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Poem Details | by Handful Haiku |
Categories: racism,


There's not a "better,"
for courage and cowardice 
come in all colors.

Poem Details | by Jo Bien |
Categories: introspection

Wizard of Oz

no thoughts like Scarecrow
no heart to break like Tinman
no courage like Lion

Poem Details | by Zach Aurel Henderson |
Categories: love


courage to see you
i need courage to hold you
So i do not run

Poem Details | by Arden Gopela |
Categories: courage, faith, journey, strength,


                             A silver lining
                   Painted on a dull, gray sky
                       By courage and faith.

Poem Details | by Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis |
Categories: encouraging,


HAIKU #12,024-12,027
(c) 12/23/14

Fear opens the door
that shows us where courage blooms
when we chase off gloom.

Fear is never foul
it faces the enemy
and melts frozen hearts

Fear tosses the key
that could lead us into view
sanctuary blue.


Poem Details | by Tiffany Diaz |
Categories: boyfriend, first love, girlfriend,

Poets Dozen Ordered

Nervously gazing 
Across the table he stared
Watching my silence 

My hunger ceasing, As a Poet's Dozen ordered 
Sipping a glass of wine, Becoming much more forward

Now served our dinner, Filling our mouths blind with food
Emotions much less suppressed, As its body crepted upon our nerves

 Us Two
To which was bliss
Liquid courage approved 
Twisted our tongues without a Kiss

Poem Details | by K. James |
Categories: life,

Karaoke Starlet

Thumbing through countless titles 
with liquid courage aide…
Cher, I channel

Poem Details | by Divine Inyang |
Categories: courage, tribute,


Worthy courage as we triumph o'er our greatest fears
Undaunted by the storm of thorny hurdles,
Floating above pain, sinking steadily in objective...

Poem Details | by Gunadevi Rajaratnam |
Categories: truth,


Say 'next time' after a failure, it will definitely give courage and determination to winThe doubtful thought 'if only' will hinder your progress.

Poem Details | by meru groen |
Categories: happiness,

The Pursuit of Happiness

to feel the peace that will come in time as life settles down from it's mad pace when reason distills into wisdom those sleepless nights with fears unfounded for courage is what will bring the days in life when you can say I'm happy

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, devotion, i


Oh!, love I the Lord;
Love the Lord for all it's worth;
Oh!, love I the Lord;

The Lord all ye saints;
Love the Lord for all it's worth;
He preserveth faiths;

Pays the proud doer;
Be of good courage all ye;
Jesus will strengthen;

The Lord all ye saints;
Love the Lord for all it's worth;
He preserveth faiths;

The hope in the Lord;
Be of good courage and faith;
The one who gives grace;

written by James Edward Lee Sr.
inspired from Psalms 31