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Haiku Poems About Anniversary | Anniversary Haiku Poems

Haiku poems about Anniversary and Anniversary haiku poems. Read and enjoy these haikus! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Anniversary Poems.

Poem Details | by Jackson LaBaugh |
Categories: abortion, addiction, africa, anniversary, anti bullying, april, autumn,

Haiku for This Crazy Storm I Was Just In

I was in the car,
swallowed up by pouring rain,
and all Hail broke loose.

Poem Details | by Sean Kelly |
Categories: anniversary

HAIKU # 25




Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: anniversary


Fourty-seven years married
Some more feat

Poem Details | by Payne Poet |
Categories: adventure, anniversary, caregiving, daughter, family, fantasy, forgiveness, funny, happiness, health, holiday, hope, imagination, life, passion, peace, travel,

Dancing Angels

Angels in heaven
Dancing on a small puddle
Always stay afloat

Poem Details | by Stephen Parker |
Categories: anniversary, dedication


varnished memories
gratuitous rendezvous
votive ritual

Poem Details | by Kevin Stock |
Categories: anniversary, devotion, happiness, love, passion, romance, wedding, wife

The Thing That Matters Most

The day I wed my soul-mate
It was a good day

Poem Details | by Arnisha Paxman |
Categories: anniversary, nature, travel,


Together we sway
to the rhythm. Coconuts
squash the romance quick.

Poem Details | by marvin celestial |
Categories: anniversary, death of a friend,

In Comma

Peaceful and relax
At rest but traverse freely
Altered consciousness

Will to access all
Suddenly achieve by thoughts
Radiating oneness

Empathy ignites
As parameters extend
Embrace love without.

Poem Details | by Anna-Marie Docherty |
Categories: adventure, anniversary, art, dedication, devotion, family, friendship, holiday, imagination

Quick Handmade Christmas Card With Love xx

Celebrate Christmas Day
In stable - manger Christ lay
Brightest star shone way

Nativity gels 
tinsel glitter baubles bells
Notes of pine tree smells

Bend fold crease cut glue
made with love from me to you
clock ticks... finished... phew!

Poem Details | by Pheko Motaung |
Categories: anniversary,

Ill discipline

Ill discipline
As if it is not drunk enough
The frog joins team vodka

Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: adventure, africa, anniversary, beauty, books, education, history, life, spiritual, symbolism, wisdom,

Stint five this land, we lived 
to see pharaoh and stars
in their origin...

Poem Details | by kash poet |
Categories: anniversary, happiness,

golden jubilee

golden jubilee...
elderly couple
with toothless smile



Placement:3rd (Feb.2012)

Contest:Your Verse Again(max 12 lines)

Sponsor:Brian Strand

By:kashinath karmakar

Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: adventure, africa, anniversary, children, culture, feelings, memory, nature, symbolism,

Stint that end

... stint of adventure,
all in six sequential dream.
Odyssey complete.

Poem Details | by Chantelle Anne Cooke |
Categories: dad, death, grief, miss you, suicide,


Suicide today
Father's anniversary
Sad, still, soiled I am

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: anniversary, urban


u s a birthday
all kids love shooting candles
awesome display

Poem Details | by George Zamalea |
Categories: america, anniversary,

Again Away

Though I will die for her love,
I too reject:
The change of soul.

Poem Details | by Brian Strand |
Categories: anniversary


the year ends

auld lang syne echoes

into eternity

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: death, history, loss, sea,

Frozen in Time

shipwreck victims whisper from the ocean floor frozen in time
*contemporary haiku (lacks nature subject or season word) is inspired by the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic sinking By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 22, 2012 for Haiku from the Heart contest (Sidney LeeAnn)

Poem Details | by Leon Stacey |
Categories: anniversary, family, friendship, nature, people,

Brown-eyed Susan

Wild flower bouquets
Handpicked, wrapped with blades of grass
Placed in her clay jars

Poem Details | by Jarrod Denney |
Categories: anniversary, nature, autumn,

Autumn is here

A short autumn's day
Brings forth the long autumn night
A horrible sight

Poem Details | by Stephen Parker |
Categories: dedication


boquet of flowers
annual gratuities

Poem Details | by ... Gigno |
Categories: anniversary, history, holiday, life, nostalgia, peace, philosophy, political, social, war

colors of freedom

colors of freedom
remind us what wars have cost --
we must not forget

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: anniversary, imagination, life, nature, seasons

Natures Spectrum

Color javelins
Flowing passionately
Capturing moisture

Poem Details | by chris bowen |
Categories: history

ottaman strikes

sway armenian horde
your master,the ottaman
passes through your door

i wrote this to mark the anniversay of the ottaman/armenian war of 1915,today is the 
marked anniversary.i believe this would be the view of maybe a young,swaggering ottaman 

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: appreciation, happiness,

Horn Anniversary Haiku

Horn Anniversary Haiku

Day was fine and rare;
So great and beyond compare;
You and I were there.

For 50th Wedding Anniversary
on August 27th, 2016.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by LEWIS FINDLEY |
Categories: absence, age, analogy, anniversary, arabic, baby, beach,

popeless but not hopeless

Trusting not in man
But rather in the shed blood
Of He ,Christ Jesus

Poem Details | by Patricia Sawyer |
Categories: adventure, anniversary, hope, love, peace, people


love a sweet buffer
hardest  work a pleasant chore
poverty giggles

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: anniversary, fantasy,


It's called evil night
when demons and vampires dance
as the moon turns red.

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: anniversary


its uncle sam's day
everyone is invited
his two thirty sixth

Poem Details | by Lisa Lee |
Categories: anniversary, family, life, love,

The gift

a gift for him is 
     the first year cup, even if the
          second loved more

Poem Details | by Pheko Motaung |
Categories: anniversary,

In this house

In this house
Tenderness is worth
A thousand golds

Poem Details | by Daniel Cwiak |
Categories: anniversary, holiday, life

July Fourth Is Near

            July Fourth is near

            Restful day with louder night

            Bring on the Big Bang

Poem Details | by George Zamalea |
Categories: anniversary, growing up,


This February… the onset,
While roses I will kiss…
Those resilient hours from this daydreaming walk.

Poem Details | by daver austin |
Categories: anniversary, nature,



giant tree
standing guard
in my ruined backyard

rose bush
overrun by shoots
catches my sleeve

Poem Details | by Tim B |
Categories: anniversary, introspection, philosophy, war,


She gasps still choking Bleeding justice follows them Darkness now bleeds lies