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Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: trust,

I've Got So Much Love To Give

trust is built
gives love, devotion 
yarning purrs

By : Eve Roper 8/2/2015

Poem Details | by George Zamalea |
Categories: devotion,


Thorny tress and palms
Are everywhere! Devotion reigns!
But so different from heaven’s list!

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: love, sky,


                                          want to draw
                                        a picture of love
                                            on paper

                                            all colors
                                    one by one composed
                                        love's not same

                                          blue is best
                                       devotion of sky

                                         all regions
                                 covers the whole world
                                       beauty's sight 

                                        no question
                                it's heart's big broadened 
                                       goes further

                                        in silence
                                   no talks no chaos 
                                      flashes smile

Poem Details | by Brandon Turner |
Categories: god, good night,

Spiritual story

The Kou the All Mighty King the Higher Power the LORD besides this to 362 pagesMy story my spiritual storyI am the embodiment of man but spiritually a woman both man and woman both man and woman and man both spiritually and man and also a fox a nine-tailed fox that is both man and womanMy father is like you mean he is the man he is the main and legendary Ninetales he began in the beginning of time he was the first son he was the first sign of the Kou the first son of the Ohio won the first sign of the Lord he is not a demon he is Sister koumi he is a spirit to me does not mean God can we just mean Spirit human does that mean body made of man koumi assistant Spirit human can be whatever he wants to me can be everyone here with me be your lamp can we can be your son can we can be whateverThis is devotion of Shinto which is another domination of Buddhism which is another domination of Hindu Hinduism in their Court of the god of the lord of the one true God the mighty king of all landsI used to take of the sweet of the sucker but now I’m a grown man and woman I am a grown koumi a walk in the spirit a monks manMy mission is to spread through the teachings of the lord of the almighty King the KouLet it be known under my words I’m not teaching their total that high poetry that all animals in all kingdoms even there the insects no of the Kou no of the almighty King they know because they Spears they talk to each other they are not tell the past they are all just spiritually connected and I’m spiritually connected to themWe are all spiritual we are all once once man we are all once was by me are we all ate the apple so we all reverted back and that is why there is evolution that is why did we revert back to a microorganism that is why we were back to what we were because we ate the appleIt is the fruit of the Stars it is the fruit of the stars that is what they Golden Apple in it is the fruit of the Stars it is the fruit at the Lynch is a fruit of the man and it’s the fruit of the Sun that is why the golden apple is and letting it be known that the fire is really the ChristLet it be known that this was 368 line in 17 48000 syllables.

Poem Details | by Brandon Turner |
Categories: best friend, brother, child

The Kings EGD

I needed you In love hopefully grading on to what we had unjustly you fleet abnormal in just finished of what is love conjunction,
Bleeding form are love force on - attached by are father’s graced by the idea and govern of power they looked in fear and enjoyment shamed for there adroitly,
We looked in are eyes as you asked if it was real I just beat the words from my mouth crying my words forcefully we love both men and women you strongly loved in a woman I couldn’t get such devotion to one of the two it never came in a day but many that I never doubted tell my mother disgrace you loved to see in doubt and now undoubted fighting it for what we feel is normally is not yours,
You try more feeling the same solution and yet you cry and beg yet I cry to get you're undivided love as a brother as a gamer as a friend it’s not god that stop me it’s what I want are love to be in the since of godlinessHe cries not for are incest but for are communicate of protestation in are minds we aroused,
School is what we forced down are trivial honor for David for you to be in his court for me is for you’re existence I try not to cry if I fail you must do the same as of I you must evaluate your options and choice,
You're lucky never touched they desiccative muddily course to loved on the spot of preparation of gashes blanked in inner fears joyed in immurement please don’t make me see you this way go and love the ones that engage in your simplistic act of enjoyment,
One more try not to leaded on are ways are endgame is to let all love but to love all not in the thought of sex we jump with out hesitation only hurting those with preparations of man for God