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Haiku Poems About Boyfriend | Boyfriend Haiku Poems

Haiku poems about Boyfriend and Boyfriend haiku poems. Read and enjoy these haikus! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Boyfriend Poems.

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love


I can Feel the Sun
I walk the path of Rainbows
My Heart LOVES again

Poem Details | by neilbee love tayco |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend,

Strawberry Kiss

The tip of her nose 
studded with blackheads like seeds
on a strawberry, 

she stared back at me; 
I could feel her move closer. 
She asked, should we kiss? 

Panting, I just gazed. 
Her breasts touched my own. I closed 
my eyes and breathed no.

Poem Details | by Cheryl Aldea |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend,

Officially Missing you

My heart cannot breathe officially missing you when can I hold you...

Poem Details | by Saika F. |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion, romance,

Sex Appeal

When the lady walks
Men make full use of the eyes,
And women the spleens.

Poem Details | by Dana Smith |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love

My First Haiku

keep me from crying simply hold my lonely hand please stay forever

Poem Details | by Susan Mills |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend

Begins We

Diamonds perched on hand
From you to me begins we
The art of our heart

Poem Details | by Blossomed Heart |
Categories: boyfriend, break up, care, emotions, relationship, solitude, sometimes,

I miss you

            He didn't look at her once
                  She wrote a letter
            With love,'how are you?'

Poem Details | by shannon farlouis |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, holiday, husband, love, people, romance, teen, wedding, wife

Love Birds Haiku

Love birds sweetly sing
A valentine song they ring
A very true meaning

Poem Details | by Edward McCormick |
Categories: devotion, fantasy, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love,

together, we are

together, we are crafted, in loving embrace a dazzling undress!

Poem Details | by Courtney Dyer |
Categories: angst, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love


Selfish to the end
narcissistic to the core
empathy absent

Poem Details | by Zach Taurosa |
Categories: absence, allah, animal, autumn, boyfriend, brother, change, father daughter, jealousy,

Prim The Stim

There is an imp name stim
Stim touched the rim
his dads name is bim
they eat out of bins
heres my crim
buy some din
eat some tim
watch out its a rim
oh no stim ate rim
watch out IM ****ING RETARDED!

Poem Details | by Patricia Sawyer |
Categories: family, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, people, sister, social, wedding

A Woman Scorned

dry summer winds dance
dusting bridesmaids gowns russet
vixen sister laughs

Poem Details | by Michael-Shane Brown |
Categories: boyfriend, devotion, heart, love, marriage,


Blind love may be, Forgiving, loyal, truthful, But never unsure

Poem Details | by Michael-Shane Brown |
Categories: boyfriend, first love, girlfriend, i love you, love, marriage, passion,

Woman I Love

Beauty you can't cloak, Your Kindness as plain as day, My love, your treasure

Poem Details | by Crystal Seals |
Categories: friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, life, love, time, work





Poem Details | by shannon farlouis |
Categories: devotion, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, holiday, hope, husband, inspirational, love, people, romance, teen, wife

You're My Only One Haiku

Two hearts beat as one
Your smile beaming like the sun
You're my only one

Poem Details | by Lunita blanca |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, boyfriend, break up, love hurts,

Young Love

                      A young girl weeping
                  salty tears staining her face
                    young man not coming

Poem Details | by Edward McCormick |
Categories: animal, boyfriend, funny, girlfriend, spring, summer,

a kiss of sunshine

a kiss of sunshine pouty crimson horizon ****-a-doodle-doo

Poem Details | by ehlana lingerfelt |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion, i love you,

My Caramel

Keeper of my heart
The heart that I love you with
You’re my caramel

Poem Details | by Bryce Patterson |
Categories: best friend, boyfriend, crush, cute love, death, friendship, girlfriend,

Holding you

i am next to you
holding you closer then ever
never letting go

Poem Details | by karen croft |
Categories: love,

The Boyfriend

He makes his presence

A broad smile appears quickly

The love that binds them

Poem Details | by Denise Morgan |
Categories: boyfriend, girlfriend, murder, mystery,

Black Blood

A putrid stench ... flies
his clothes stained... black blood. Rousing,
she claims amnesia.

Poem Details | by Samantha Brown |
Categories: faith, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, inspirational, love, uplifting,

All I want for Christmas is a haiku

Who, what, where, when, why should I feel discouraged, hmmm? you and I are one.

Poem Details | by Mohan Chutani |
Categories: dance, first love, girl,

A girls night out

girl takes a night out
boyfriend takes her to a waltz;
they explore new world

Haiku syllable count 5/7/5
Contest 'A girls night out' by DARREN WATSON

Poem Details | by nicole marrier |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend,

Please DO NOT

Do not lie to me
Do not expect my respect
Please DO, walk away

Poem Details | by Ajayi Angel-Simon |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love,


he knocks at the majestic door broke her crystal heart and left her with splinters she shuts the door for life no gliding for love living to mend the pieces

Poem Details | by ned flanders |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend

Moving on

Left with desire
to get over
Wrong Mr Right

Poem Details | by Christian Guild |
Categories: boyfriend, girlfriend, lost love, love,


What happened to us? 
We were perfect together
You ditched me for him

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: devotion, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, hope, loss, lost love, love


is that adorable cupid
inciting love.

Thousands of poor hearts
break into small pieces...
some delirious.

to think of new romance...
they wait and dream.  

Who wouldn't 
how wonderful it was?

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, husband, love, nature, passion, wife,


Nature’s primal drive
Sensual touches from thee
Raptures deep inside

Poem Details | by shannon farlouis |
Categories: devotion, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, holiday, husband, inspirational, love, people, romance, teen, wife

My Sweet Valentine

My sweet valentine
Our hearts forever entwined
You are always mine

Poem Details | by Leon Stacey |
Categories: black african american, childhood, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion, people, social,

Hawaii Five-O

As a little boy
Hypnotized by gyrating
Hips and bare navel

As an adult man
Light-skinned exotic women
Always more preferred

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: allegory, bible, boyfriend, faith, feelings, girlfriend, paradise,



Nuts in May, Adam
Led Eve down the garden path,
Always blame women!

Poem Details | by Joshua Adam |
Categories: friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, imagination, introspection, love


a rose with her smell
as the beauty of first love
captured memories 


Poem Details | by Charles Henderson |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend,

before frost

before frost she bites her first persimmon he laughs