super Bowl Sunday
                                             hot wings,nacho's and cocktails
                                                      a football pool too
                                                  Shame my team is home
                                                 still wearing Blue the same
                                              drink and have fun until the sun

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humor,

What If God I Had Hired

What If God I Had Hired

A Thought Transpired;
What If God I Had Hired?
Who would get fired?

Jim Horn

Probably a football coach the way
things appear to be looking right now.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humor,

Hiaku a la Horn

Hiaku a la Horn

Prim donna did pierce
Both of my ears pretty fierce
Each one hardly hears.

Knew from beginning
Ahead after last inning
We will be winning.

One of my big goals
Kick football between two polls
Then have choice of bowls.

Sickness does appear
When certain symptoms are near
Hope won't have it here.

Was a rebuttal
Which us seemed to befuddle
So we should scuttle.

Before it was found
We had to look all around
Top down to the ground.

Saw a big beaver
On team was a receiver
Even told big tales.

When you would ask me
If better want things to be
Live in land of free.

We want to be sent
America place I meant
Was no accident.

Loved it from the start
We came here from miles apart
Then had change of heart.

With us we will bring
You who always seems to sing
Rock and roll or swing.

Drumstick do prefer
Certainly loud noise for sure
More then can endure.

Thought that it was such a waste of space
putting one small, three line haiku all
on one page.

James Hilarious Thesarious Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet
RiverSea Plantation
Bolivia, NC



Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: football, music, seasons,


a Fall trumpet plays
a solo as Summer ends
and football begins


Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: england, flower, football, hope,

football philosophers

glorious morning
for football philosophers
the fuschias are bright

© Gail Foster 12th July 2018

Poem Details | by deepak srivastava |
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