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Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: animal, autumn, farm, halloween,


day and night equal
the autumnal equinox
autumn now begins
squirrels gather nuts
store food for the coming months
winter approaching
evergreens stay green
deciduous change colour
hues of red and gold
a weaker sunlight
chlorophyll stops producing
hibernation state
crops are now ready
summer sun has ripened them
the harvest begins
a bright harvest moon
provides light for the farmers
extra production
the fall migration
birds head for warmer climates
before the first frosts
halloween looming
farmers harvesting pumpkins
ghoulish faces glow
the fall or autumn
display amazing colours
both one and the same

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: bird, nature, ocean, snow,


black and white landscape
a colony of penguins ~
standing and waddling

in the oceans depth  ~
lives a black and white giant
orca killer whale   ~

seal on an ice flow  ~
oblivious to danger  ~
head butting whale strikes

egg laid by female  ~
emperor penguin stands guard
female goes hunting  ~

not in Africa  ~
elephant and leopard seals
sea is their jungle ~

hourglass dolphins ~
smaller than a bottlenose
keen bow wave riders

home is in the air  ~
the wandering albatross
a ten foot wingspan

in the frozen south ~
a species of royal bird
the emperor penguin

the antarctic terns ~
fly over a silver dish
krill is on the menu

thick and warm white coat
a camouflaged artic fox
unseen in the snow ~

top of the food chain
carnivorous white giant
fearsome polar bear ~

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: nature,

male red cardinal

male red cardinal rules the feed trough by strong force... nuthatcher eats seed
I was watching the birds at some food that I had placed out on a steroform plate.. A Male Red Cardinal would run all the birds away then this tiny little Nuthatcher would fly in and get one seed..The Cardinal seemed to keep watch while the Nuthatcher ate maybe five or six seeds..

Poem Details | by Ravi Sathasivam |
Categories: philosophy,

My own proverb

" If you need food on your table, always try to earn it" - Ravi Sathasivam

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: animal, insect, nature, rainforest,


from three miles away
the unmistakable sounds
of howlers chorus  ~

a slithering snake~
crushing prey without mercy
green anaconda  ~

small eyed black caiman
twenty foot alligator  ~
watching and waiting ~

waiting in the trees  ~
unsuspecting deer walks by
a jaguar strikes  ~

through overlapping branches
laser beams of sunlight pierce 
the dense canopy   ~

worlds largest rodent
like a giant guinea pig
capybara dives  ~

painful insect sting
as painful as a gunshot
the bullet ants bite  ~

rainforest rivers  ~
home to pods of pink mammals
fresh water dolphins  ~

jesus christ lizards ~
walking across the water
miracles happen  ~

hanging upside down ~
eating green vegetation
slow moving sloths  ~

native indians  ~
rub poison on arrow tips
from the green dart frog

a very short tail  ~
long shaggy coat and red face
bald vakari swings ~

face of a lion ~
now an endangered species
lion tamarin ~

pygmy tribes food source
monkeys, pigs and antelope
hunting to survive ~

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: food, nature, winter,

haiku - grey forest predators

ravenous wolf pack  
winter has robbed them of food ---
howling in chorus  

Written on October 26th 2018
For haiku-senryu- Writing challenge
Sponsor Dear Heart a.k.aBroken Wings

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: nature,

sweet dance

~when honey bees dance
                       waggling provocative tail…
                                     queen bee smiles sweetly

   In Honor of: `A Rambling Poet ~ 
   Haiku Me Some Nature, Please
   By John Moses Freeman

Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)
The honey bee, Apis mellifera, is one of several species of bees 
that produce honey.
 The waggle dance, an elaborate series of movements by a worker bee, 
informs other bees where the best sources of food are located.

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: bird, food, summer, winter,

Bird Migration

shades of gray  journey
aspiration food , nesting 
recurring winter


Poem Details | by Deborah Burch |
Categories: animals, death, hope, inspirational,

Heaven's Rainbow Bridge

Heaven's Rainbow Bridge

green grass and blue skys
fresh water and food to eat
no hunger--no pain

dear friends wait beyond
prismatic spectrumed colours
heaven's rainbow bridge

~deborah buch©

In 1994, William NBritton wrote the , "Legend of Rainbow Bridge"It is a hope filled story of where all (pets) "special friends" go when they leave this earthIt's a place of "beautiful meadows, grassy hills...fresh spring water...plenty of their favorite food to eat...others to play with..."That place is called "Rainbow Bridge" and it is where they wait until we get there, "just this side of Heaven", so we may go in togetherdb

Poem Details | by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: imagery, inspiration, july, poetry,

Aww, How Cute -Haiku-

It's out for a swim the baby duck looks for food makes a cute picture Copyright © Cynthia Jones July.21/2007

Poem Details | by victor okechukwu |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, allegory,

The Life Of The Namby-Pamby

Tears rolled down.
Face wrinkled.
A little shout comes a frown.
I am weak and fickled,
Life is hard,
I am sad.
Life is for the ironclad,
But am a frail lad.
Controlled by emotions,
And also swayed by affection.

All hands on deck,
Does not fall under my purview,
I'd rather rest my neck,
Go on vacation for a nice view.
I guess its time to throw in the towel,
Then right back to my comfort zone.
Pick up my phone, browse and be alone,
Then to the kitchen for ready made food to fill my bowel.
Sleep, wake up and sleep again,
Your admonisions are in vain.
Give me an umbrella cos the sun is shinning,
I can't risk exposing my skin to drying.

Such is the life of the namby-pamby, then little by little failure creeps in.

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: anniversary,


Curl of smoky streaks
Joss stick messages;
Heaven bound


Temple visit
Feast day moments;
Talk to the dead


Bright Hill Temple
Where rites bring peace;
Family gathering


Temple verandah,
Spacious prayer courtyard;
Surreal this heaven


Closed eyes salute
An inner realm calls;
Spiritual insight


Here we gather
Offer our earthly harvests;
Poignant celebration


Briefly we come
Ply food offerings;
Gratitude tells


Columbarium niche
Earthly ashes laid;
Fond remembrance


All Souls Day
By parents' niche tomb;
Familiar voices speak


Echoes in hallway
Death talks in silence;
Life feels message


Poise in strange voice
Talking in my head;
Ecstatic insight


Brief is our time here
In-between eternities;
Grief comes too late


Songbirds sing
A rustic hymn;
Salute the dead


Flowers sparkle bright
Crimson, violet, orange hues;
Bourgainvillea vines


Hurl of midday sun
Casting odd silhouettes;
Deserted columbarium


Leon Enriquez
22 October 2014

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston |
Categories: life,

Haiku: Thanksgiving Rev 2

found with friends and food –
sated with autumn’s colors
laughter falls like rain

Brian Johnston
November 26, 2015

Poem Details | by Marilyn Williams |
Categories: appreciation, community, dedication, growth,

Rate Me

I like those people who rate my poems that give me food for thought now.

Poem Details | by cheryle sanders |
Categories: food,

Paula Deen's Type 2 Haiku

all that Southern food butter, cream, fat and sugar look where it got y'all

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Late repast
Mealtime message;
Food invigorates


Joy spreads
Peanut butter bread;
Poignant taste


Fish head curry
White rice paradise;
Earthly ambrosia


Family meal
Celebratory moods;
Evening delights


Premium durian feast
Pleasure primes palates;
Mangosteen topping


Tuesday month-end
June succumbs;
July takeover


By and by
Here and there;
Anxious punctuation


Mystic mathematics
One upon zero;
Infinity presides


Pineapple slices
Everyday desserts;
Meal aftermath


Two hands full 
Groceries in tow;
Bounty enroute


Late morning siesta
Heavy constellations;
Dizzy meets heavy


Evening descends
TV sitcom fares;
Fast food takeaway


Pre-sleep sensations
1:55am writes;
Dreamtime foreclosure


Leon Enriquez
01 July 2015

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Saturday flings
Sensorial pleasures;
Refreshing rain


A gift of somnolence
Moments on a breeze;
Drowsy airy feel


Beyond these silk curtains
An uncertain world;
Looking not seeing


Daughter's simple hair braids
Charming sight to see;
Wavy murmurings


Stroll by this old shop
Ancient owner smiles;
Dialect greeting nods


Faces in a crowd
Too many to remember;
Abrupt perfume swirls


Such sweet charming eyes
So mesmerising;
Lover styles smiles


Conscious awareness comes
To sleepy interlude;
Nightfall paints dark


Dragonflies chase morning
Across the muddy pond;
Lotus blossoms


Green frog floating
Twin eyes stare;
Set sight straight


Common fare for each
Feasting on simple;
Happy smiles at me


Stray wind drift
Soft chill on my skin;
Autumn exposure


Laughter now enroute
Wit plays with fun;
Happy faces here


Cosmetic surgery
A new facial expression;
Defer timely ageing


Electronic ink stains
Words emerge the same;
Rhyme clusters


Death comes too late
Life in weary strides;
Death before dying


Evil plots to live
The good die young;
For wrong reasons


This old tree speaks
Ancient language unknown;
Talks to the wind


I sit and wait for words
To fling and hurl and shout;
Poetry sums


By that Chinatown street
An old scholar's garden;
Bamboo moongate


Chinese calligraphy
Cryptic beauty adorns;
Profound symbols


Fast food menu
For Me n U;
Upsize perhaps


She murmurs in deep sleep
My darling wife dreams;
Charm watches


Starry constellations
Quiet conversations;
Absent words preside


Leon Enriquez
20 September 2014

Poem Details | by Asif Andalib |
Categories: animals, children, life, pets

My dog Tommy

My dog Tommy 
Used to ask for food 
Shaking his head and tail!

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Eye witness sees
Pulse of dawn;
Stillness grooms


Leaking faucet
Drop by drop;
Prayer beat chant


Noise below
Skyscraper view;
Insects crawling


Dry evening breeze
Noisy crickets;
March romance


ATM bank queue
Mötley bunch;
Cash withdrawals


Home movies
Two in a row;
Siesta beckons


News from overseas
Message in electrons;
Homesick blues


Brisk walking jog
Morning meditation;
Lethargy drains


Chinese bread buns
Savoury fare;
Treat for two


Diet plan dinner
Fibre fruit blend;
Baby food texture


Mirror image
Old soul peeping;
Facial recognition


Face to face
Old friends meet;
Is it 25 years ago?


Catechism class
Religious politics;
Good versus Evil


Jesus speaks
Eye witness hears;
Life is hard


Hungry souls
Instant salvation;
Food court gourmet


Newspaper highlights
Bad news again;
Catastrophe strikes


Leon Enriquez
09 March 2015

Poem Details | by Pam Deremer |
Categories: animal,


scurrying in the dark

looking for some food to eat

avoiding the set trap

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: death,


trees outside
heavily laden with ice—
night rain continues

a plump woman
shivering, teeth chattering—
near the fireplace

the door opens
and gusts of cold air burst in—
the nursing home

my grandmother
lying in bed starving—
no food allowed

I watch helplessly
while her bony hands squeezed mine—
ninety-eight years old

after nine days
I hear Grandma’s last gurgle—
crying and one kiss

© December 8, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Dead Winter 	
Sponsored by: Sidney ~ LeeAnn 

FORM:  Haiku Series

Poem Details | by Brenda Victoria Northeast |
Categories: nature, nostalgia,

Haiku hodge podge trio, Trees and leaves

Gum trees line the road
To long outback red paddock
To my father's house

Olive green Gum leaves
On wind-swept red-sandstone hills
Flick like Brumby tails

Eucalypt tree leaves 
Are food for our koala's
Round our Billabong

© Brenda V Northeast 23/Jan,/2012    for Linda- Marie’s haiku contest

Poem Details | by Marty King |
Categories: blessing, giving,

i am a 'me too' haiku

sincerely homeless
i bless him with food and drink
i am a 'me too'

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


Blue flowers plucked
Nyona bak chang** moments;
Satisfying rice cakes

By this old fence
Echoes of giggles;
Laughter mocks schoolyard

Road diversion
Roundabout detour;
Long cul de sac

Wedding festivities
Details and stuff;
Final agenda looms

Joy wears a face
Celebration evokes;
Certain gratification

Flame of the Forest tree
Nice shady bough;
Rain drops seeping

This old site
Venue of past demeanours;
Regret and guilt linger

Windy day
Hair reconfigured;
Unkempt spikes

In sure fashion
Nothing stays the same;
Change interferes

Wind howling
A haunting refrain;
Ghostly echoes cry

New instance
Go the distance;
Ply resistance

Do not be
Afraid of fear;
It's just an old gripe

Old apartments
Need a facelift;
Time weathers pains

Leon Enriquez
03 August 2014

(Notes: Nyona bak chang** -- 
The word "Nyona" means a Straits born Chinese lady
with the social graces of a genteel sort, who are
known as a Nyona from a distinct group called the
Peranakans, who have a mixed heritage of Chinese and
Malay customs and traditionsThis is today a dying breed.

The word "bak chang" means a cooked food product
made from glutinous rice with a centre filled with
sweet pork meat, spices and sauce, and chestnuts, packed in 
long leaves in the shape of a pyramid tied with strings.
Such delicacies are steamed until the aroma fills the
air and makes you desirous to eat these tasty morsels.

The natural tinge of blue colour on the glutinous rice comes
from the "blue flowers" freshly picked for use in these rice cakes
My maternal grandmother was a Nyona lady who had 
a big heart, a warm smile and who loved me very dearly.
I miss her smile though she died when I was only four.)

Poem Details | by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: bird, humorous, imagery, inspiration,

Chickadee -Airless Suburban Haiku-

Chickadee flies low looking for food he buried runs into a tree. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Jan.28/2013 I haven't penned one of these in a while.

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: beauty,


Radio impulse
Stray songs invite;
Hip melancholy


Words and lyrics
Basket of moods;
Mental corridors


Espresso machine
Caffeine song;
Frothy brew


Dancing darling
Plucks my heart strings;
Sense surround


Listen now
Birdsong metaphor;
Dawn brings magic


Profound moments
Rain wets window;
Windy sadness


Neighbour smiles
Meal takeaway chit-chat;
Weather and prices


Pineapple slices
Lunch time treats;
Sour-sweet yellow


Dress-up ladies
Dolls on stilettos;
Curvatures glow


Mascara eyes
Vivid charades fix;
Dreamy distance


News headlines blast
Earthquake tremors again;
Nepalese pain grips


Sighing old woman
Complains to herself;
Ghostly whispers


Wayside alcoholic
Smiles in somnolence;
Happy delusions


Be beyond blur
Lively nonsense;
Sound escape plan


New food court here
Up market ambience;
Prices escalate


Two grownup kids meet
Playground romance;
Brief interlude


Wedding banquet
Happy couple cheers;
Sanguine guests feast


Yoda in green
True to life;
Star Wars philosophy


"Do or do not,
There is no try."
The Force runs away


Sing to the dawn
Be happy now;
Tomorrow can wait


My darling calls
Expresso ready;
Blurry steps slide


Glimpse here
New light flings;
Suspend objections


Leon Enriquez
27 May 2015

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Morning chorus
Two birds sing;
Balcony duet


Song of morning
Bird psalm alleluia;
Thanksgiving prayer


Odd couple here
By lift door;
Quarrel in pursuit


New food court
Menus to go;
Brisk business


Soft ice cream
Delightful flavours;
Frolic with glee


Words on rice paper
Calligraphy speaks;
Discerning moves


Japanese haiku
Zen in a trance;
Cryptic frog pond


Sound of water
Dish washing grooves;
After meal thanksgiving


Dinner setting
Guests seat around;
Small talk punctuates


Joy comes
Sorrow leaves;
Grief be brief


Code and symbol
Not much more;
Secret line


Leon a Enriquez
19 August 2015

Poem Details | by eddee shaz |
Categories: animals, nature

Animals tha I see

es 1/29/2011                        


                                      Raccoons chattering

                                    getting into everything
                                     They Act like bandits

                                 Crows Watching, waiting

                              Stealing food from other birds

                                    Bandits of the sky

                                Opossums not so bright

                              They carry  young in a pouch

                                   They look like big rats

                                  Snapping turtle basks

                         Smells bad leaves a strong odor

                                  Jaws ready to snap

                             Trout swimming up stream

                             Ready to be caught and ate

                                 I hate cleaning fish

                           Toad With bumps and warts

                             Snatching a fly from mid air

                                 eating mosquitoes 

                                   Butterfly gliding

                        Drinking nectar from flowers

                           Blue,Red colored wings

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: animals, food, nature

Nature's Dependence

Nature's Dependence

Enduring food chain
Living devours living.
Thankfully survived.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 14, 2010

Poetic form:  Haiku

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,



Spring in Lijiang
Blooming flowers sparkle;
Crystal clear waters


Snow-cap mountains
Majestic horizons;
Sky borne eagle


Prominent ancient town
Glimpses of old China;
Modern trade-offs


Ancient grounds glimpse
Tarry on stone bridge;
Curious feet loiter


Common grounds 
Local folks ponder;
Observe tourists intrude


Old bazaar shoppe
Ancient gentleman smiles;
Pipe smoke patterns


Photo snapshot
Memory milestone;
Still life ambience


Brisk browse
Snatch good feel;
Takeaway trinkets


Ancient village moments
Emergent present;
Fast food restaurants


Lijiang in spring
May joy sets three days;
Heart wanders home


Picture story
Glimpses of Lijiang;
Vivid colours dance


Feast for the eyes
Magic moments stray;
Vivid visit


Cobblestone lanes
Petrified tryst;
Personal memoir


Silver everywhere
White metal textures;
Precious distractions


Once upon a tour
Lijiang in China;
A kind host


Winding pond
Willow tree murmurs;
Morning salutation


Fragrant Pu-Er tea
Tasty brew invigorates;
Round roll blend 


Spring time sojourn
Far far away;
Horizons merge


Leon Enriquez
19 August 2014

Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: childhood, children, sister,

Cut It OUT

I speak
without considering people's feelings--

I wink
foolishly in attempt to do a wicked plan--

I smack
my lips teasingly and annoyingly--

I think
before I prank on my siblings--

I joke
around until I receive a laugh--

I cry
out to get attention--

I chew
on my food loudly to irritate others--

I snap
my fingers in silliness--

I sneak
into my sister's room with a wake-up call--

I write
in gibberish verses--

I type
my gibberish verses on Poetrysoup--

I laugh
because I already posted my poem--

I got
what I deserved--

I slam
my fist-shaped hands in sudden anger--

I glare
at my bossy sister in disapproval--

I close
my mouth so I won't say another word--


Poem Details | by Edward Ford |
Categories: business

Chef Sang

Chef Sang

Pick up your food now!
If I ring this bell once more
Too late it’s cold now.

Poem Details | by Joshua Adam |
Categories: death

A Humbling Thought

young, smooth, trim and firm
soon to be food for the worm
life, but a short term

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: angst,


Night market stalls
So much to see;
Feel happy daze

Curious eyes feast
Seek a fond buy;
Pretty things shout

Street food vendor
Pleasant fare delights;
Long queue waiting

Crowded street
Hawker offerings;
Brisk buy and sell

Waylaid by stuff
Hordes descend here;
Night bazaar tempts

Just for a while
Try buying happiness;
Walk the bazaar route

Street side beggar
Ragged marionette;
Selling tissue packs

Feeble old lady begs:
"Give me two dollars please..."
My wallet agrees

Caught in the act,
I sigh with heartache;
Old man collects discards

By this wayside
Beggar sleeps dreaming;
Sleeping in a warm bed

Chinatown detour
Sign of the times;
Lonely old folks gather

Faces from the past
Lingering here now;
Beyond expiry date

Sad and dreary
These haunting images;
Intrude upon sensibilities

My heart bleeds
Distressed by such sights;
Cruel squalor loiters

Time has excavated
Skeletons in the closet;
Revisiting old haunts

Now and then
Becomes by and by;
Broken pieces litter

Poverty speaks
In ugly tones;
Shady undertakings

To die is easy
Living is so hard;
Pain, suffering, disease

Oh my soul,
Let us go, you and I;
See better sights

Leon Enriquez
14 July 2014

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: nature,

pears hang

pears hang yellow-green waiting for ripeness to fall... September gale blows yellow, green pears lie bruised upon mother earth's breast.. ants, wasps, hornets feed pears food for insects ants lay in store for winter... pouring rains flood mound

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

My Measuring Cup

My Measuring Cup

As usual I have been accused of
mis-placing the measuring cup
againAhaShe found it in the
dishwasher exactly where she
left itSo here is My Horn Haiku
to describe the event with.

Guess what I found out?
Another measuring cup
Is missing again.

Is so intensive
Women will find offensive
Men on defensive.

No one should abused
And Golden Rule always will use
No perfect excuse.

What I now assume
There will be one in each room
Including a broom.
Not only does she have a food fetish.
but a cleaning one as wellAlways
wondered why I am always being
taken to the cleaners.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Cicadas celebrate 
Wet Monday evening;
Frogs for company


Sun falls down
Evening supplication;
Sleepy earthlings rest


Moody intersection
Traffic congestion;
Decorative city lights


Speak in silence
Night owl hoots;
Silent night


Notice the stillness
Greeting with calm;
Voice beyond voice


Walking by old house
Collective memory tints;
Melancholic shades


Once again dawn hurls
Birdsong melody;
Bay window serenade


Gifts and presents
Magnificent food spread;
Come Lord Jesus


Sea of faces
Hungry expectations;
Festive moods 


Balcony view
City lights glimmer;
Night sweeps away


Once again dusk
Ushers restive sighs;
Wine and good music


Misty rain dance
Children exploring wetness;
Laughter echoes


Leon Enriquez
16 December 2014

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: pets,

The Calico Cat

the calico cat licks her lips and washes... dog food gone, cat smiles

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: nature,

dandelions bloom

dandelions bloom bright yellow crown atop green... soul's food ~spirits light

Poem Details | by Kenneth Fordham |
Categories: food, imagination,


A wish for soy sauce,
What a delight it would be,
Chinese food for me.

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Black panther 
Striped tiger;
Stray cats challenge


Takeaway meal
Fast food dinner;
Family feast


Street bazaar
New offerings greet;
Dazzling array


Crowded mall
Strangers congregate;
Celebrities entertain


Busy walkway crowd
Strange faces meet;
Loneliness loiters


Tired old couple
Sun drenched faces;
Hair greying with late bus


Child care centre
Noisy kids mingling;
Care-giver disciplines


Hotel atrium
Tourist traffic brisk;
Coming and going


Supermarket shelves
Global brands assemble;
Mini United Nations


Morning kung-fu
Martial arts dance;
Healthy self-defense


Mirror image peeps
Self-realization stare;
Grey hair and wrinkles


Leon Enriquez
31 August 2014

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: dance,


Dawn hurls
Magic aura;
Song birds sing


Cheery sunrise
Poetry of light;
Ceremonious new day


Dreamy lines linger;
Unremembered glimpses


Brisk walk seeking
Wet market food supplies;
Fresh vegetables greet


Busy food court
Crowded queues;
Hunger strikes a pose


Early morning queue
Banking transactions;
Money on the move


Friendly fruit vendor
Skins three pineapples;
Durians? Very nice!


Night market stalls
All sorts of stuff;
Even used books for sale


My wife cooks
Family meal happiness;
Home-styled 3-Michelin Stars!


Our Prime Minister
Gives a hearty Rally Speech;
Beaming smiles like poetry


Bay front shoppes
Luxury goods sparkle;
Nice can be a vice


Too little too late
Now gone with the wind;
Regrets accumulate


Listen now
Your heart speaks;
Stormy revelations


Images flash
Ideas and insights;
Picture portraits swirl


Late to bed
Early to rise;
Prize of the wise!


Morning rain
Wind chanting secrets;
Nondescript verbiage 


Hibiscus flowers
Pink, red, yellow, orange;
Spectrums of hot weather


Plumeria ventures
Blooming in the sun;
August transfiguration


Stash of cash
Money for a rainy day;
Smile on my face


Words stream surge
Seeking a nuance;
Fragments and moments


So much to do
So little time;
Let's enjoy the breeze


Bus-stop heat wave
Pouring sweat ooze;
Humid and hot afternoon


Oriental beauty
Pretty and sexy;
Beer hostess serving


Electrons busy
Word craft attends;
Wet rain on concrete


Leon Enriquez
20 August 2014

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Fast food outlet
Round the clock;
Late hour crowd


Thoughts flavour
Changing landscapes;
Wonder greets change


Wedding banquet
So many tables;
Joy's cheery feast


Lessons here
Street-smart actions;
Survival test kit


Two strangers meet
Brown dog and black cat;
By lobby door


Stray winds ruffle
Stir of debris;
Dusty swirls decorate


Lotus posture
Yoga meditation;
Vivid stillness here


Bonsai tree
Ornamental miniature;
Keeps calm company


Evening echoes
Howling winds confront;
Clash of lightning


Crowded post office
Lady licking envelope;
Mail drop instance


Deserted lane
House on the hill;
Misty street lamps flicker


Leon Enriquez
07 August 2014

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: peace, world,


                                                 An ant wandering 
                                       searching food stuff on a street
                                          gets shock with bus's horn

                                             stops and rests a while
                                              again tiny legs step on
                                                next vehicle's horn

                                               Uh! no where safety
                                        on trees leaves sun rain disturb
                                              no peace in this world 

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: repetition,


Watching and waiting
Nothing happens;
Until just now

Trade buzz
Money changing hands;
Bazaar commotion

Old shophouses
Newly renovated;
Brisk traffic parades

Corner cafe
Stray conversations;
Small talk overhead

Spring time blossoms
Yunnan, China journey;
Leftover memories 

Midday siesta
Groggy with fatigue;
Day dreams of old China

Humid and hot sweat
Sun fires fiery fever;
Cold drink comforts

Noisy food court
Rush of lunch crowd;
Food salvation seekers

Fashionable retail
Branded goods purveyor;
Peacock feathered nuances

Welcome now
Our store promises plenty;
If you've got dough

Face after face
We measure our lives;
Sales offers escalate

Leon Enriquez
19 June 2014

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: animals, hope, life, nature,

My Fate Will Lead Me

my fate will lead me…
i wander around, seeking 
warmth, food and shelter

Poem Details | by Alexander Seal |
Categories: food,

Slimming numbers

Give food a number
Count as you eat all day long
Exceed the total?

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


A muse

Pathway route
Distant shores;

Dawn spreads
Misty glow;
Drenching rain

Thunder grooms
Lightning streaks;
Sky canvas strokes

Grey canopy
Ominous clouds;
Gloom prevails

Early morning stroll,
Fond old couple;
Chinatown tour

Wet market stalls
Busy food bazaar;
Touting vendors

Weathered verse book,
Yellowing pages;
Old raptures speak

Train ride to somewhere,
Crowded air;
Lonely eyes dart

Leon Enriquez
23 Mar 2014

Poem Details | by Patrice Trice Jackson |
Categories: kid, life, memory,

My fondest memory

Missing my childhood
playing games in the streets with friends
sip water from hose 

Sneaking to the store
Buy junk food before dinner
get in big trouble

Walking far with friends
ride the bike far to the beach
beat the street lights home

Rushing home from school
erase the teacher message
before mom get home

My first childhood crush
was a player broke my heart 
gave me my first kiss

Poem Details | by Bobb Marly |
Categories: death, life,


10:AM  29 Oct 2014

Leaves fall to decay
Turning to food for next year
To make new green leaves