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Poem Details | by Raul Moreno |
Categories: faith, inspirational, sea

Voice of Truth

Ocean waves cry out,
From the center of the sea:
With faith to reach land.

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: beauty, earth, freedom, roses

- Haiku X 81 - A Prayer On The Hill -

A sacred journey 
proof of humans love and faith 
World fights for justice 

http://www.howmanysyllables.com 5-7-5
- Sun :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Crista Gorman |
Categories: devotion, faith, hopeheart, heart,

Hold Fast My Heart

 He baptized my heart with Holy water,
   Rivers pure and clean.
He has set my feet upon the rock,
 With a measure of faith in things unseen.

Like the hands of moses lifted high,
 I will call upon him, he will hear my cry.
If I should stumble, he will break the fall,
 his arms are stretched to reach us all.

I love you Jesus from my heart,
 because you loved me first.
You meet my every need,
 and quench my every thirst!

Hold fast my heart to the one
 who gave his life for me,
Rejoice because he has loosed the chains,
 and set this captive free!

Poem Details | by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: poverty,

Fight Poverty

W-ith millions starving, 
W-e all must be united, 
W-alk with faith and love.

Form: Acrostic Haiku

Poem Details | by Justin Worthy |
Categories: angel, art, beautiful,


My Faith in her i proclaim now
Til the endWith this i do seal a vow
with patience, and no more doubt

Poem Details | by Mario DE PAZ |
Categories: friendship,


He is much depressed
He needs much comprehension
He sometimes is drunk

He is a good poet
He has in God a strong faith 
He feels so guilty

He becomes sober
He writes a faithful poem
He tries to be free

He is a souper
He finds solidarity
He has many friends

Poem Details | by Michael Miers |
Categories: angel, appreciation, beauty, desire,

brave Noor, the spy

a beauty untold
a faith untold to the weak
faith I've never met

Poem Details | by Michael Zavaletta |
Categories: christian, religion,

Which Doctor

Reciting prayers,
Body splayed across the floor,
Reaching for heaven.

Knees gnarled and bent,
Mouth calloused from oration,
Hands clasped tightly shut.

Passionless faith is,
Just ceaseless recitation,
Magic doomed to fade.

Poem Details | by Dave Timperley |
Categories: inspiration, love,

Be Positive

Don't be that person, stuck in a rut,
Don't let your day always end in a but.

God's plan for you was made in the positive,
He doesn't want you to live in the negative.

When your life seems gloomy and sad,
When all you try turns out to be bad.

God , You are so good, forgive me when I fall,
Stumbling stones line my path, I hear the Devil's call

Go to the fountain and there drink deep,
Your problems will go if your faith you keep.

Say, Father, smile on me when I am so unable,
His love and  forgiveness will make you stable

Before time began, God made you with love,
Before all creation, came His love from above

He looked on you with love in His heart,
He has given you His best from the very start.

© Dave Timperley February 2015

Poem Details | by Lin Lane |
Categories: family, love,

My Family

     young couple in love
nurturing parents now gone
       left their legacy

       global  heritage
 french, spanish, lil' italian
       irish and german

      a real smorgasbord
  main ingredient was love
       served to all of us

        one older brother
younger sister - my best friend
       grew up on a farm

        life was lots of fun
 but there was work to be done
     raised with faith in God

        strong lineage tree
branched with children of our own
       fed with lots of smiles

   5.3.16      Marvin's Family Contest

Poem Details | by The Situation |
Categories: faith,

start it up

If you want to start
If it has an ignition
Jesus is the key

It can be hot wired
If it has an ignition
Jesus is the way

With the faith you have
You can hot wire religion
God has made a way

Poem Details | by Lori Lucas McClure |
Categories: allegory, death, hope,

Skeleton Tree

skeletal remains                                     
ancestral tree  of life
portrait of ruin                                          

valley of dry bones
branches broken and scattered
generations lost

Breath of  life returned
deepened roots of faith grown strong
Epitaph of hope

Poem Details | by Ravi Sathasivam |
Categories: philosophy,

My own proverb

My own proverb.... “The light house is there to guide direction to all the sailing ships to reach their port safely, so God is always there for us to guide to reach our goals wishes and highest destinations. Do not lose your faith for anyone”. - Ravi Sathasivam

Poem Details | by Marcus Crane |
Categories: faith, hope, life, uplifting

Broken Dream

light endeavors burn

dream a broken dream.lost fire ? 

believe.keep up faith !

Poem Details | by Ajayi Angel-Simon |
Categories: faith,


                                       faith begets mighty miracles
                                               sowing a grain of
                                    mountain-moving mustard seed

Poem Details | by David Smalling |
Categories: caregiving, faith, lossold, old,

Ascension by Fire

The silent news spoke
Nothing of my grief, the fire
Came after the smoke

Children, grandchildren
Were'nt lollipops of the flames
Choking on prayers

The serpent's eyes red
Looked, and from our fortress fled
Staining just one room

With the ash of sin
Investment here of its doom
Without rain or tears

Throw the old things out
 Burnt furniture, wet clothes scarred
With water and dirt

Human life is more
Than grief can measure in loss
This, yet we endure

Carol, dear, and John
Give Candice my love's regard
We shall build again

The phoenix in us
Resist the yearning in dust
To fracture our trust

We rise, and we rise
The spark above leaping fire
Death is love disguised,

The balm of the skies
We believe and do not need
The germ in the seed.

Let old visions die
Frail vanity now disposed
Fresh faith from it grows

For in this despair
Our safety meant God is here
Life is only grace.

Poem Details | by Nayda Ivette Negron |
Categories: feelings,

Trust In Time

trusting in something
unperceived by the senses
wished dearly by heart

Example for Faith Contest

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: black african american, freedom,

haiku rhymes: black realities in 1o movements

black reality…
maimed and killed on video:
daily news tv.

injustice must go---
what’s seen is no enactment;
it’s real as was meant.

all of this crap stop.
our lives are in jeopardy;
by hands of rogue cops.

no justice, no peace---
empty chants easily ignored;
when will the breach cease?

attempt self-defense,
and we’re a violent threat:
blacks with no damn sense.

next season will be:
keeping up with the new blacks---
hook on being free.

remember the dead---
no sequel will be for them:
they are really dead.

yes, we are alive---
fighting to the very end:
that our heirs survive!

let’s keep faith on set---
her flame must never go out;
she’s never failed yet!

faith---the horizon---
waits upon the rising sun
justice has been won! 

Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: happiness, life, love,

a lovers lament

A Lover’s Lament 

July and blue sky 
But alone in my cabin
A film of sorrow

When I first saw you
A soothing day in July 
I had faith in love.

How my seasons pass
I am an autumnal leaf
Alone on asphalt 

Blow incognito 
Lost my will to fly once more
 Soon I shall be earth

Poem Details | by David Smalling |
Categories: faith, hope, on work

The Prayers

         Truckers Prayer:
Dark hill, sliding ice
O cargo of faith suffice
Wheel my heart to thee
                                          Miners Prayer:
                                     From heaven so far
                                     A darkness mines shafts of fear
                                     And your footsteps here
Shippers Prayer:
Sleep within my heart
Where breaks the tumult of sea
Like a voice of calm
                                         Mothers Prayer:
                                     Hold my hand always
                                     And my love when you are worn
                                     By life's feet in you
Pastors Prayer:
Kneeling lone I stand
For all I am, at thy throne
Vessel of a man
                                           Children Prayer:
                                      The light blinds our heart
                                      May our eyes see unseen things
                                      Covered by your grace
A Man's Prayer:
Dust fracturing light
Put a rainbow in my place
Blanket for the night

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra |
Categories: holiday,


Another year ends
what will this year bring to us?
Keep the faith always

Poem Details | by Ivor Davies |
Categories: bereavement, destiny, friendship, life,

Ivor's Haiku

aching deep within
reaching out beyond the veil
never forgotten

All Aboard
body and soul combine
for the ride of a lifetime –
no return tickets

Am I me
I think I am me
I think, therefore, I am me
I am me I think

Astral Womb
astral absorption
blends life continually -
soul's evolution

Bloodless Bond
born not of Mother
parent of necessity
destiny fulfilled

Coming up Trumps
sharing true friendship
noisily expelling gas
no inhibitions

blending of spirits
natures nectar decanted
life's vessel refilled

Deep Silence
deep silence roars out -
in straining to catch whispers
no one can hear it

deep thunder rumbling
silence envelopes the land
destiny draws near

Empty Noise
dry branches snapping
summer glory now faded
still tries to impress

Eternal Moments 
past, future, present
moments form eternity
time stays forever

Eternity Beckons
body discarded
spirit struggling upwards -
too late to grow wings

union of birth
union of death

Free Spirit
thundering of hoofs
freedom’s stampede of delight -
spirit unbroken

foggy perception
clarity of direction
avenues open

Night Fright
cloud creeps across moon
night whispers it's mysteries
concealed in darkness

Pendulum of Life
living in boredom
soul screams for activity
turmoil requires rest

Pendulum’s Swing
exist in cloud cuckoo land
life's pendulum swings

Pendulum’s Ride
enjoy all the ups
enjoy the extremities
enjoy all the downs

Post Mortem
Going through the veil -
Once life’s journey is a tale
Did your faith prevail

Self Pity
beyond human sight
loved ones find eternal joy
why does my soul ache

Time for Time
life's pathways beckon
moments joined into ages
cloaked by time's mantle

Time’s Call
friends not forgotten
re-union approaches
time's pathway beckons

True Vision
though vision is clear
perception can be blinded –
truth is in the soul


is reality

Poets Write
poets write
spilling blood as ink
makes one think

Ivor G Davies  ©

Poem Details | by jun-jun villanueva |
Categories: natural disasters, nature,



                       Innumerable -
                                 Incessant countless driblets
                                              Catastrophies fell.

                             Crystalline mirrored
                                     Chromatic, stunning, superb,
                                           Grandiose paints stained.

                         Forging faith within
                                  ATMOSPHERIC UMBRELLA
                                                   Colors- urbaned, mazed.



Poem Details | by RC Stewart |
Categories: faith, fear, inspirational, philosophy,

Hope and Faith

Hope for all that’s Good.

Overcome your deepest fears.

Place your Faith in God.

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Postcard update
Tells a lot here;
Himalayan trip


Adrenaline rush
Good news galore;
A winning streak


My darling's face
Warm sun comes up;
Rainbow smiles


Lines flavour
Meeting of minds;
Transcend small talk


Joy in the breeze
Moist feel of rain;
Old dog barks


Live plainly here
Let faith unveil;
Watch dawning grace


Waltz with tempo
Sweet music score;
Twin flames dance


Hurl of dawn
Night opts out;
Embrace new day


Set new sights
Purge dilemma;
New journal page


Another day
A blank cheque;
Signature more


Streaming sunshine
Bright morning charms;
Birdsong salute


Leon a Enriquez
31 May 2016

Poem Details | by Joseph Burchett |
Categories: devotion, faith,

Big Faith

It is not the size of the Bible that is carried , 
It is the size of the Faith that is in the person carrying the Bible.
                                   Written by Joseph Burchett 9/15/10

Poem Details | by M Asim Nehal |
Categories: bird, life, loneliness, longing,

Haiku Series - Empty Nest

Container of life
Stitched with needle of love 
Seems abandoned

and birds flew away, 
after first successful flight, 
tree expecting upright

Tree is very hopeful 
With patience and faith on top 
Yet, the light is fading

Thought flew forever 
Yet the hope for seeing them one day 
Appeared like dream

Yet fate forced them 
to take shelter for a night, 
Destined to meet.

Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: faith, truth,

Truth Revealed A Split Haiku


     vision impairs truth
     see clearer with compassion
     faith will be revealed

Poem Details | by Ravi Sathasivam |
Categories: philosophy,

my own proverb

" God is great, let your love and faith surround him. Following him, will always lead you to a pleasant life on earth."
Ravi Sathasivam

Poem Details | by Jane Renwick |
Categories: faith, imagination, inspirational, introspection,

Spread Your Wings

Spread your wings to fly 
Not the time for pecking 
Leap of faith apply.

Poem Details | by Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick |
Categories: animals, death, loss, nature

Death Invasion

Slow death invasion
Slick, black, silent, riding waves
Man again breaks faith 

Poem Details | by Roof Missing |
Categories: life, love,

Haiku Number 5

bread of life broken
planted love is faith afield
justice always grace

Long Tooth
June 4, 2016

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: nature,


                                         in whole sum total 
                                  nature chants open mantra
                                           hiding mystic in 

                                     few things are well known
                                all things are not known till now 
                                        but we have faith in
                                                                                                                                                                              laughing now may cry
                                what she may do no one knows
                                         no one able been

Poem Details | by Malcolm Dyer |
Categories: death, depression, devotion, faith,


please do not fear death
I know it is but scary
but have faith today
and keep your feelings at bay

Poem Details | by Ravi Sathasivam |
Categories: philosophy,

My own proverb

My own proverb.... Hopeless could become hopeful when your faith guides you. Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka All rights are reserved @ 2017

Poem Details | by Malcolm Dyer |
Categories: faith, life, peace, uplifting,


Hell is not for me
heaven is where I long to be
in faith I believe

Poem Details | by Patrice Trice Jackson |
Categories: blessing, christian, faith, happiness,


Stars light up the sky 
wish I can just stop wishing 
wish turn into hope

hope turn into faith 
having faith is my guidance
be victorious

Poem Details | by David Aaron |
Categories: faith, image, life, memory,

Fifty six

Hoping or hopping?
Both command your faith but one
is cured by crutches

Poem Details | by Ravi Sathasivam |
Categories: philosophy, universe,

my own proverbs

" God has created our universe and he has given us the love and faith as gift" - Ravi Sathasivam

Poem Details | by Gregory Ramos |
Categories: faith, hope, love,

your return

beyond tomorrow 
here hope faith and love now
wait for your return

Poem Details | by Brendan Hardy |
Categories: holiday, nature, sea, seasons,

The Beach

- Summer Daze
Warm sun is shining,
Salt air cleanses my senses…
Counting grains of sand.

- The Coming
Fresh breeze on my face,
Rushing waves breaking over…
Non-descript foot prints.

- Uneasy Perspective
Restless is my soul,
Birds flying to field’s inland…
Storm shutters are closed.

- Awakening
Hazy dreams surface,
Renewal of faith begins…
Take out the garbage.

...(Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: faith, history, son


Christ ascends into
Heaven...making His risen
body seen by all.

Miracle-stroke they were
to have witnessed ascension,
my faith needs no sight...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy, religious,

More God Horn Haiku

More God Horn Haiku

Maintained composure
And I always know for sure
My faith will endure.

Did hear in my dream
God always does reign supreme
And us will redeem.

After wrath and scorn
My new life was truly born
No more grief or morn.
(Especially Jim Horn)

God do bless my soul
And all that is within me
Praise His holy name.

Jim Horn


Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: deep, grief, hope, muse,

Invisible Shadows

Took me a few minutes to write 7 haikus...here they are:

You left me hallow
I hope you know to let go
Go show some last glow

You like to bestow
Remorse and sighs of worries
Stress you shouldn’t feel

Distress I’ll throw out
If you'd just let me somehow
Hope away the doubt

Let the sun shine down 
Invisible shadows' shade
To drown out the frown

Disappointments dim
Our faith in dark times like these 
Sometimes, shame will win

I can’t completely
Help you unless you let me
Please know I still care

I will listen more
Be your hoped-for reflection 
Shun out the shadows

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: anxiety,

Has Been Hard To Bare

Has Been Hard To Bare Horn Haiku

Has been hard to bare;
No Republican does care;
Here, there, everywhere.

After listening to Elizabeth Warren
on C-Span, I have come to this
conclusion regarding immigration
policy and Presidential Order of
Donald TrumpSomething must
be done by CongressHow could
any faith or Christian religion ever
let something like this happen?
You tell me.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Amar Agarwala |
Categories: life,


Its not ours to see
But will take the leap of faith – 
Let destiny be.

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: adventure, appreciation, blessing, confusion,



Can't identify
 Do I know it's an object
Why identify??? 


by James Edward Lee Sr.

Poem Details | by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Peak Performance

M-any high mountains 
A-re standing tall to allow 
Y-our life to climb them

A-im to reach the top, 
N-ever making your faith fade 
N-or letting you fall

Topic: Graduation of May Ann dela Cruz (April 6) 
Form: Double Acrostic Haiku

Poem Details | by sand blown |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

paradise now

have faith in ourselves...
abilities...not wishes...

be wonder absorbed...
joy is in the universe...
sacredness of mind...

drifting with tide...
and the classical logics...
doubt is companion...

and hijacked moralities...
waves and storms raging the seas...

convince man of "x"...
then frighten with fable tales...
mental slavery...

have no illusions...
this life is all we can know...
live it to the full...

stan sand

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta |
Categories: conflict, crazy,

the grey morning

the morning in grey
the oozing inter faith wounds
all hibiscus shut

March 30, 2018