Haiku Poems About Confusion | Confusion Haiku Poems

Haiku poems about Confusion and Confusion haiku poems. Read and enjoy these haikus! See also Confusion Quotes.

Poem Details | by Tony Driskell |
Categories: confusion, how i feel,

A Prayer Interupted

I pray for you cause
I sense selfish confusion 
praying for myself

Poem Details | by jay del fierro |
Categories: nature, seasons

Seasonal Migrations

                Confusion abounds

       rain commingles with sunshine,

            winter greets the spring...


Poem Details | by macy southern |
Categories: family, father,

The Meeting

I will meet my dad.
I feel confusion and fear
underneath my joy.

Poem Details | by Kristin Baker |
Categories: love


Heartbeat out of tune
Tears of confusion take over
Heartbeat has flat lined

Poem Details | by Miss Sassy |
Categories: age, missing you, pets,

A Sweet Soul

Trusting eyes opaque

Endless unconditional love

Aging confusion heartbreak

Eternal best friend 

Poem Details | by Joshua Adam |
Categories: introspection, sad

Cries of Despair

An empty feeling
like confusion would compare
cries, my world called fear

Poem Details | by Carma Reed |
Categories: confusion, humorous,

Hazed KU'S

                    --Mid*Night Purple Hazed,
                       Confusion Clouds Spin,
                            Mind In A Daze--

                  --Hands Cramp, Flow, Style 
                Bagged, Through Roughened Air,
                        Quarrels Ruby Red--

                    --Mouth Quit, No Words,
                         Come Out To Play,
                  Destined To Make My Fame--

Poem Details | by IRIS GONZAL |
Categories: introspection, life, me,

You dont know me

I seemed to be misunderstood by most
The inside is me, outside what you see
Are the remnants of a tattered host
In me you will find a soul of honesty 

But also confusion and frustration
And you may mistake me as troublesome
But I live life as a celebration
Appreciate life to the optimum

Sometimes I can be recklessly funny
Sometimes I am seriously reckless
Sometimes I am bright and sunny
Sometimes theres too much stress

Please don’t judge or be confused by me
I am what I am, I am what you see.