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A Christian Haiku

A Christian Haiku

What I do wonder
Is why God sin has allowed
Again and again.

Was it to prove point?
It is either us of God
Without Him is sin.

What God meant to me
Is for us to obey Him
Which we all should do.

Who is my savior?
It is Jesus Christ of course
And there is no doubt.

Lives are worth living
Which is why God is giving
Us chance to do it.

Should have a haiku
As great guide to save our soul
And this is the one.

Am glad you did read
This haiku I have written
On my very own.

Was very simple
What God Himself did intend
And again Son send.

Heaven will return
Leaving world with sin behind
This was meant to be.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran and Poet
Have never seen a religious poem 
as a poem of the day before.

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Has Been Hard To Bare

Has Been Hard To Bare Horn Haiku

Has been hard to bare;
No Republican does care;
Here, there, everywhere.

After listening to Elizabeth Warren
on C-Span, I have come to this
conclusion regarding immigration
policy and Presidential Order of
Donald TrumpSomething must
be done by CongressHow could
any faith or Christian religion ever
let something like this happen?
You tell me.

Jim Horn

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God Answered

God Answered

Saved me from my sins;
God answered all of my prayers;
Happy as can be.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran, Christian and Poet